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5. Sing — " Live for ever, Wondrous King !

“ Born to redeem, and strong to save; “ Thine arm has torn from death its sting,

“ And snatch'd the vict'ry from the grave.”



OR THE FOLLOWING SUNDAY. 28. T'he ascension and intercession of Christ. (P. M.) 1 Hail! the day that sees Him rise, Hallelujah. Glorious to His native skies !

Hal. CHRIST, awhile to mortals giv'n,

Hal. Enters now the highest heav'n.

Hal. 2 There the glorious triumph waits - Hal. Lift your heads, eternal gates !

Hal. Christ has vanquish'd death and sin,

Hal. Take the King of Glory in. 3 Lo! the heav'n its LORD receives ! Hal.

Yet He loves the earth He leaves ; Hal. Though returning to His throne,

Hal. Still He calls mankind His own.

Hal. 4 Still for us He intercedes,

Ha.. His prevailing death He pleads :

Hal. Near Himself prepares our place,

Hal. Harbinger of human race. ,

Hal. 5 O! though parted from our sight Hal. Far above yon azure height,

Hal. Grant our hearts may thither rise, Hal. Seeking Thee above the skies.


29. Veni Creator. (C. M.)
1 COME, Holy Ghost, Creator ! come,

Inspire the souls of Thine,
Till ev'ry heart which Thou hast made

; Is fill'd with grace divine.
2 Thou art the COMFORTER, the gift

Of God, and fire of love :
The everlasting spring of joy,

And unction from above.
3 Enlighten our dark souls, till they
.." Thy sacred love embrace;
Assist our minds (by nature frail)

With Thy celestial grace..
4 Drive far from us the mortal foe,
. And give us peace within ;

That, by Thy guidance blest, we may
· Escape the snares of sin.
5 Teach us the Father to confess,

And Son from death reviv'd ;
And with Them both, Thee, Holy Ghost,

Who art from both deriv’d.
6 To FATHER, Son, and Holy Ghost,

The God whom we adore,
Be glory, as it was, is now,
And shall be evermore.

30. Veni Creator. (L. M.)
· 1 COME, Holy Ghost, Creator ! come,

And visit all the souls of Thine: - Thou hast inspir'd our hearts with life, - Inspire them now with life divine. .

2 Enlighten our dark souls, till they

Thy love thy heav'nly love embrace ; And, since we are by nature frail,

Assist us with Thy saving grace. 3 Drive far from us the mortal foe, .

And grant us to have peace within ; That, with Thy light and guidance blest,

We may escape the snares of sin. 4 Teach us the Father to confess,

And Son, who from the grave reviv'd: And, with the Father and the Son,

Thee, Holy Ghost, from both derivd.. 5 With Thee, O FATHER, therefore, may

The Son, who was from death restorid, And Sacred COMFORTER, One God,

To endless ages be ador'd.

31. Hymn from the Ordination Service. (P. M.)
i Come, Holy Ghost ! our souls inspire,

And lighten with celestial fire !
Thou the Anointing Spirit art,
Who dost Thy sevenfold gifts impart.
Thy blessed unction from above
Is comfort, life, and fire of love.

2 Enable with perpetual light

The darkness of our bounded sight; Anoint our heart, and cheer our face, With the abundance of Thy grace; . Keep far our foes ;.give peace at home, Where Thou art Guide, no ill can come.

3 Teach us to know the Father, Son, .

And Thee of both, to be but one; -
That through the ages all along
This theme may form our endless song:-
Praise be to Thine eternal merit,

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32. Veni Creator. (L. M.) 1 CREATOR SPIRIT ! by whose aid

The world's foundations first were laid ! « Come, visit ev'ry pious mind;

Come, pour Thy joys on human kind !” 2 Thrice holy fount ! thrice holy fire ! Our hearts with heav'nly love inspire: Come, and Thy sacred unction bring,

To sanctify us while we sing.
3 Chase from our minds th' infernal foe,

And peace, the fruit of love, bestow ;
And, lest our feet should step astray,

Protect and guide us in the way. 4 Make us eternal truths receive,

And practise all that we believe;
Give us Thyself, that we may see

The FATHER and the Son by Thee ! 5 Immortal honours, endless fame,

Attend th’ Almighty FATHER's name ;
The Saviour Son be glorified,

Who for lost man's redemption died. 6 And equal adoration be,

ETERNAL SPIRIT, paid to Thee;
6 Come, visit every pious mind,
Come, pour thy joys on human kind !”


33. Hymn from the Litany. (L. M.) i Father of Heav'n! whose love profound

A ransom for our souls hath found,
Before Tły throne we sinners bend;

To us Thy pardoning love extend.
2 ALMIGHTY Son ! Incarnate Word,

Our Prophet, Priest, Redeemer, LORD! Before Thy throne we sinners bend;

To us Thy saving grace extend.
3 ETERNAL SPIRIT! By whose breath

The soul is rais'd from sin and death,
Before Thy throne we sinners bend;

To us Thy quick’ning power extend.
4 Jehovah! Father! Spirit! Son !

Mysterious Godhead! Three in One!
Before Thy throne we sinners bend ;
Grace, pardon, life, to us extend.

34. Praise to the Trinity. (P. M.) i Glory be to God on high ! God, whose glory fills the sky! Peace on earth to man forgiv'n !

2 SOVEREIGN FATHER! heav'nly King!

Thee we now presume to sing !
Glad Thine attributes confess,

Glorious all and numberless.
3 Hail ! by all Thy works ador'd!

Hail the everlasting Lord !
Thee with thankful hearts we prove,
Lord of power, and life, and love.

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