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2 For better 'tis to trust in God,

And have the LORD our friend,
Than on the greatest human power

For safety to depend.
He by His own resistless arm

Hath endless honours won;
The saving strength of His right hand

Amazing works hath done.
3 This is the joyful day, O God!

Which Thou thyself hast made
O may we all give thanks and sing

Thy love to man display'd !
Let all give thanks to God the LORD,

Who still does gracious prove;
And let the tribute of our praise

Be endless as His love.

Psalm 118. Part 3. (C. M.) 1 This day is Gol's; let all the land

Exalt their cheerful voice;
LORD, we beseech Thee, save us nover

And make us still rejoice. 2 Him that approaches in God's name

Let all th' assembly bless : « We that belong to God's own house

Have wished you good success.' 3 Thou art my LORD, O God, and still

I'll praise Thy holy name;
Because Thou only art my God,

I'll celebrate Thy fame. 4 O then, with me, give thanks to God,

Who still doth gracious prove;
And let the tribute of our praise

Be endless as His love.

Psalm 119.

This Psalm is a series of devotional meditations, describing the instruction and comfort, which, through all the vicissitudes of mind and fortune, the Psalmist (unquestionably David) had ever found in the word of God. The many strong expressions of love towards the law, and the repeated resolutions and vows to observe it, will often force us to turn our thoughts to the true David, whose meat and drink it was, to do the will of Him that sent him.'

Part 1. (C. M.)

The blessedness of the righteous.
i How blest are they who always keep

The pure and perfect way;
Who never from the sacred paths

Of God's commandments stray!
2 Blest are the men, who to His laws

Have still obedient been ;
And have with fervent humble zeal

His favour sought to win.
3 Secure substantial peace have they,

Who truly love Thy law;
No smiling mischief them can tempt,

Nor frowning danger awe.
. 4 Grant, LORD, that Thy most holy will

May o'er my ways preside ;
And I the course of all my life

By Thy direction guide.
5 Then with assurance shall I walk,

From all confusion free;
Convinc'd with joy, that all my ways,
With Thy commands agree.

Psalm 119. PART 2. (c. M.)

The excellency of the Word of God. 1 How shall the young preserve their ways

From all pollution free?
By making still their course of life

With Thy commands agree.
2 With my whole heart for Thee I seek,

To Thee for succour pray;
O suffer not my careless steps

From Thy right paths to stray. 3 Safe in my heart, and closely hid,

Thy word, my treasure, lies;
To succour me with timely aid,

When sinful thoughts arise.
4 Secur'd by that, my grateful soul

Shall ever bless Thy name;
O teach me then by Thy just laws.

My future life to frame.

PART 3. (C. M.)

For Divine instruction. i Be gracious to Thy servant, LORD;

Do Thou my life defend,

That I, according to Thy word,
i My time to come may spend.
2 Enlighten both my eyes and mind,

That so I may discern
The wondrous things which they behold,

Who Thy just precepts learn.

3 For Thy commands have always been

My comfort and delight; By them I learn with prudent care ; *To guide my steps aright.

PSALM 119. PART 4. (C. M.

For Divine instruction.' 1 INSTRUCT me in Thy statutes, LORD, !

Thy righteous paths display; "
Then I from them through all my life

Shall never go astray.
2 If thou true wisdom from above

Wilt graciously impart;
To keep Thy perfect laws I will

Devote my grateful heart.
3 Direct me in the sacred ways

To which Thy precepts. lead;
For 'tis my chief delight and joy .

Thy righteous paths to tread. 4. From those vain objects turn mine eyes,

Which this false world displays; And give me lively power and strength,

To keep Thy righteous ways.

PART 5. (C. M.)

For the blessing of God. i Thy constant blessing, LORD, bestow,

To cheer my drooping heart;
To me, according to Thy word,
Thy saving health impart.

2 So shall I, when my foes upbraid,

This ready answer make,
In God I trust, who never will

His faithful promis break.'
3 According to Thy promis'd grace,

Thy favour, LORD, extend;
Make good to me the word, on which

Thy servant's hopes depend.

PSALM 119. PART 6. (C. M.)

Hope in God.
1 ACCORDING to Thy promis'd grace,

Thy favour, LORD, extend;
Make good to me the word, on which

Thy servant's hopes depend.
2 Thy word, my comfort in distress,

Both all my griefs controul ;
Thy word, when troubles hem me round,

Revives my fainting soul.
-3 O LORD, my God, my portion Thou

And sure possession art;
Thy words 1 steadfastly resolve r e

To treasure in my heart. ,

Part 7. (C. M.)

Holy Resolutions.
1 O GOD, who art my part and lot,

My comfort and my stay; -
I have decreed and promised

Thy laws to keep alway.

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