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58. For the Consecration or Opening of a Church or Chapel.

(L. M.) 1 And wilt Thou, O Eternal God, On earth establish Thine abode ? Then look propitious from Thy throne,

And take this temple for Thine own. 2 These walls we to Thine honour raise Long may they echo to Thy praise ! And Thou, descending, fill the place

With the rich tokens of Thy grace.
3 Here may our great REDEEMER reign,

With all the graces of His train;
While pow'r divine His word attends,

To conquer foes and cheer His friends. 4 And in the last decisive day,

When God the nations shall survey,
May it before the world appear,
Thousands were train’d for glory here.

59. For the Ember Weeks, or a Visitation. (L. M.)
i Father of Mercies ! bow Thine ear,
. Attentive to our earnest pray'r ;
· We plead for those who plead for Thee,

Successful pleaders may they be. 2 How great their work! how vast their charge!

Do Thou their anxious souls enlarge;
To them Thy sacred truth reveal ;

Suppress their fear, inflame their zeal. 3 Teach them to sow the precious seed,

Teach them Thy chosen flock to feed ;
Teach them immortal souls to gain, -
Souls that will well reward their pain.

5 Let thronging multitudes around . Hear from their lips the joyful sound; . In humble strains Thy grace implore,.

And feel Thy renovating pow'r !
6 Let sinners break their massy chains,

And sorrowing hearts forget their pains;
Let light through distant realms be spread,
And Zion rear her drooping head...

60. For the Induction of a Clergyman to a Living, Lecture

ship, or Preachership. (L. M.) “ We exhort you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye have in remembrance into how high a dignity, and to how weighty an office and charge ye are called : That is to say, to be MESSENGERS, WATCHMEN, and STEWARDS of the Lord; to TEACH and to premonish; to FEED and provide for the Lord's Family; to seek for Christ's SHEEP that are dispersed abroad, ..... that they may be saved through Christ for ever." -ORDINATION SERVICE.

1 We bid thee welcome in the name

Of Jesus, our exalted head: -
Come as a SERVANT, so He came,

And we receive thee in His stead.
2 Come as a SHEPHERD:- Watch, and keep

This fold from error and from sin :
Nourish the lambs and FEED the SHEEP;

The wounded heal, the lost bring in.
4 Come as a Teacher sent by God,

Charg'd His whole counsel to declare;
Lift o'er our ranks the prophet's rod,

While we uphold thy hands with pray’r. *

* See Exod. xvii. 11, 12.

5 Come as a MessenGER of peace,

Fill’d with the Spirit, fir'd with love;
Live to behold our large increase,

And, dying, meet us all above.


* 61. The shortness of time, and the frailty of man.

Psal. xxxix. (L. M.)
1 Almighty Maker of my frame,

Teach me the measure of my days;
Teach me to know how frail I am,

And spend the remnant to Thy praise.

2 My days are shorter than a span,

A little point my life appears :
How frail at best is dying man !

How vain are all his hopes and fears!

3 Vain his ambition, noise, and show!

Vain are the cares which rack his mind! He heaps up treasures mix'd with woe,

And dies and leaves them all behind.

4 O be a nobler portion mine!

Saviour ! I bow before Thy throne; Earth's fleeting treasures I resign, . And fix my hope on Thee alone.

. 62. For the Funeral of a young Person.

Isa. xl. 7; 8. (C. M.) i The morning flowers display their sweets,

And gay their varied leaves unfold; ..Unfaded by the noon-day heats,

Nor wither'd by the ev’ning cold.

2 Nipp'd by the wind's unkindly blast,

Or broke by tempests in a day, Their momentary glories waste, . Their short-liv'd beauties fade away. .

3. So blooms the human face divine,

When youth its pride of beauty shows; Fairer than spring the colours shine,

And brighter than the op'ning rose : ; 4 But, worn by slowly-rolling years,

Or broke by sickness in a day,
Its fading glory disappears,

Its short-liv'd beauties fade away,

5 Yet these, new rising from the tomb,

Through Jesu's grace shall brighter shine ; Revive with ever-during bloom,

Şafe from diseases and decline.

6 Let sickness blast, – let death devour,

Since heav'n shall recompense our pains : Perish the grass ! and fade the flower !

Since firm the word of God remains,

63. The Christian's prospect in life and death.

PSALM xvii. (L. M.)
1 God of our life ! our souls defend,

On Thee our stedfast hopes depend :
Thee, LORD, we bless, our faithful guide,
Whose counsels o'er our life preside.
2 This life's a dream, an empty show;

But the bright world to which we go
Hath joys substantial and sincere :

When shall we wake and find Thee there? 3 Our flesh shall slumber in the ground,

T'ill the last trumpet's joyful sound;
Then burst its chains with sweet surprise,

And in our Saviour's image rise. 4 O glorious hour! O blest abode !

We shall be near and like our God!
And flesh and sin no more control
The sacred pleasures of the soul.

64. Anticipation of Judgment. (L. M.) “ In the hour of death, and in the day of judgment,

Good Lord, deliver us." - LITANY. 1 My God! when nature's frame shall sink

And totter on destruction's brink,
Be Thou my portion and my cup,

And bear my fainting spirits up. 2 'Twas Thou, that form’d'st me first from clay,

And led'st me through life's devious way; Then take, O God ! my parting breath, Support me in the HOUR OF DEATH.

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