Royal Warrant and Regulations Regarding Army Services


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Página 10 - Meal in each Day, the Meal to consist of such Quantities of Diet and Small Beer as may be fixed by Her Majesty's Regulations, not exceeding One Pound and a Quarter of Meat previously to being dressed, One Pound of Bread, One Pound of Potatoes or other Vegetables, and Two Pints of Small Beer...
Página 190 - If her husband, being capable of service, had, at his own solicitation, been excused from serving, when called upon, provided he was officially warned that his widow would thereby forfeit the pension ; or if her husband had been placed on permanent half-pay, or on the Retired List on account of misconduct.
Página 194 - Officer would be entitled to be placed on the Pension List ; provided it be shown that the Children have no other Allowance, Pension or Provision from the Government, and that their pecuniary circumstances and those of their Family are so limited, that they actually require assistance from the Compassionate Fund.
Página 7 - Regimental Defaulters' Book, shall have been adjudged to have been guilty of an offence by which he is to forfeit the whole or a part of his reward for previous good conduct, shall, if he denies the commission of such offence, have the right of appeal to a CourtMartial.
Página 223 - September, 1836, who have obtained distinguishing marks, without relinquishing additional pay for goodconduct pay, may have the same addition to their pensions for the number of distinguishing marks they may severally possess at the period of their discharge, as is allowed to men who have relinquished additional pay, and are in receipt of good-conduct pay.
Página 191 - Council, or subsequently thereto. 5. If the claim of a Widow to Pension shall not be established before her death, the amount of pension to which shewould have been entitled if living, shall not be allowed to her representatives.
Página 222 - A 2 are are hereby granted ; but as the Warrants which were in force at the time of their original enlistment give them a right to higher rates of pension, on discharge, than those which are to be granted to men enlisted after the 1st March 1833, they will not be entitled to have their good-conduct pay added to their pensions on discharge.
Página 185 - Bounty; — the ordinary Pension will not be granted to Widows whose private incomes may exceed the confidential scale which may from time to time...
Página 8 - G. 1 G. 2 G. 3 G. 4 G. 5 G. 6 G. 7 G. 8 G. 9 G.
Página 219 - Serjeants who are now, or who may be hereafter in the Service, — and such grants may be made, either while the men are serving, or after their discharge, with or without pension, in sums not exceeding £20, which may be held during service and together with pension. The Serjeants selected for this honorary distinction, to be entitled to receive and wear a Silver Medal, having on one side The Royal effigy, and on the other, the words " For Meritorious Service," and the name and Regiment of the Serjeant,...

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