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PSALM XVIII. 2d Part. Long Metre. [*]

Ver. 20-26.. Sincerity proved and rewarded. 1 ORD, thou haft feen my foul fincere,


Before mine eyes I fet thy laws, And thou haft own'd my righteous cause. 2 Since I have learn'd thy holy ways, I've walk'd upright before thy face: Or, if my feet did e'er depart, 'Twas never with a wicked heart.

3 What fore temptations broke my reft!
What wars and ftrugglings in my breaft!
But through thy grace, that reigns within,
I guard against my darling fin:

4 That fin that close befets me ftill,
That works and ftrives againft my will;
When fhall thy Spirit's fovereign power
Destroy it, that it rife no more?

5 [With an impartial hand, the Lord
Deals out to mortals their reward:
The kind and faithful foul fhall find
A God as faithful and as kind.

6 The juft and pure fhall ever fay,

Thou art more pure, more juft than they :
And men that love revenge fhall know,
God hath an arm of vengeance too.]

PSALM XVIII. 3d Part. Long Metre. [*]
Ver. 30, 31, 32, 46, &c.

Rejoicing in God; or, falvation and triumph.
UST are thy ways, and true thy word,


J :

Who is a God, befide the Lord?
Or, where's a refuge like our God?
2 'Tis he that girds me with his might,
Gives me his holy fword to wield;
And, while with fin and hell I fight,
Spreads his falvation for my fhield.
He lives (and bleffed be my rock)
The God of my falvation lives:
The dark defigns of hell are broke;
Sweet is the peace my Father gives.

4 Before the fcoffers of the age..
I will exalt my Father's name;
Nor tremble at their mighty rage,
But meet reproach, and bear the fhame.
5 To David and his royal feed
Thy grace forever fhall extend;
Thy love to faints, in Chrift their head,
Knows not a limit, nor an end.

PSALM XVIII. 1ft Part. Common Metre. [*] Victory and triumph over temporal enemies.

WE love thee, Lord, and we adore;

is arm


Thou art our ftrength, our heavenly tower,
Our bulwark and our fhield.

2 We fly to our eternal Rock,
And find a fure defence;
His holy name our lips invoke,
And draw falvation thence.

3 When God, our leader, fhines in arms,
What mortal heart can bear
The thunder of his loud alarms,
The lightning of his spear?
He rides upon the winged wind,
And angels, in array,


In millions wait, to know his mind,
And fwift as flames obey.

5 He fpeaks, and at his fierce rebuke
Whole armies are dismay'd;
His voice, his frown, his angry look
Strikes all their courage dead.

6 He forms our generals for the field,
With all their dreadful fkill,
Gives them his awful fword to wield,
And makes their hearts of fteel.

7 [He arms our captains to the fight, Though there his name's forgot; (He girded Cyrus with his might, But Cyrus knew him not.)

8 Oft has the Lord whole nations bleft,
For his own church's fake;

The powers that give his people reft,
Shall of his care partake.]

PSALM XVIII. 2d Part. Com. Metre. [x]
The conqueror's fong.
thine almighty arm we owe
The triumphs of the day;
Thy terrors, Lord, confound the foe,
Ánd melt their ftrength away.


9 'Tis by thine aid our troops prevail,
And break united powers;

Or burn their boafted fleets, or scale
The proudest of their towers.


3 How have we chas'd them through the field,
And trod them to the ground,
While thy falvation was our fhield;
But they no fhelter found!
In vain to idol faints they cry,
And perifh in their blood:
Where is a rock fo great, fo high,
So powerful as our God?

5 The Rock of Ifrael ever lives; His name be ever bleft;

'Tis his own arm the victory gives, And gives his people reft.

6 On kings that reign as David did,
He pours his bleffings down;
Secures their honours to their feed,
And well fupports their crown.

PSALM XIX. 1 Part. Short Metre. [*] The books of nature and Scripture.

For a Lord's-day morning.


BEHOLD the lofty fky

Declares its maker, God,
And all his ftarry works on high
Proclaim his power abroad.
2 The darkness and the light
Still keep their courfe the fame;
While night to day, and day to night
Divinely teach his name.


In every different land
Their general voice is known';
They fhew the wonders of his hand,
And orders of his throne.

Ye Chriftian lands, rejoice!
Here he reveals his word;
We are not left to nature's voice
To bid us know the Lord.
His ftatutes and commands
Are fet before our eyes;
He puts his gospel in our hands,
Where our falvation lies.
6 His laws are just and pure;
His truth without deceit :
His promifes forever fure,

And his rewards are great.
[Not honey to the tafe
Affords fo much delight;
Nor gold, that has the furnace pass'd,
So much allures the fight.
While of thy works I fing,
Thy glory to proclaim,
Accept the praife, my God, my King,
In my Redeemer's name.]





PSALM XIX. 2d Part. Short Metre. [x] God's word mof excellent; or, fincerity and watchfulness.

For a Lord's day morning.
EHOLD the morning fun
Begins his glorious way!
His beams through all the nations run,
And life and light convey.



2 But where the gofpel comes,

It fpreads diviner light;

It calls dead finners from their tombs,
And gives the blind their fight.
How perfect is thy word!
And all thy judgments juft;
Forever fure thy promife, Lord,
And men fecurely truft.


4 My gracious God, how plain
Are thy directions given
O may

But find the path to heaven.


I hear thy word with love,
And I would fain cbey


Send thy good Spirit from above
To guide me, left I ftray.
O who can ever find
The errors of his ways?
Yet with a bold prefumptuous mind
I would not dare tranfgrels.
Warn me of every fin;
Forgive my fecret faults,
And cleanfe this guilty foul of mine,
Whofe crimes exceed my thoughts.
While with my heart and tongue
I fpread thy praise abroad,
Accept the worship and the fong,
My Saviour and my God.



PSALM XIX. Long Metre.



The books of nature and of fcripture compared; or, glory and fuccefs of the gospel.

HE heavens declare thy glory, Lord;
In every ftar thy wildom fhines :
But, when our eyes behold thy word,
We read thy name in fairer lines.
2 The rolling fun, the changing light,
And nights and days thy power confefs;
But the bleft volume thou haft writ
Reveals thy juftice and thy grace.


3 Sun, moon and ftars convey thy praife
Round the whole earth, and never ftand
So when thy truth began its race,
It touch'd and glanc'd on every land.
4 Nor fhall thy fpreading gofpel reft
Till through the world thy truth has run;
Till Chrift has all the nations bleft,
That fee the light, or feel the fun.
5 Great Sun of Righteousness, arise,

Blefs the dark world with heavenly light:
Thy gofpel makes the fimple wife;
Thy laws are pure, thy judgments right.
6 Thy nobleft wonders here we view,
In fouls renew'd, and fins forgiven :
Lord, cleanfe my fins, my foul renew,
And make thy word my guide to heaven.

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