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Entered, according to Act of the Parliament in Canada, in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-two, by WILLIAM KINGSFORD, at the Department of Agriculture.




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Ανα μην καλόν γε και δίκαιον, και όσιου και ήδιων των αγαθών μάλλον ή των κακών μεμνήσθαι.

Xenophon's Anabasis V., 8, 26.

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But indeed it is excellent, and just, and holy, and pleasurable to remember those things which are good, rather than those which are evil.


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In the present volume I commence the history of “ British rule in Canada ;” and it is my intention to continue it until the 11th of February, 1841, the date of the union of the two provinces established by the Canada Act of 1791 (31 George III., chap. 31).

As half a century has since elapsed, it may be affirmed that the passions and partisanship, then actively felt, are no longer to be recognised in the form which gave them strength; consequently, that the events of that time can be temperately considered without calling forth personal ill-feeling, or political rancour. The lines which divided opinion have been swept away, new party combinations have come into prominence, and unforeseen points of difference have arisen; while the principles, formerly so vehemently disputed and discussed, have assumed the formula of accepted truths. There is, accordingly, little risk of awakening the susceptibilities of any present relationship.

This volume contains the narrative of the events which followed the peace of 1763 to the siege of Quebec by the troops of congress in 1775. It, likewise, attempts to examine the influences which contributed to the American Revolution, to some extent a part of Canadian history, the province being brought within its operation; a consideration which, in future volumes, will demand more or less detail of the subsequent events up to the treaty of Versailles. Indeed, much of the history of the northern part of the United States cannot be dissevered from that of Canada.

I have felt it my duty to publish at length several documents which are not accessible to those who do not live in the neighbourhood of established libraries, and do not otherwise possess the means of reference to them. Some of these documents are now made generally known for the first time. They cannot be objected to, as occupying undue space; they do not interfere with the narrative; and they are thus brought within the reach of every class of readers.

It will be my endeavour to complete this part of my history in three additional volumes, to appear annually during the three following years.

W. K. OTTAWA, CANADA, 127 Stewart Street,

26th January, 1892.

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