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rules of courtesy, to ask, Whether a inson, Robert Kingscotė, Esq., and bishop, who has sworn to render 'due A. H. Phillpotts, Esq., &c., a suffireverence and obedience' to his metropo- cient guarantee for the orthodoxy of such litan, has quite acted up to his high obli- a society. Their sixth annual report, gations, when he ventures most grossly lately published, gives a most encou. to insult that metropolitan, for no other raging account of their proceedings. I cause than that of his having conscien- now make the proposition for the estabtiously performed his duty, according to lishment of a similar institution; Exeter, the law of the land ? I do not notice as being the chief town of the county, this to give offence, but I do refer to it seems to be the most natural locality for in order to remark, that he who unjustly its formation. I beg, therefore, to say accuses others of a want of subordina.. that I shall be most happy to communicate tion, should at least set an example of with any gentlemen in the diocese who may subordination in his own person.

be willing to favour the suggestion. “ But to return to the more immediate I have the honour to be, gentlemen, object of my letter. The state of things "Your most obedient humble servant, in this diocese urgently calls for the in

“ GEORGE ATKINSON. terference of the laity. We must not Torquay, July 7th, 1851.” rest in bare protests—we must be up and doing. A large body of the clergy are now setting the laity at defiance, and are The APOCRYPHA IN GERMANY. virtually impugning the law of the landnot only so—they are, to use the expres

We have to draw particular attensive language of our good archbishop, tion to the following important letter when Bishop of Chester, undermining the of our friend, Dr. Marriott. The foundations of our Protestant Church, subject is one which ought not to be and thus paving the way for the utter

taken up in Germany alone ; the annihilation of Protestantism itself. This

question demands that we agitate is a question in which every orthodox Protestant in the land is equally con

here in England, until we have recerned. The downfall of the Church of moved from our Church Bibles the England, as a Protestant Establishment, Apocryphal writings, the authorized would inevitably lead to the prostration reading of which is now such a blot of every Protestant denomination. Every upon the order of our Church Sertrue Churchman then, and every orthodox

It signifies but little, that our Dissenter, has a common cause to defend. Church disclaims for these uninspired, I believe the time has arrived when minor and often foolish and false, writings differences should yield to substantial of men, the authority due only to the realities, and that all should unite in one word of God. As long as we concommon effort for the defence of the found the Apocrypha in our calendar truth. As one of the remedies for coun- with the true Canonical Scriptures, teracting the evils we deplore, I know

and read from our desks, in the same of none more calculated to benefit our

way and in the place of the genuine population in a spiritual point of view, than that of establishing a Scripture books, we are verily guilty in so far Readers' Society in connection with the making void the word of God by Town Missionary and Scripture Readers' man's tradition, that we read, avowSociety in London, or, at least, forming edly, "for rule of life,” what the Bible an association upon the same principle, absolutely rejects or knows nothing independently of it, for the Diocese of of. We perfectly agree with Dr. MarExeter. I scarcely need remind you riott, that the “ rubbish must first be that the society in question is composed cleared away, before the truth can be of Churchmen and Dissenters, acting come at;"-and we not only deeply together as in the Bible Society, with the deplore that we ourselves should resimple object of bringing sinners to the

tain this comparative rubbish of the cross of Christ. “ Such an association as I am now

Apocrypha, but we call on our read

ers to bestir themselves, first to obtain describing, is in active and most useful operation in the county of Gloucester

its removal from their own Church, shire-and among the Committee are to

and then, with free hands, to help be found the names of the Right Hon. men who, like Dr. Marriott, are strivEarl Ducie, Lord Moreton, Col. Kings. ing to pull down “one of the chief cote, H. Kingscote, Esq., Col. Hutch- bulwarks of Rationalism and Popery




in Germany,”-the extensive circula- "In February, Pastor Kraussold, the tion and authority of the Apocrypha. distinguished Lutheran Minister of Fürth,

Bavaria, wrote also a pamphlet on this London, August 23rd, 1851.

subject, of which 10,500 copies were “ Permit me to address a few lines to printed. you respecting the circulation of the “In April a testimony from Pastor APOCRYPHA in Germany, which impor. Schroeder, of the Reformed Church of tant subject is especially engaging my Elberfeld, appeared, of which 10,000 attention at the present time. In 1846, copies were printed. He is known as and even earlier, I had thoughts of the author of a Commentary on Genesis, bringing this matter before the German just translated into French, as also of public; but my time being taken up other publications, and is one of the with other important objects, I few decided opponents of Popery in Gerobliged to postpone it. Facts that came many. to my knowledge during a tour made “ In June there appeared a pamphlet last autumn in Rhine Bararia for the cir- from Professor Ebrard, D.D., of Erlangen, culation of Religious Tracts, coupled well known for his learned work against with other circunstances occurring at Strauss. It was a reprint of an article the same time, made me consider it my in three consecutive numbers of the imperative duty to be no longer silent on Magazine of the Reformed Church,' of the subject.


which he is the chief editor. 10,000 “ The Protestant Catechism used in copies were printed of it. this part of Germany I will first refer to. " It will be seen that of these five Ten of the prophetical books of the Old pamphlets, the authors were, two of the Testament are not once quoted in it, Lutheran Church, two of the Reformed three only twice, and one once; even Church, and one of the United Church, Isaiah and Jeremiah are only quoted one which it is important to notice, as show.. sixth part as often as the Apocryphal ing that the Apocrypha question is now book Sirach. The first eighteen books being considered by persons of all parties, of the Old Testament are quoted forty , and can no longer be called by the Gereight times; the four greater and twelve an English question. Twenty-five lesser prophets thirty-six times ; but years ago the subject was brought forward Sirach ninety-five times. The books of in Germany by means of excellent men Wisdom and Tobias are oftener quoted in Scotland,- the late Robert Haldane, in the Catechism than the thirty cano- and Dr. Andrew Thomson, but made no nical books of the Old Testament. In

progress, from German ministers not this part of Germany the Apocryphal taking it up; but such is not now the books of Tobias and Sirach are more read by the people than any part of the - The before - mentioned five pamSacred Volume, and the texts are more phlets had, to a certain extent, awakened frequently taken by ministers from Sirach attention to this important subject; but than from the inspired writings.

the Apocrypha is so deeply rooted in “ This state of things induced me to Germany that further steps were necesapply to the Lutheran Home Missionary sary to be taken in order to create further Society of the Grand Duchy of Baden,- interest in the matter, as well as to get as being the only German Society, with publications that would combat all the the exception of the Carlsruhe Ladies' arguments used in defence of these books. Bible Society, which has acted in a de. As the Lord had so greatly blessed the cided manner in reference to the Apo. German Prize Essays on the Lord's Day crypha. This society very kindly printed question, I considered this would be the at my request, a • Testimony against the best means of acting in regard to this Apocrypha,' which I circulated a few

also. The before-mentioned Lutheran days after it appeared at a meeting of Home Missionary Society of the Grand nine hundred ministers, held last autumn Duchy of Baden has very kindly, at my at Stuttgardt, and have since then put request, within the last four weeks pubnearly 10,000 copies of the same into lished a programme for Prize Essays, circulation.

drawn up in the most decided manner, “ Last January I printed 10,000 copies and which is an important testimony on of another pamphlet on the same subject, this matter. It refers first to the imporwritten by Pastor Schiller, of the United tance of the subject, especially in referChurch (Lutheran and Reformed) of ence to the doctrine of the Divine inspiRhine Bavaria, who is one of the best ration of the Holy Scriptures; but to be known ministers in this part of Germany. concise, I will only give the following


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two extracts: The Essays must contain “At a time when Popery is making a refutation of all the arguments usually great efforts, and this especially in Gerbrought forward for binding the Apo- many, which I could easily shew from crypha with the Holy Scriptures, and my labouring chiefly among Roman circulating it with the same.' What is Catholics, if it were here the place to do the duty of every Christian, of religious so, it is most important that the Aposocieties, and of Bible societies, on this crypha, on which it grounds so many of subject ? What defence can be offered its errors, should be placed in its true that contributions collected and given light. To prove that the Apocrypha is for the circulation of the Word of God not the inspired Word of God, is also to should be devoted to the circulation of the attack one of the chief bulwarks of RaApocrypha ?' The programıne for the tionalism, and one of the darlings of Prize Essays being issued by a Lutheran Ultra Lutheranism, or, German Puseysociety, of whom the excellent and well- ism, which is now making great progress. known Professor Stern is President, is “ When it is remembered what views highly important, as the Lutheran party, are prevalent on the great doctrine of in general, do all they can to defend the the Divine inspiration of the Holy ScripApocrypha.

tures, the Apocrypha question must be “I will now give one or two more viewed as one of the most important that facts, selected from many others on this can be brought before the notice of the subject : 'The Psalms, Proverbs, and Christians of Germany; even ministers Sirach,' printed by a German Bible termed evangelical, claim for it a second Society, now lies before me; and another degree of inspiration! The rubbish must society has printed one of the Gospels first be cleared away before the truth can and Sirach together. All the German be come at. Bible Societies, with the exception I be- For defraying the expences of printlieve of one, (and this has only recently ing the above-named pamphlets, prize omitted it,) print at the close of the Apo- essays, &c., I have received or am procrypha, • End of the Old Testament.' mised £94, and have expended, or am The worst, however, is that all of them under engagements, or morally so, to the print parallel passages in the canonical amount of about £230. Moreover, two books, taken from the Apocrypha, thus of the pamphlets are nearly out of print, confounding the word of man and of God and fresh editions called for. I should together. At one of the chief schools in hiere remark, that circulating every year a large city, considered the most evan- about 200,000 religious tracts, chiefly gelical in Germany, where I was lately, printed at the expense of the Religious the Apocrypha was daily read at family Tract Society, I have the best means of worship; and, in a well-known Christian putting into circulation these pamphlets, community, which I visited a few months which, as the Apocrypha is so deeply since, and for which money has been rooted in Germany, require a very large collected in Great Britain, the members circulation ; and, besides publications on meet daily, the Apocrypha is read through this subject, I desire, as means and commented on as if it were the word afforded me, to call attention to the allof God. I will simply add that Bibles important doctrine of the Divine inspirawithout the Apocrypha are forbidden to tion of the Holy Scriptures. be used in schools by the Protestant “I trust the foregoing statement will ecclesiastical authorities of Bavaria ! interest you, and induce you to render

"I think it unnecessary to enlarge assistance in pulling down, with the blessfurther on this important subject, but ing of God, one of the chief bulwarks of should state, that, until the last few months, Rationalism and Popery in Germany, the subject has not made any material and in upholding and proclaiming the progress in Germany for about twenty- all-sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures, in five years : the best proof of which is, Germany, where the grand doctrine of that not one of the German Bible So- their Divine inspiration is so greatly cieties existing at that period has given undermined. up the circulation of the Apocrypha, “ Trusting that this statement will though two of them very recently have receive your serious attention, engaged to take the subject into consi

“ I am, yours truly, Aeration.


· Of Basle, Switzerland:"












MANNING, We cannot enter into the heart of Duke of Norfolk. We are the raman; we cannot tell what feelings ther glad to know that his heart passed through the breast of Eng- and his mind had not been with land's first Duke, as he knelt before them for a long season,

that he the communion-rail of the parish had in truth been for some time darchurch of Arundel, and received for ing to discern between truth and the first time, in two kinds, the simple error, and had been seeking an escape emblems of a Saviour's dying love.

from the clouds of darkness and superWe cannot enter into the heart of stition with which Popery covers and man; and therefore we cannot tell mystifies her votaries. with what feelings Archdeacon Man- The policy of Rome, by which she ning stood for the first time before a deprives her members of the exercise Popish altar, arrayed in the gaudy of God's gift, — the powers of the garments of Rome, and there offered mind, forbidding them to search for up the consecrated wafer, as contain themselves whether what she proing “the real body, blood, soul, and pounds is in accordance with God's divinity,” of our crucified, ascended, Word, sound reason, and common and glorified Lord.

sense,-is altogether a chain of such We

may, however, imagine the Satanic artifice and power, as to make strong contrast which must have pre- it a matter of no ordinary wonder and sented itself to each of the persons we gratitude when we find one victim have mentioned, as they severally escaping from its slavery. took part for the first time in services Taught from earliest infancy to to which by birth and education they believe implicitly what the Church had been utterly opposed.

teaches, as truth, however abhorrent The Romanists may affect to laugh the doctrine may be even to the teachat the“ dropping of this dead bough,” ing of that version of the Scriptures as they term the secession of the which Rome itself acknowledges as


2 B

genuine,-however opposed to the nothing of an altar, a sacrificing evidence of the senses, and the exer- priest, or a risen and glorified Saviour cise of rational judgment, the poor transformed by priestly hands into a Romanist surrenders himself, for time, wafer-cake, given to be eaten by men's to the reception of every lie that that mouths as their incarnate God. Church may find it her policy to in- We trust that Arundel Church vent or sanction ; and enters eternity presented a true picture of the priwith no better hope than that afforded mitive simplicity of our faith, and by false promises of priestly help, that the strong contrast between that where all human aid is worthless and simplicity and the gorgeous mockery unavailing.

of Rome's ritual, did not lose aught We are not in possession of the of its power by any attempt to add to circumstances which have led the the truthful solemnity of our beautiDuke of Norfolk to break this chain ful service. of a thousand nks; to overcome How strikingly must the exquisite the difficulties caused by the prestige language of the Communion office, of the ancient faith of the house of in all the scriptural harmony of its Howard, and to abandon a communion parts, fall upon ears long accustomed which is as false in worldly principles to catch nothing but mutterings in a as it is spiritually corrupt and apos- dead language. How great must the tate. Whatever may have been the contrast be between our own orderly course of examination, aided, no and quiet administration, and the doubt, by recent events, which has almost endless round of processions, issued in this withdrawal from Rome, postures, bowings, and censer swingwe can only pray that his Grace's ings. How moving to one accusjudgment may be more and more tomed to receive in one kind only, informed as to the grand distinctions the wafer-god-and taught to believe between truth and its counterfeit. with all the superstitious and disgustWe earnestly trust that the Duke, ing minutiæ of the breviary, that he with many other converts, may be has carnally, as well as spiritually, brought to feel, by God's Holy Spirit, swallowed a whole Christ, - to receive that the mere throwing away of false from the hands of one who claims no creeds, or the outward reception of a mystical or priestly power whatever, purer faith, are alike worthless, if the the simple bread and wine, symbols heart itself, with all its affections, be of that dying love which redeemed us not brought to the cross of Christ. all from endless woe. Assuming, however, that the change

The admirable manner in which the in this instance is really spiritual, we Church of England has, in the actual may be allowed to dwell upon the communication of the elements, used feelings which must have passed words plainly separating the spiritual through the mind of the convert to feeding upon Christ by faith, from the Protestant Christianity, as he partook carnal eating and drinking of the of that rite which he must have so bread representing His broken body, often witnessed administered in a and the wine denoting His poured strangely different mode in Romish out blood,—must equally strike those chapels.

who are taught to believe that the The Church of England knows wheaten wafer they see is actually

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