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PSALM 145. Part 1. (C. M.).
Praise to God for His justice and mercy, but especially for

His loving-kindness to those who call upon Him, fear Him,
and love Him.
i Thee I'll extol, my God and King,

Thy endless praise proclaim :
This tribute daily I will bring,

And ever bless Thy name.
1 2 Thou, LORD, beyond compare art great,

And highly to be prais'd;
Thy majesty, with boundless height,

Above our knowledge rais’d.
3 Renown'd for mighty acts, thy fame

To future times extends ; ,
From age to age Thy glorious name

Successively descends.
4 Whilst I Thy glory and renown,

The world with me Thy might shall own,

And Thy great power confess.
5 The praise that to Thy love belongs,

They shall with joy proclaim ;
1. Thy truth of all their grateful songs

Shall be the constant theme.

PART 2, (C. M.)
i The LORD is good, fresh acts of grace

His pity still supplies ;
His anger moves with slowest pace, e
His willing mercy flies.

2 Thy love through earth extends its fame,

To all Thy works express'd :
These show Thy praise, whilst Thy great name

Is by Thy servants bless’d.
3 They, with the glorious prospect fir’d,

Shall of Thy kingdom speak;
And Thy great pow'r, by all admir'd,

Their lofty subject make.
4 Thy stedfast throne, from changes free,

Shall stand for ever fast;

Thy boundless sway no end shall see, 2. But time itself outlast.

PART 3. (C. M.)
1 The Lord doth them support that fall,

And makes the prostrate rise;
For His kind aid all creatures call,

Who timely food supplies.
2 How holy is the Lord, how just!

How righteous all His ways!
How nigh to him, who with firm trust

For His assistance prays !
3 He grants the full desires of those

Who Him with fear adore;
And will their troubles soon compose,

When they His aid implore.
4 My time to come, in praises spent,

Shall still advance His fame;
And all mankind, with one consent,

For ever bless His name.

Psalm 146. (C. M.)
Exhortation to praise God for his goodness and mercy.
1 O PRAISE the LORD! And thou, my soul,

For ever bless His name;
His wondrous love, while life shall last,

My constant praise shall claim.
, 2 Happy the man, who God the LORD

For his protector takes;
And Him with well-plac'd confidence

His constant refuge makes.
3 The LQRD, who made both heav'n and earth,

And all that they contain,
Will never quit His stedfast truth,

Nor make His promise vain.
4 By Him the blind receive their sight,

The weak and fall’n He rears ;
With kind regard and tender love

He for the righteous cares.
5 The God that does in Sion dwell,

Is our eternal King:
From age to age His reign endures;

Let all His praises sing.

PSALM 147. (C. M.)
Praise to God for His goodness and mercy.
1 O PRAISE the LORD with hymns of joy,

And celebrate His fame;
For pleasant, good, and comely 'tis
To praise His holy name.

2 He kindly heals the broken hearts,

And all their wounds doth close :
He tells the number of the stars,

Their sev'ral names He knows.
3 Great is the LORD, and great His pow'r,

His wisdom has no bound :
The meek He raises, and throws down

The wicked to the ground.
4 The LORD, to him that fears His name,.

His tender love extends;
To him that on His boundless grace

With stedfast hope depends.
5 To God the LORD, then, hymns of praise

With grateful voices sing;
To songs of triumph tune the harp,

And strike each warbling string.

Psalm 149. (P. M.) An invitation to the children of Sion to praise God, on account

of the salvation which he has already wrought for them, and which will hereafter be completed in them when they shall

enter into His rest. 1 O PRAISE ye the Lord, prepare your glad voice,

His praise in the great assembly to sing: In our great Creator let Israel rejoice;

And children of Sion be glad in their King. 2 Let them His great name extol in their songs,

With well-tuned hearts His praises express; Who listens with pleasure to hear their glad

tongues, And waits with salvation the humble to bless

3 With glory adorn'd His people shall sing, To God who their heads with safety doth

shield ; Such honour and triumph His favour shall

bring ;-
Otherefore, for ever, all praise to Him yield.

Gloria Patri.
By angels in heaven, of every degree,

And saints upon earth, all praise be addrest To God in three persons,One God ever blest,

As it has been, now is, and ever shall be.

PSALM 150. (L. M.)
Exhortation to universal praise.

(For the opening of an Organ.)
1 O praise the Lord in that blest place,

From whence His goodness largely flows; Praise Him in heav'n, where He His face

Unveil'd in perfect glory shows.
2 Praise Him for all the mighty acts,

Which He in our behalf hath done;
His kindness this return exacts,

With which our praise should equal run. 3 To praise awake your tuneful string, - And to the solemn ORGAN sing ; Harmonious let the concert rise,

. And bear the rapture to the skies. 4 Let all that vital breath enjoy,

The breath He does to them afford,
In just returns of praise employ:

Let every creature praise the Lord.

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