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From Russia the Committee had re- and say whether it can be restricted ceived a series of the most interesting within such narrow limits as some proletters, from which it appeared that no ple seem to wish. First, you know fewer than 8,568 Bibles, Testaments, Sir, a speaker should apologize for beand Psalters, had been distributed in ing called upon unexpectedly—that that part of the world; in Poland, may take three minutes. Then he Turkey, and Greece, in many of which must say a little by way of commenplaces it was gratifying to think that dation of those who preceded himthe Bible had been accepted as a rule which requires at least as much. Prom. of faith and conduct. It had been al- ises to be brief-it would never do to so, since the last anniversary, translated omit-and these can scarcely be disinto some additional oriental tongues, and patched in less than four minutes more. its progress and operations in India were From two to three minutes may do just most encouraging. The Committee la to sketch out a kind of map of what mented to state, that they had scarcely is going to be said—and then comes made any considerable advance, owing the body of the speech itself; and it to the political convulsions affecting would be out of all proportion for that South America; but in North Ameri- to occupy less tiine than the preparatoca they had been more successful.

ry matter.

Before closing, you have The Committee had to acknowledge to read your resolution, and to apolo. a donation of books, the property of the gize again; first, for being so long; late Mr. Fawcett, with which his wide and secondly, for speaking so little to ow had favored them; they were the purpose ; after which, you may sit books likely to prove of much assist. down. Now, Sir, from this detail, and ance in their future translations of the I appeal to yourself wnether it is an Scriptures into the oriental tongues. extravagant one, it will clearly appear Passing over a variety of other topics, that balf an hour for each speaker is a upon which the Coinmittee enlarged, very fair allowance-and yet, I am awe shall only add, that the income of fraid, if this be taken at our ensuing the Society during the past year a- anniversaries, some persons will be unmounted to £84,982; its expenditure reasonable enough to complain of being to £81,610 ; and its total amount of dis- kept too long. tributions to 434,422 copies, and that Not to weary your readers, Mr. Edi111 new branch societies had been tor, I have thought of one method formed; that the operations of the So- which may be acceptable to all parties. ciety at home had been highly grati. The proposal is a bold one, I confess ; fying; and the account of the Hiber. but I beg leave just to throw out the nian Society in Dublin, was such as hint for circulation. It is, that the could not fail to be received with gen. speakers would unanimously agree to eral pleasure and gratitude to Almighty lay aside all matter prefatory, and matGod; but still there was an ample field ter supplemental-all apologies, explaof labor before them.

nations, and compliments—and confine Though many from whom better themselves to the speech itself. things might have been expected, had

[Eng. Bap. Miscel. proved themselves apathetic, yet that had been balanced by the meritorious and extraordinary zeal manisested in other quarters, even amongst the scattered children of Israel, froin whoin they had frequent demands for the Bi Amidst the multiplied evils resulting ble without note or comment.

from the prevalence of sin, the friends of [Eng. Bap. Mag.

religion, and all who cherish sentiments of kindness to man, cannot fail to ex. ult in the unprecedented success which

has attended efforts for suppressing in. The following is an extract from a

temperance. The reformation which gentle hint to public speakers at anni. has auspiciously commenced, is extendversaries, published in the Baptist Mis- ing to sailors and soldiers, and evecellany for June :

ry class of the community; and by Sir, only consider the various parts

continued zeal, with the blessing of which go to make up a good speech, God, the drinking of ardent spirit may




be rendered so odious, as to banish the Although it has been circulated in practice from society.

many of the periodicals, we copy it, We have received with high gratifi. that its valuable contents may be precation, a cominunication from the Mis served on our records. sion station at Sault de St. Marie, announcing the formation of a Temper

Serampore, Dec. 31, 1829. ance Society, in which many of the Dear Brother Maylin, United States soldiers most cordially

I received yours of the 30th of April, united. The following is the account 1829, with the religious communica

tions, magazines, &c. by brother Benof the organization of the Society :

nett. Accept my thanks for the same.

I suppose that gentleman is gone to At a meeting of citizens, (officers the place of his destination before this, and soldiers of the United States Ar

as he came to breakfast with me, and my, stationed at Fort Brady,) Sault de take my good wishes with hin last St. Marie, Michigan Territory, on the Tuesday week. I however saw him evening of the 4th of May, 1830, for again on Friday, when I went to Cal. the purpose of adopting measures for cutta to preach for the Benevolent Inthe suppression of vice, and the pro- stitution. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett are motion of virtue and temperance; the well. I am preserved bitherto, through following were the proceedings: much goodness; and though I enjoy

1. Meeting opened by Prayer, by excellent health, I cannot expect to the Rev. A. Bingham.

continue much longer in the church 2. Rev. A. Binghanı chosen Chair- militant. “The days of our years man of said meeting.

are threescore and ten; and if by 3. John Hulbert chosen Secretary reason of strength they be four score, of said meeting.

yet is their strength but labor and sor4. The Constitution of said Society row.” I am past sixty-eight, and read and adopted.

therefore not far from threescore and 5. Rev. A. Bingham chosen Presi. ten. May I join the church triumphdent of the St. Marie Temperance ant, when my few remaining days Society.

have passed away. 6. John Hulbert, Esq. chosen Sec India, I am sure, is still dear to you; retary of said Society.

and any account of its affairs must be 7. Constitution presented again for interesting. I will therefore give you Signatures.

a short history of what is passing here. 8. Dr. E. James, of the United The first important thing is the prohiStates Army, solicited to deliver an

bition of burning Hindoo widows with Address at the next meeting of the their dead husbands. This was final. Society, which was accepted by him.

ly stopped by a government regulation, 9. Meeting closed by Prayer, by dated the fourth of the present month; Rev. A. Bingham, Chairman.

with great labor some of the most zeal. JOHN HULBERT, Sec'ry. ous Baboos in Calcutta, got up a petiN. B. The number of Subscribers. hand, iwo addresses of thanks to the

tion against it; while on the other Citizens, 7-Officers, 4-Soldiers, 41- Governor General in council for it Total, 52.

one by Europeans, and another by natives signed by a vast number of persons—has been presented.

The cause of our Redeemer contin

ues to advance. Connected with us The name of William Carey is en.

are twelve stations, without reckoning deared to the friends of the Bible, and Serampore and Calcutta ; viz. Celhi, to the friends of Missions. We have Cawnpore ,Allahabad,Benares, Dinageof late years been less favored with pore, Burripore, Jessore, Dacca, As

sami, Burrisal, Chittagong, and Arracommunications from him than former

can, to which I might have added Dum ly; and we perused with much pleas. Dum. In all these places, and the ure, a letter recently addressed by him country round about them, the word of to Joseph Maylin, near Philadelphia, most of them, additions have been

God has been preached, and at the and published in the Columbian Star, made. Three of these stations have


been formed since last June; viz. As The annual meeting of the Federal sam, Burrisal, and Burripore. The street Young Men's Baptist Tract Solatter place is about sixteen miles south of Calcutta—its origin is highly inter- ciety occurred on Monday, the 19th of esting. Four or five years ago, our July, at which time intelligence of Independent brethren met with consid. his decease reached the city. erable success at a village below Cal- deep sensation was created in the ascutta. People from that village, anxious to obtain religious information, sembly, and the following resolves conversed with the inhabitants of oth were unanimously passed. er places with hopeful success. One

Resolred, That we learn with re. person in one of these villages, was married to a young woman who had Noah Davis, for some time past the

gret the lamented decease of Rev. been in one of the Serampore schools, Agent of the Baptist General Tract who talked to them about believers'

Society. baptism; and the result was, a deputation from a village unheard of before, tions of deep and sincere admiration,

Resolved, That we view with emoto brother Robinson, at Calcutta, re- his arduous services in the promotion questing him to go and visit him. He of the cause of Tract Societies, to did so; and after an agreeable inter- which he has for some time devoted view, sent two native brethren to reside among them, and to preach to zeal, and unwearied ardor.

his time and talents, with persevering them. The happy result has been, an addition to the Bow Bazar church of ample as a precious legacy to all who

Resolved, that we consider his ermore than thirty persons from that and neighboring villages.

are engaged in the same pursuit. A young man raised up in the abovementioned church, named Rabiholm, ORDINATIONS, &c. was set apart to the ministry in anoth

May 5. James S. Morris, Kent Co. Vir, $25 er part of the same tract of country, ordained to the christian ministry. Serman by and is settled at Burripore, near which Rev. Richard Claybrook. a church has been formed at a village ist, at Rock Spring, Illinois. Sermon by Res. J.

9. George Stacy was ordained as an Evangelcalled Lulkiya; which, though begun' M. Peck. in the midst of much opposition, is now 13. Rufus Chandler was ordained in Caroline flourishing. When I say, begun in Co. Vir. Sermon by Rev. Eli Ball. much opposition, in a storm, I refer to

19. David Carlisle was ordained at Marion,

Wayne Co. X. Y. Sermon hy Elder J. Carwin. a dreadful assault made by the heath

June 2.3Ir. Eli Adams was ordained as an en, in which an old disciple, Kishore, evangelist, at Middlefield. who was sent among them, was mur

22. Wm. W. Snow, Dinwiddie Co. Vir. w12

ordained to the christian ministry. Sermon by dered in cold blood. The murderers

Rev. Mr. Keeling, Richmond. are all apprehended: but being per 25. Rev. Jonathan Aldrich was installed sons of property, will probably escape, tor of the Baptist church in Beverly. Sermon by as nearly all the heathen pleaders in

Rev. R. Babcock, jr.

25. Mr. Rufus Sabin was ordained, by request native courts of justice, endeavor to

of the Middleses and Gorham church, Oncida suppress the truth. They made two Co. X. Y. Sernion hy Rev. Eli laske!l. other assaults, but have been brought

29. Mr. H. F. Leavitt was ordained at Stralto justice, which has intimidated them, ford, Vt. Se mon by Rev. John Wheeler. and our brethren are now in peace.

SO. Rev. Timothy Ropes was installed pastor

of the Baptist church in Weston, Mass. Sermon Believe me to be, yours affectionate. by Rev. Charles Train, Framingham.

W. CAREY. May 26. A Baptist church, consisting of 48

members, was constituted at Fairfield, Vi Sermon by Rev. Ezra Fisher.

29. ' A Baptist church was organized at Phe.

nixville, Chester Co. Pean. Sermon by Elder DEATH OF REV. NOAH DAVIS.

J. S. Jenkins.

June 18. A Baptist church was constituted at It is with painful emotions that we North China, Genesee Co. N. Y. Sermon by announce the sudden decease of Rev. Rev. J. Elliott.

20. A church of the Baptist denomination has Noah Davis, Agent of the Baptist been constituted at the city of Washington, in the General Tract Society. He died at

new meeting-house lately erected near the inter

gection of Virginia Areme and Four and a half Philadelphia, July 15. We shall in a Street. On the same occasion, Elder Charles

Polkinhorn was ordained to the ministry, and to future Number present some particu- the pastoral charge of the church. There are lars in relation to his life and charac

now four Baptist churches in Washington.

30. A Baptist church was organized at Walter.

lingford Hill, Vt. Sermon by Rev. A. Lelaart.





The building is a spacious and beautiful edilice. While sitting beneath

its roof pleasing ideas were awakened On Thursday, July 22, the Baptist in relation to times gone by, from the Meeting House lately erected at circumstance, that the frame formerly South Boston, was opened with ap- composed a part of the First Baptist propriate religious services.

Meeting-house in Boston, having been The following was the order of the reinoved to South Boston when that exercises :

ancient building was demolished. De1. Singing. 2. Reading selected vout aspirations ascended to Heaven, passages of Scripture, by Rev. Mr. that the gospel might here be successKnowles. 3. Dedicatory Prayer by fully proclaimed, as it had been for a Rev. Mr. Grosvenor. 4. Singing. 5. long succession of years, bencath the A Sermon happily adapted to the oc same roof, by the pious and eloquent casion was delivered by Rev. Mr. Stiilman, and other distinguished minMalcom, from Psalm cxxxvii. 7-9. isters of the word. The other materials After illustrating and enforcing the for the house are new, and the work. sentiments of the text, an interesting manship handsomely executed. The history of the rise and progress of the basement story contains a very conBaptist Church and Society in South venient Lecture Room, and various Boston, was presented, in which the apartments for other purposes. A leadings of divine Providence were rapid increase of inhabitants may be peculiarly apparent, which result- expected in this section of the city; ed in the erection of the house of and it is hoped that enlargement and worship. 6. Prayer by Rev. Mr. prosperity may attend the church and Grafton. 7. Singing. 8. Benediction. society.

Report presented by the Treasurer, at the Annual Meeting of the Baptist Missionary Society of Massachusetts, May, 1830.



May 27

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June 16.

22. July 4.


27. Aug.IS Sept. 15.


30. Oct. 6.

By balance brought forward,

838,80 By cash collected at First Baptist Church, Salem,

33,76 East Cambridge Church and Society,

22,20 First Baptist Church and Society, Cambridge, viz. Bela Jacobs, 2-Levi Farwell, 10

Prudence Farwell, 10-Wm. Brown, 5-James Hovey, 1--Charles Everett, s-
Ebenezer Hovey, 1- John Greenleaf, 1-Collection, 26,02,

61,02 Profits on the Magazine, collected from balances due on former years,

378,16 Of Rev. S. Glover,

1,00 Baptist Female friends in Dunstable, N. H.

11,42 Federal-Street Baptist Church and Society, Boston,

47,97 Collected at the annual meeting in Federal-street meeting house,

73,20 Donation from Mr. N. R. Cobb,

100,00 Calvin Blanchard, Treas. of Middlesex Bap. Miss. Soc.

30,00 From Salem Street Bap Ch, and Soc. Boston, per Rev. Mr. Knowles,

76,40 From a friend in Roxbury, being one dollar per month, from July 4, 1828,

12,00 Interest on Mr. Toby's legacy,

71,00 Interest on note,

73,00 From Ezra Fister,

1940 From Bap. Female Benevolent Society, Newton,

19,80 From First Baptist Church, Charlestown,

18,00 From Benevolent Society, Cambridge,

25, Dividend at Columbian Bank,

30, From Michael Shepard, Treas, of the Salem Association, viz. From Newburyport Bap. Benevolent Society,

Salisbury and Amesbury Miss. Society,

do. monthly concert,

Female Miss. Cent Soc. in the First Bap. Soc. Harerhill,

Female Missionary Society, South-Reading,

Male Primary do.

Public collection,

Lynn Female Cent Society,

Hannab French, Haverhill,
Missionary Society in Second Baptist Society, Haverhill,


-92,97 From J. B. Jones, Treas. of Mass, Bap. Ed. Soc. interest on the legacy of Mr. Cornish, 400,00



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Nov. 4.

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18 30.
April 2. By cash of Caleb Atherton,

From a friend in Medfield,

, Disidena, Colun bian Pank, 26.

Donation from Moses Hadley, May s.

Proceeds of the legacy of Miss Dolly Smith, 18.

From mission boi, kept by five children, at South Boston,

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7,87 61,37 65,00 100.CO 50.00 75.00 48,80




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May 28. To cash paid Eliab Going, .
June 2.

Secretary for postage and stationary,

Rev J M Peck, fur services in Illinois, 18.

Rev. Peter Chase, for missionary labors in Vermont, 23.

Rev Whitman Metcalí, Sardinia, for missionary labors,
July 2.

Baptist Church at llampou Falls and Seabrouk, to support preaching,
For preaching at Hingham,

Rev. John Peak, for missionary labors, 9.

To expense of collecting the interest on Mr. Tuby's legacy, Aug. 12.

Waierville Church, to aid in support us preaching, 17.

Baptist Church in Somers wurth, Sept. 26.

Baptist Church, Oswegu, to support preaching, Oct. 28.

Rev. Asa Averill,
Nov. 23.

Rev Ben) Oviatt, per Wm. Nichols,
East Cambridge Church,
To support meetings in Watertown,

Branch church in Sruth Boston, to support preaching,
Dec. 16.

On Account of mission in the Valley of the Mississippi,

For printing Ciri ulars, 31.

Rev. John Peak, for missionary labors,

Expense of meetings at Watertown, 1830 Jan. S.

Church in Chester, N. H to assist in support of preaching, I 2.

For suppurt of preaching at Hingham, 14.

Rev. Thomas Marshall, for missionary services, 29.

Rev. Benjam in Oviatt, balance on his mission, 28.

Rev. J. M. Peck, fur labors in Illinois, 30.

For support of preaching at Hingham,
East Cambridge Churid,
Rev. Peter Chase, for labors in Vermont,

For preaching at Watertowa,
Apr. 12.

Mr. Curtis, for labors at Gloucester, Apr. 12.

Rev Thog as Marsball, for missionary services, 16.

Baptist Church at Dennysville, Maine, 17.

To expense of postage,
Rev. Reuben Curtis, for missionary labors,

Dunstable Church to aid in preaching,
May s.

Expense of drafting, copying, and acknowledging deed, 8.

To expense of preaching at Watertowa, IS.

John Spalding, for labors in Vermont,

53,12 115,25

30.00 75.00 $0.00 45.00 06.00

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Feb. 13.

20. Mar. 30.

24,00 100,00 25.00 20,05 19.00

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As one of the Committee with Dea. Lincoln, for auditing the foregoing account, I have examined the same in his absence, by the Treasurer's book and voucbers, and find the bole correctly cast and satisfactorily stated.

JAMES LORING. Boston, May 25, 1830.

The Reports of the Federal Street Maternal Society, and of the Baptist
Youth's Assistant Missionary Society of New York, reached us too late for the
present Number. They will be inserted next month.

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