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Account of Moneys.

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-Moneys receired by the Treasurer of the .Yewton Theological Institution,

Interest on the above, beinz annual subcriptions, not paid when due, 1,38–ess

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.Account of Moneys receired by the Treasurer of the General Conrention of the Baptist Denomination in the United States, for Foreign Missions, from Oct. 15, to .Yor. 25, 1830.

From Mr. William Gault. Treasurer of the New Hampshire Bap. State Convestion.

Amasa Brown, Treasurer of the Black River Baptist Missionary Society, per

hand of Mr. C. L. Roberts, for Burman Mission, 11 and
for = Bible, tūjo


Less for exchanging money,

Mr. Sally Vanderpool. Treasurer of the Newark Bap. Fem. Miss. Society,
Addison Miss Soc. Aux. &c. (Maine) per hand of T. Coffin, Esq. For Ms.
Miss and Ed. Soc. connected with the Sturbridge Assoc. for Bar. Mission, per
Rev. Z. L. Leonard. Treasurer.
Dea. N. Stowell. Treas of the Massachusetts Baptist State convention, having
been contributed as follows, viz.
By Ministers Meeting in Berkshire Association, for Burmaa Mission, 59.73

Collection at the monthly concert of prayer at Pittsfield, 50.00

Westfield Association, for Burman Mission, st.“s

Do. do. Foreign Mission, 24-35

Mr. B. Taylor, of Lebanon Sprins, for Burman Mission, 10,00
Dea. N. Stowell, Treas of Mass. Bap. State Conv. contrib. as follows:

By the church in Windsor, +-se

Mr. Ira Hall, for Burman Bihle, 4-ox)

I. Collamore, Treas. of Old Colony Assoc. for Bar. Miss per Lincoln & Eimands,
Miss P. Upham. Treas of Fem. Miss. Soc. Foxboro’. per Mr. H. Cain,
Nathan Alden, Esq. of East Bridsewater, for Burman Mission,
Female Miss. Soc. of Lower Dublin, Penn. for Bar. Miss per Rev. D. Jones so.25
A donation from the Female Society of Holmesburg, per same, 1.5.xy
Young Ladies Sewing do. o *-i-o- 5.ox)
By Rev. S. Harzens.
Rev. Daniel Haskell. Treas. of Madison Foo, Miss. Soc. Aux ke- (N. Y.)
*A female friend to missions.” for Burman Mission,
Fem. Juv. Soc. connected with the 2nd Baptist church and society. Boston, to aii
in the education of an Indian child, called Margaret B. Doyle at Carey Sta-
tion, per hand of Mr. Chorley.
Mrs. Hannah Carleto, of Boston, for printing the Bible in Burmah.
J. Billino, jr. Esq. Treas of Vermoat State Convention, per Rev. E. Thresher,
Essex Missionary Society, N.Y. per Rev. E. Thresher,

By cash, being proceeds of four bushes of chestnuts, from Jonathaa Whitney, of Conway,
M -

Mass- for Burman Mission

From Mr. Jonas Evans, for translation of the Scriptures per Mr. John B. Jones,

Mr. Amos Hyde, it havins been collected at a missionary prayer meeting at Newtes
Upper Falls,
Mrs. P. Fisher, Dedham, for Burman Bible. Per Rev. Thomas Driver,
M-s. Sarah Taft. Secretary of the Fenile Baptist Missionary Society of Heath-Per
Mr. T. S. Taft. for the Burman Mission.
Rev. C. D. Mallary, Aususta, Geo. being his annual payment towards Burman Trans-
lations, per Rev. W. T. Brantly,
Baptist Church in Horton, N. S. for printing Burman Bihle, per Mr. A chapin.



its to 50.00


* Five 3 stors which was sent with the above has been handed to Mr. E. Lincoln, for the Rock Spring Seminary.

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A. choules, Rev. Mr. Review of his Selmon, 2O6
Christians of a liberal education, Appeal to, 225
Address at an Ordination, 103 Christ, making light of, 23oz. 262
Address before Society of Missions at Newton, 133 Charlestown Maternal Society, Report of, 3.13
Advice to Public Speakers, aoi çhoctaws, Notice of, 183
Agents of the Board of Missions, Letters from, 278 City Missions, , 378
American Board of Commissioners, 153 cockin, Rev. Mr. Memoir of, lo, 33
American Bible Society, Anniversary of, 187 conference of Baptist Ministers,' ---
American Tract Society, Do. 189 conformity to the world, 203,337
Aunerican Education Society, Do. 189
American Peace Society, Do. 190 D.
American Sunday School Union, *** Davis, Rev. Noah, Death of, 234
Anderson's, Rev. Mr. return from Greece, 30 -- Address in commemoration of, 257
Annals of the Poor, Review of, 85 -- Recollections of, 353
Anniversaries in Boston, 216 Designation of Missionaries, 191,209, 27t
Associations, Table of, 158 Diffusion of Religious Knowledge, 31
Donation from American Tract Society, ---
- B. Donations to Indian Stations, 287
Babcock, Rev. Rufus, jr. Review of his Sermon, 49 E.
Baptist General Association of Virginia, co
Baptist General Tract Society, 61, or Education Department, 317
Baptist General convention, Donations to 63,96, 12c, Education Society of warren Association, 3.18
223, 288,316, 352, 382. Effect of different modes of address in preaching, 141
Baptist Missionary Rooms, os Efforts in India to spread the Gospel, 3.17.
Baptist Board of Foreign Missions, Annual English Baptist Mission, 1jo
Meeting of, 161 Enthusiasm in Devotion, roo
Baptist Board of Foreign Missions, Report of, 166 Encouragements to Missionary Efforts, 146
Bap. Miss.scc. of Mass. Report of the Board, 216 Exhilanating offect" of Missions, 3oo
-- -- -- of the Treas. 255 Eve and Mary Compared, -Os
Baptist Youth's Missionary Society, N.Y. 211,281
Bennett, Rev. cephas, Letter from, -81 F.
Bennett, Mrs. Letter from, 370 Federal Street Maternal Society, 184
Bible for every family, 155 Fletcher, Joshua, Letter from, 371
Bible Dictionary, Review of, 239 Foreign Missions, Sermon in favor of, 22-
Boardman, Rev. G. D. Letters from, 21, 146,147,348 fuller, Morris' Memoir of, reviewed, 3oz.
-- -- Journals of, 22, 51,87, G
212, 146, 3ro, 345,367 -
Boston Female Missionary Society, 59,378 Gospel, on preaching the, so
Boston Baptist Association, 314 Grafton, Rev. Mr. Review of his Sermon, 243
Boston Bap. For. Miss. Society, Report of, 376 Greece, Missionaries to, o:3
British and foreign Bible Society, 251 Grosvenor, Rev. Mr. Review of his Sermons, 84
Brown, Miss Betsy, Memoir of, 129
Burman Mission, Intelligence from, 21, 51, 119, H.
143, 181,2C9, 27.1, 310,345, 367 Herod, Reflections on the Death of, roo
Burmah, Good devised for, *** *** Hints to speakers at Anniversaries, 232
Burton, Rev. Mr. Letter from, 57 History of Enthusiasm, Review of, 74
Bunyan, Rev. John, Review of his works, 364
Imitation of Christ, Notice of, 269
Carey, Rev. Dr. Letter from, 2.53 Indians, on their Removal, 54, 126, 11.5, 362
Charleston Baptist Association, 59 ,, in Upper Canada, 93
Charge to a young minister, 65 Indiscretion acknowledged, -34
Intemperance, Efforts for suppressing, 94

Charity Anniversary Sermons, 72

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New Hampshire Branch Education Society, 32O

Newton Theological Institution, Anniversary of, 31.5
Donations to, 63,

wo >> no

192, 223, 381
New York State Convention, 3o
Nisbet, Mr. J. Letter from, 347
Northern Bar. Ed. Soc. Act of Incorporation of 183
o -> o Meeting of, 12.I.
-> o wo Notice of, 316

Ordinations, 32, 160, 191,254, 286, 352

Peace in Death, 14 I

Peck, Rev. John M. Letters from, 26, 55,92, 349,37*.
Philippo, Rev. T. Letters from, 372, 373

-> his Report of Schools at Jamaica, 374
Plan for raising 5oo dollars for Burman Miss. 26, 42.
Physician's Donation, Iol

Poetry, 86, 141, 208, 27c, 3Cs
Premium, Award of, 3&
Prison Discipline Society, ---
Progress of Religious Freedom, + ox
Provoking to Love and Good works, -->4
Public worship, Late attendance on, co
Publications, New, ~ *
Recollections, 344
Reflections for the New Year, s
Religious Tract Society, London, + 3 +
Report of Newton Institution, 32 +
Request, 3 : 6
Revivals of Religion, 61, 95, 127, 157, 184, -85.37 a
** is there a necessity for their close, ~7
Roman Catholics, Notices of, 28, 18–6.
sabbath, Mr. Train's Letter on, ss-
Sabbath schools in the Valley of the Mississippi, 35.1
Sabbath School Union, +--
Savannah River Association, Iss
Secret of British christian Munificence, siss.”
sharp, Rev. Dr. Review of his sermon, ro
Slater, L. Letter from, ter
Someren, Mr. Letter from, 3-7
Spirits, on the use of ardent, +3.
staughton, Rev. Dr. Death of, s:
St. Salvador, Intelligence from, so
stow, Rev. Mr. Address of, on Intemperance. oc-
State Conventions, 3: 1
Summerfield, Rev. John, Review of his Memoirs,
78, to
systematic Benevolence, 41
Temperance, Progress of, +3+.
Tinson, Rev. Joshua, Letter from, 35 i
Tracts published in Burmah, 125
Transylvania University, ->
Travels of True Gedliness, Review of, 45
Vermont Baptist Association, 155
vanderpool, Mrs. Letter from, 3>
wade, Rev. Mr. Journals of, † --, 143
xx , Letters from, 2 : 5, iro
,, Mrs. » -- 145,3&
wilcox, Bela, Letter from, 3.x:
Word for Burmah, s:
wycliffe, character of, -82.

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