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Sinners of, ftate he can defpife,
But faints are honour'd in his eyes.]
4 [Firm to his word he ever flood,
And always makes his promife good;
Nor dares to change the thing he fwears,
Whatever pain or lofs he bears.]
5 [He never deals in bribing gold,

And mourns that juftice fhould be fold:
While others gripe and grind the poor,
Sweet charity attends his door.]

6 He loves his enemies, and prays

For thofe that curfe him to his face :
And doth to all men ftill the fame,
That he would hope or wifh from them.
7 Yet, when his holieft works, are done,
His foul depends on grace alone:
This is the man thy face fhall fee,
And dwell forever, Lord, with thee.

PSALM XVI. ft Part. Long Metre. [b] Confeffion of our poverty, and faints the best company; or, good works profit men, not God.

1 PRESERVE me, Lord, in time of need;
to thy throne 1 flee,
But have no merits there to plead ;
My goodness cannot reach to thee.

2 Oft have my heart and tongue confefs'd,
How empty and how poor I am;
My praife can never make thee blefs'd,
Nor add new glories to thy name.

3 Yet, Lord, thy faints on earth may reap
Some profit by the good we do;
Thefe are the company I keep,

These are the choiceft friends I know.


Let others choose the fons of mirth,
To give a relifh to their wine;
I love the men of heavenly birth,
Whofe thoughts and language are divine..

PSALM XVI. 2d Part. Long Metre. [*]

Chrif's all-fufficiency.

OW faft their guilt and forrows rife,
Who hafte to feek fome idol god!


I will not taste their facrifice,
Their offerings of forbidden blood.
2 My God provides a richer cup,
And nobler food to live upon;
He for my life has offer'd up
Jefus, his beft beloved Son.
3 His love is my perpetual feaft;
By day his counfels guide me right;
And, be his name forever blest,
Who gives me fweet advice by night.
4 I fet him ftill before mine eyes;

At my right hand he ftands prepar'd
To keep my foul from all furprise,
And be my everlasting guard.

PSALM XVI. 3d Part.


Long Metre. [*] Courage in death, and hope of the refurrection. HEN God is nigh, my faith is frong, His arm is my almighty prop: Be glad my heart, rejoice my tongue, My dying flefh fhall reft in hope. 2 Thoug in the duft I lay my head, Yet, gracious God, thou wilt not leave My foul forever with the dead, Nor lofe thy children in the grave. 3 My flefh fhall thy firft call obey, Shake off the duff and rife on high; Then fhalt thou lead the wondrous way Up to thy throne above the fky.


4 There freams of endless pleasure flow,
And full difcoveries of thy grace,
(Which we but tafted here below)
Spread heavenly joys through all the place.

PSALM XVI. A Part. Common Metre. [*] Ver. 1-8. Support and counsel from God, without merit. AVE me, O Lord, from every foe:



In thee my trust I place,
Though all the good that I can do
Can ne'er deferve thy grace.

2 Yet, if my God prolong my breath,
The faints may profit by't;
The faints, the glory of the earth,
The men of my delight.

8 Let heathens to their idols hafte,
And worship wood or ftone;
But my delightful lot is caft
Where the true God is known.
4 His hand provides my conflant food;
He fills my daily cup;
Much am I pleas'd with prefent good,
But more rejoice in hope.

5 God is my portion and my joy!
His counfels are my light:
He gives me fweet advice by day,
And gentle hints by night.

6 My foul would all her thoughts approve
To his all-feeing eye;

Not death nor hell my hopes fhall move,
While fuch a friend is nigh.

PSALM XVI. 2d Part. Common Metre. [*] The death and refurrection of Christ. SET the Lord before my face, "He bears my courage up; "My heart and tongue their joys exprefs, "My flefh fhall reft in hope.


"My fpirit, Lord, thou wilt not leave
"Where fouls departed are;
"Nor quit my body to the grave,
"To fee corruption there.

"Thou wilt reveal the path of life,
"And raise me to thy throne :
Thy courts immortal pleafure give;
Thy prefence, joys unknown."
[Thus, in the name of Chrift the Lord,
The holy David fung,


And Providence fulfils the word
Of his prophetic tongue.

5 Jefus, whom every faint adores,
Was crucify'd and flain;
Behold the tomb its prey reftores !
Behold, he lives again!


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6 When fhall my feet arife and fland
On heaven's eternal hills?
There fits the Son at God's right hand,
And there the Father fmiles.]

Ver. 13, &c.

PSALM XVII. Short Metre. [*]
Portion of faints and finners; or, hope
and defpair in death.
RISE, my gracious God,

They are but thy chaftifing rod
To drive thy faints to thee.
Behold, the finner dies,
His haughty words are vain:
Here in this life his pleafure lies,
And all beyond is pain.
Then let his pride advance,
And boast of all his ftore;
The Lord is my inheritance,
My foul can with no more.
I fhall behold the face




Of my forgiving God;
And ftand complete in righteoufnels,
Wash'd in my Saviour's blood.

5 There's a new heaven begun
When I awake from death,
Dreft in the likeness of thy Son,
And draw immortal breath!


PSALM XVII. Long Metre. [*]

The finner's portion and the faint's hope; or, the heaven of feparate fouls, and the refurrection. ORD, I am thine; but thou wilt prove

When men of fpite against me join,
They are the fword, the hand is thine.
2 Their hope and portion lie below:
'Tis all the happiness they know;
'Tis all they feek: they take their fhares,
And leave the rest among their heirs.
3 What finners value, I refign;

Lord, tis enough that thou art mine;
I fhall behold thy blissful face,
And ftand complete in righteousness.
4 This life's a dream, an empty fhow;
But the bright world to which I go
Hath joys fubftantial and fincere ;
When thall I 'wake and find me there?


5 O glorious hour! O bleft abode !
I fhall be near and like my God;
And flesh and fin no more control
The facred pleasures of the soul.
6 My flefh fhall flumber in the ground,
Till the laft trumpet's joyful found:
Then burft the chains with fweet surprise,
And in my Saviour's image rife.

PSALM XVIII. 1ft Part. Long Met. [*]
Ver. 1-6, 15-18.

Deliverance from defpair; or, temptations overcome.
HEE will I love, O Lord, my ftrength,


Thy mighty arm fhall be my trust,
For I have found falvation thence.
2 Death and the terrors of the grave
Stood round me with their difmal fhade;
While floods of high temptations rofe,
And made my finking foul afraid.
3 I faw the opening gates of hell,

With endless pains and forrows there,
Which none but they that feel can tell,
While I was hurry'd to defpair.

4 In my diftrefs, I call'd my God,
When I could fcarce believe him mine;
He bow'd his ear to my complaint;
Then did his grace appear divine.
5 [With speed he flew to my relief,
As on a cherub's wing he rode;
Awful and bright as lightning fhone
The face of my deliverer, God.
6 Temptations fled at his rebuke,

The blaft of his almighty breath;
He fent falvation from on high,
And drew me from the deeps of death.]

7 Great were my fears, my foes were great;
Much was their ftrength, and more their rage;
But Chrift, my Lord, is conqueror still,
In all the wars that devils wage.

8 My fong forever fhall record

That terrible, that joyful hour;
And give the glory to the Lord,
Due to his mercy and his power.

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