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Note 23, page 87, lines 5 and 6.

Yet those deep southern shades oppress'd
My soul with stillness.

The same distinguished traveller frequently alludes to the extreme stillness of the air in the equatorial regions of the new continent, and particularly on the thickly wooded shores of the Oronoco. “ In this neighbourhood,” he says, “ no breath of wind ever agitates the foliage.”


The following pieces may so far be considered a series, as each is intended to be commemorative of some national recollection, popular custom, or tradition. The idea was suggested by Herder's “Stimmen der Völker in Liedern ;” the execution is however different, as the poems in his collection are chiefly translations.

Most of those forming the present one have appeared, as well as the miscellaneous pieces attached to them, in the New Monthly Magazine.


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