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suffer for actions committed in this race, then all men are eternal." life, was not the identical one that According to Boodhism, the only walked the earth, though it was not termination to this continual exista ditrerent one. He would be able ence is by entering Nirwana, and to make the assembly understand this can only be attained by acting this difficult doctrine, by a familiar according to, and realising the reillustration. A newly-plucked tali- sults of, the four sublime paths of pot leaf, exposed to the sun, loses virtue prescribed by Boodha. A its greenness, and assumes a white- being who thus walks will be saved. ness ; so man loses the use of his

Migettu-watte next referred to While this process of loss Jephthah's vow to prove the fondis going on, three of the senses ness of the Christians' God for enter the body, and remain attached blood; alluded to our Saviour's to the heart,—the sense of feeling, own prediction as to His being the sense of understanding, and three days in the tomb, which he the sense of life. At death a man said was not fulfilled ; recapitulated sees, as if in a dream, that he is what he called the ill omens that engaged in the same actions, whether preceded the birth of Christ, for sinful or righteous, to which he was instance, the massacre of the innogreatly addicted in his life. For cents; and then drew a picture example, if he had been given up to of the good omens which attended murder, he feels as if committing it Boodha's birth ; how people born again. The man who fancies at his blind received the use of their eyes; death that he is engaged in wrong

and how the halt and lame were actions will be born in a state healed. “Boodha came to bring hapof misery. If he feels he is prac- piness into the world, and introduce tising meritorious actions when he into it the true religion.” The speaker is dying, his future state is sure to concluded by imploring the audience be a happy one. As this state, to weigh, without prejudice, the arguwhether happy or miserable, ap- ments adduced on either side, and pears in an enchanted form, man, to hold fast to the faith of the sucwho is full of desires, naturally

cessful party. cleaves to it, so that immediately We have given at some length after death conception takes place. the substance of the first day's proDeath and the re-birth of the being ceedings at this discussion, believing are simultaneous. Man's actions our readers will like to form for and desires here regulate his future themselves some idea of the doctrines

No part of man goes to of Booddhism, and of the deeplyanother world to be born again, but rooted hatred to Christianity insimply this cleaving to existence dulged in by its adherents. It is takes place at death, according to needless, however, to dwell so long the nature of the desires that exist on the discussions which followed. in him. The Boodhist doctrine At eight o'clock the next mornconcerning man is, that man has ing Mr. Siriman-ne, a catechist beneither beginning nor end. Migettu- | longing to the Church Missionary watte here quoted Genesis ii. 7, Society—a man well-fitted to convey to prove that Christians believe the to the multitude in homely language same thing, for he said “the spirit a true idea of the points at issue breathed into Adam was a portion was selected to commence. He was of the Spirit of the eternal God. a fluent speaker, and accustomed to If Adam is the father of the human open-air preaching, and having been at one time connected with a Bood- | refuge in, Boodha, in the wellhist temple, he understood the known formula which he repeated, popular side of Boodhism, though knowing that Boodha had for so but little versed in its abstruse long ceased to exist. metaphysics. He began by stating, Ăs will be readily imagined, that any boy attending a mission Migettu-watte's wrath was aroused. school, could explain that "jealous” He began his reply by apologizing meant God's not giving His glory to the learned priests who surto another. God ordered Moses to rounded him for having invited perform miracles before Pharaoh, them to be present at a discussion, because that king had questioned where he had vainly hoped to meet who Jehovah was. The infliction


with some

"able opponent.” Reof the plagues was to show God's ferring to Mr. de Silva's speech on might, not only to Pharaoh, but the previous day, he tried to fling a to all succeeding generations. The dart at him for damaging his own passage in Judges about “chariots cause. Mr. de Silva had said, " If of iron” referred to the tribe of Boodhism denied the existence of Judah. God subdued a host of the soul, it put man on an equality nine hundred iron chariots, as we with a frog or a dog. Migetturead soon afterwards; and it was watte here quoted Ecclesiastes iii. 19, owing to want of faith in God, and asked, What think you of that? on the part of Judah, that that He sneered at Mr. de Silva for tribe had been afraid to fight in the pretending to understand Boodha's first instance. In a similar way abstruse doctrine of the soul, which Mr. Siriman-ne handled the texts even the great and learned commenbrought forward by Migettu-watte tator, Buddhaghosa, failed to compreto prove that God delighted in hend, and likened his speech to blood, and was neither Omniscient “the barking of a dog envious nor Almighty. He slyly reminded at the splendour of the moon;" his opponent of an expression he “the babbling of a madman ;” and had made use of on the previous “the roaming of a blind elephant day-that if it could be shown that in a thick jungle”—which last comthe death of even an ant had been parison, however,

unintencaused by Boodha's birth, he (Mi- tionally a little flattering. He tried gettu-watte) would renounce Bood- to make out that the Bible hopehism. Every one knew that lessly contradicts itself, by assertBoodha's mother died seven days ing in one place that salvation and after his birth. What reliance, he in- heaven depend on faith in Christ, quired, could be placed on the Bood- while in the parable of the sheep hist Pitakas (“Scriptures"), which and the goats, it is clear that salvawere not written till four hundred tion depends on works. Then taking and fifty years after Boodha's death, up the remarks of Mr. Siriman-ne, and then not in the land where the catechist, he called his explanaBoodba is said to have lived, nor by tion of Moses and his miracles, and those who had heard him preach ? of God not being afraid of iron, etc., He next brought forward some con- “pure nonsense and “silly talk. tradictory statements from these He tried to distort his words and scriptures to prove that Boodha illustrations, and dwelt on the fact was not omniscient as represented, that he (Migettu-watte) had said, and asked the audience what was the wholesale massacre of children the use of praying to, or taking took place “on account of” Christ's


birth, and not “at” his birth, which can propagate such a falsehood no one could dispute. Boodha's about a thing in this world, which, mother's death was not in conse- if true, every one would be able to quence of Boodha's birth, but- see with his own eyes, how can he "she paid her debt to nature at the be believed when he teaches heaappointed time.” So Mr. Siriman-nevenly things, which cannot be seen ? had misrepresented the clear state- Besides, everything in Boodhism ments made in the Boodhist Scrip- depends on the existence of this tures. He affirmed also that he mountain. One heavenly world had spoken an untruth, when he rests on it, and the rest are above stated that the Tripitakas were not it. If there is no such mountain, written till four hundred and fifty where are these worlds, and what is years after Boodha; for fifty-three the use of performing meritorious years after Boodha had ceased to actions to be born in one of them ? exist, his preachings were written such actions, for example, as medidown by rahats-celestial beings; tation on abstruse metaphysics, and that, in this very island of which certain priests in Matura Ceylon, and in Boodha's own life- undertook, till, as it is well known, time, it is recorded, his sermons they became insane. Before Mr. were engraved on golden leaves. de Silva sat down, he, in a few words, (This statement was afterwards con- preached Christ and salvation to futed by the Rev. Mr. de Silva, by the assembled multitude, and conreference to

a standard Boodhist cluded by imploring them to take work.) After hinting that Moses refuge in Him. was a magician, and that the Bible Migettu-watte's last speech conhad once been destroyed by fire, and sisted principally of a recapitulation afterwards re-written by one of Jeho- of what he had said on the previous vah's Kapuralas (“ devil priests"), day, intermingled with bitter epiand a few similar bursts of ani- thets. He charged Mr. de Silva mosity, he sat down.

with being “envious” of him, with It is scarcely necessary to say speaking arrant nonsense,” with that Mr. de Silva was fully pre- giving

giving "false interpretations” of pared to

answer his opponent's the quotations he had adduced, and accusations as to the Bible con- “silly illustrations of his subjects." tradicting itself. He proved by He attempted a comparison between reference to various works, that the the holy Boodha and the murderer Boodha, in whom Boodhists took Moses. He cited Ecclesiastes i. 5, "refuge," was in previous births to show that the Christian theory immoral, a murderer, and a robber; proper, as to the sun moving round



the earth, and Boodha's teachings worthy of their trust? He com

He sneered at the little pared a few of Boodha's teachings globe which had been exhibited, and in geography with those admitted said “amongst Englishmen there by all civilized nations, and pro- were serious doubts as to whether duced a small globe to show the Sir I. Newton's theory- to which impossibility of one of the state- indirect allusion had been madements, to which reference is con- were correct or not.” He then protinually made, that in the centre of duced a work which he said he the earth rises a huge mountain, should be happy to show to the two million six hundred thousand Christians, which completely refuted miles high. If, he argued, a mau

all Sir Isaac's arguments. It was

and asked,



were alike.

entitled “New Principia" by R. J. It is not very likely another will Morson, F.A.S.L. He said that ask- ever take place on so large a scale ing people to take refuge in Boodha in the island of Ceylon. Neither was not asking them to take refuge is it needed now, as it certainly in a dead man. Boodha's death

was in years gone by, when few could consisted of three stages, first, read, and when the missionaries the death of the passions, second, were glad to avail themselves of any the death of the Skandas—that is means that would arouse the people to say, perception, discrimination, from their apathy. and consciousness. These two had Four months passed away, and taken place, but not until two thou- then a dark cloud overshadowed the sand five hundred years from the Christian churches of the island. present time would the last death Our beloved Apollos, the Rev. D. take place; then all Boodha's relics de Silva, was laid on his death-bed. would get together near a Bo-tree His work was done; but all felt it in India, and after assuming the was a mysterious Providence which form of a living Boodha cease to removed him from our midst at this exist. To prove that the great particular crisis. Doubtless the mountain which Mr. de Silva had anxiety attendant on these meetings denied, does exist, the sacred writ- told upon him, but no serious conseings, he said, stated that it was in quences were anticipated till the the North, and “ every one knows

last. Everything that friendship the mariner's compass points to the could suggest was done for him, but North, showing there exists a huge frequent relapses, after disease was mass there." The blasphemies to

believed to have been conquered, at which Migettu-watte gave utterance length banished hope from everyat the close of his address, against one's mind. He was quite calm and the Creator, the Holy Spirit, and collected, and able to express his our Divine Saviour, were too vile to unabated trust in his Saviour. As be committed to paper; suffice it to his end approached he begged some say, his words forcibly illustrated one to sing to him in Singhalese, the description by St. James of the There is a fountain,"

'-a translatongue “set on fire of hell.” He tion of his own; and the last words wound up by informing the audience he is believed to have heard on that “thousands of the most emi- earth were those, now so well known nent had in all ages given their in England, “ Safe in the arms of testimony in favour of Boodhism,


So long as the Wesleyan, and that great doctors, and pro- or indeed any other mission conpounders of astrology, etc., had tinues in Ceylon, so long will the always invoked Boodha's aid and name of David de Silva, son of the extolled his religion in every one of pundit of our first Missionaries,their works.”

who in those days was a Boodhist, Scarcely had he ceased speaking though through his son's instruwhen cries of Sadu, Sádu ("Bravo" mentality he died a Christian,-be ascended in a deafening chorus from revered and honoured. the assembled thousands, nor could Of the results of this “last conthey be hushed till Migettu-watte, troversy” who can speak ? They at the suggestion of the High Priest have not been yet fully made of Adam's Peak, rose and waved his known; but it will interest all who hand for silence.

contribute to the Wesleyan Mission So ended the “last” controversy. cause to know that, labouring in one

of the Circuits near Matura, South Ceylon, is a promising young catechist whose eyes were first opened

to see the errors of Boodhism by
attending these gatherings.

M. N.


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The remarkable work done by the of animals in nature are named coral animals, chiefly in the Pacific Protozoa—that is, first animals—the Ocean, is frequently referred to, earliest, sometimes the smallest and and employed in illustration, by the simplest animals known to us. good writers. But it is matter for Amongst these are the Spongessurprise how inaccurate the popular enormous colonies of minute strucnotions on the subject are, and how tureless organisms, and the Infumuch absolute error passes unno

soria. ticed. We have a book now before Next to these come the subus, * in which the authors, who kingdom—Coelenterata. The best undertake no less a work than a known representatives of this group philosophical explanation of the are—(1) The common hydra of our universe, tell us “ that coral is a ponds, which is a minute simple semi-mineral growth, and not the tube set round with tentacles. It work of insects !As if any one has no organs of circulation or who had ever read ten pages on

respiration, and no traces of a nerthe subject, to say nothing of vous system; and (2) The sea having read zoology enough to anemones, which are but slightly obtain a medical diploma, ever sup

more complex than the hydra; but posed that insects were concerned in they are large, and, as is well those wonderful marine productions. known, often beautiful. But remarkable as it is, this is a

Now in simple language, the very usual error; and one from the coral animal is merely a minute seaemployment of which neither the anemone, endowed with the power pulpit nor the press is free. The to secrete from the ocean carbonate knowledge which we possess of these of lime, and to deposit it in organisms has been much aug- exquisite forms round itself. The mented during the last few years,

animals dwell in colonies; and each and is certainly of great interest.

successive colony forms a layer upon It is known to the school-boy that the dead dwellings of its predethe whole animal group known to

And all this has been man is capable of natural division going on for unnumbered ages, so into two great kingdoms, the Inver- that there are in the ocean vast tebrate and the Vertebrate. These masses of dead coral, and a thin are both divided into sub-kingdoms. living stratum upon its surface. The coral animal belongs to a very

Hence there


be reefs a thousand early sub-kingdom of the Inver- miles long, and it may not be tebrate series ; for the first group improbable that a vast continent of

such reefs, which covered millions of * “The Origin of Creation ; or, The miles in area, has by geological Science of Matter and Force. A New

action sunk in the Pacific Ocean. System of Natural Philosophy. By Thomas R. Frazer, M.D., and Andrew

The general inference as to the Dewar." Longmans. London.

industry of these little coral polyps


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