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2 That love in gentle accents shed

A blessing upon childhood's head;
Bade e'en the young to hope for grace,

And seek the glories of His face.
3 Blest Shepherd of the sheep! he leads

The wand'rers, and the hungry feeds;
Deigns in His arms the young to bear,
And makes them His peculiar care.

Saviour ! to Thy paternal side
These helpless innocents we guide ;
And seek for grace and strength, that they
And we may keep our heav'n-ward way.

51. Anniversary Sermon for a Charity School. (L. M.)

. CHILDREN.. 1 0 Thou, that from the mouth of babes,

And infant-tongues, didst perfect praise,
Almighty Father, hear the song
Which we, Thy helpless servants, raise.

2 How blest are they! who, early taught

To know and love the word of truth,
Far from the haunts of sinners spend
The tranquil morning of their youth.

3 And blest are they whose care forbids

The youthful Christian's feet to stray, Unfolds the Book of Truth, and there

To life eternal points the way.

4 Hear, LORD, Thy children's prayer; and still

Let the full tide of bounty flow;
That thousands yet unborn may learn

Thy will, and all Thy mercies know.

52. Thanks for religious education. (C. M.) . 1 HEAR, LORD, the song of praise and pray'r,

In heav'n, Thy dwelling-place,
From children made the public care,

And taught to seek Thy face.
2 Thanks for Thy word and for Thy day,

And grant us, we implore,
Never in sin to waste away

Thy holy sabbaths more.
3 Thanks that we hear :- But O! impart

To each desires sincere;
That we may listen with the heart,

And learn as well as hear.
4 Wisdom and bliss Thy word bestows,

And truth that ne'er declines :

O! be Thy mercy shower'd on THOSE - Who plac'd us where it shines...

53. Before a Sermon in aid of the Society for propagating

the Gospel in Foreign Parts, or the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge, or the Church-Missionary Society.

For the Diffusion of the Gospel. (L. M.)
1 O! Spirit of the Living God!

In all Thy plenitude of grace,
Where'er the foot of man hath trod

Descend upon our fallen race !

2 Give tongues of fire and hearts of love

To preach the reconciling word ;
Give pow'r and unction from above

Where'er the joyful sound is heard. 3 O Spirit of the LORD! prepare

All the round earth her God to meet;
Breathe Thou abroad, like morning air,
: Till hearts of stone begin to beat.
4 Baptize the nations ; - Far and nigh

The triumphs of the cross record ;
The name of Jesus glorify,

Till every kindred call Him LORD:

54. For the same occasion. (D. L. M.) i From all that dwell below the skies,

Let the CREATOR's praise arise ;
Let the REDEEMER's name be sung,
Through ev'ry land, by ev'ry tongue. "
Eternal are Thy mercies, LORD;
And truth eternal is Thy word :
Thy praise shall sound from shore to shore,
Till sun shall rise and set no more.

55. Anniversary Sermon for a Hospital, Infirmary, or Dis

pensary. (L. M.)
1 When, Jesu, Thou Thy potent hand

Didst wave o'er ailing Judah's land,
Off from His couch the leper sprang ;

The dead arose; the speechless sang ; 2 The blind the glorious light survey'd ;

Disease was vanquish'd ; pain was stay'd;
Jordan rejoic'd on either shore; .
Tiberias hush'd its mighty roar.

3 For Thee, the impotent, the lame,

And they of wasted mind and frame,
From distant homes their journeys took,

And fam'd Bethesda's pool forsook.
4 O JESU, LORD of pow'r and might,

Parent of good, and life, and light!
* This House of Mercy deign to bless :
The cause is THINE, - O send success!

56. At the Anniversary Meeting of a Benefit or Provident

Society. — GAL. vi. 2. (L. M.)
1 Our souls shall magnify the LORD,

In Him our spirit shall rejoice;
Assembled here with one accord,

Our hearts shall praise Him with our voice.

2 God of our hope, to Thee we bow;

Thou art our refuge in distress;
The husband of the widow, Thou,

The father of the fatherless.
3 May we the law of love fulfil, .

Lighten each other's burthens here;
Suffer and do Thy righteous will,

And walk in all Thy faith and fear.

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4 Then grant our union, here begun,

May last for ever firm and free ;
Around Thy throne may we be one,

One with each other and with Thee.

57. On laying the Foundation-stone of a Church or Paro

chial Chapel. (L. M.) .

2 Chron. vi. 38—40. 18.
i This stone to Thee in faith we lay,

We build this temple, LORD, to Thee;
Thine eye be open night and day

To guard this house and sanctuary.

2 Here, when Thy people seek Thy face,

And dying sinners pray to live; :
Hear Thou, in heav'n Thy dwelling-plac

And when Thou hearest, О forgive! - 3 Here, when Thy messengers proclaim

The blessed Gospel of Thy Son,
Still by the pow'r of His great name

Be mighty signs and wonders done.

4 Hosanna! to their heav'nly King,

When children's voices raise that song,
Hosanna ! let their angels sing,

And heav'n with earth the strain prolong.

5 But will, indeed, JEHOVAH deign

Here to abide, - no transient guest ?
Here will the world's REDEEMER reign,

And here the HOLY SPIRIT rest?

6 That glory never hence depart!

Yet choose not, LORD, this house alone; Thy kingdom come to every heart,

In ev'ry bosom fix Thy throne..

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