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That heart and hand, and life and breath,
May be employ'd for thee.

PSALM LVII. Long Metre. [*]
Praife for protection, grace, and truth.

whom are all the

Of boundless love and grace unknown;
Hide me beneath thy spreading wings,
Till the dark cloud is overblown.
2 Up to the heavens I send my cry,
The Lord will my defires perform;
He fends his angels from the sky,
And faves me from the threatening ftorm.
3 Be thou exalted, O my God!
Above the heavens, where angels dwell;
Thy power on earth be known abroad,
And land to land thy wonders tell.
4 My heart is fix'd: My fong fhal! raise
Immortal honours to thy name;
Awake, my tongue, to found his praife,
My tongue, the glory of my frame.
5 High o'er the earth his mercy reigns,
And reaches to the utmost sky;
His truth to endless years remains
When lower worlds diffolve and die.
6 Be thou exalted, O my God!

Above the heavens, where angels dwell;
Thy power on earth be known abroad,
And land to land thy wonders tell.

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PSALM LVIII. Particular Metre. [*]
Warning to magiftrates.


UDGES, who rule the world by laws,
Will ye defpife the righteous caufe,
When th' injur'd poor before you ftands?
Dare ye cond mn the righteous poor,
And let rich finners 'fcape fecure,

While gold and greatness bribe your hands? 2 Have ye forgot, or never knew, That God will judge the judges too?

High in the heavens his juftice reigns;
Yet you invade the rights of God,
And fend your bald decrees abroad,
To bind the confcience in your chains,

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3 A poifon'd arrow is your tongue,
The arrow fharp, the poifon ftrong,

And death attends where'er it wounds;
You hear no counfels, cries or tears;
So the deaf adder ftops her ears

Against the power of charming founds.
Break out their teeth, eternal God,
Those teeth of lions dy'd in blood;


And crufh the ferpents in the duft; As empty chaff, when whirlwinds rife, Before the fweeping tempeft flies,

So let their hopes and names be loft. 5 The Almighty thunders from the sky, Their grandeur melts, their titles die,

As hills of fnow diffolve and run,
Or fnails that perifh in their flime,
Or births that come before their time,
Vain births that never fee the fun.
6 Thus fhall the vengeance of the Lord
Safety and joy to faints afford;

And all that hear fhall join and fay,
"Sure there's a God that rules on high,
"A God that hears his children cry,
"And will their fufferings well repay."

PSALM LX. Common Metre. [b]
Ver. 1-5, 10-12.

On a day of humiliation for disappointments in war. 7 LORD, haft thou caft the nation off?

Muft we for ever mourn?
Wilt thou indulge immortal wrath?
Shall mercy ne'er return?

2 The terror of one frown of thine
Melts all our strength away;
Like men that totter, drunk with wine,
We tremble in difmay.


"Our Zion trembles at thy ftroke,
"And dreads thy lifted hand!
"Oh, heal the people thou haft broke,
"And fave the finking land."


Lift up a banner in the field
For thofe that fear thy name;
Save thy beloved with thy fhield,
And put our foes to fhame.


Go with our armies to the fight,
Like a confed rate God;

6 Our troops fhall gain a wide renown By thine affifting hand;

'Tis God that treads the mighty down, And makes the feeble ftand."



In vain confederate powers unite
Against thy lifted rod.


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PSALM LXI. Short Metre. [b]
Ver. 1-6. Safety in God.
HEN, overwhelm'd with grief,
me dies
Helpless, and far from all relief,
To heaven I lift mine eyes.
O lead me to the rock
That's high above my head,
And make the covert of thy wings
My fhelter and my fhade.
Within thy prefence, Lord,
Forever I'll abide;

Thou art the tower of my defence,
The refuge where I hide.
Thou givet me the lot

Of thole that fear thy name;
If endless life be their reward,
I fhall poffefs the fame.

PSALM LXII. Long Metre. [*]

Ver. 5-12.

No truft in the creatures; or, faith in divine grace and power.

MY fpirit looks to God alone;

My rock and refuge is his throne;
In all my fears, in all my ftraits,
My foul on his falvation waits.

2 Trust him, ye faints, in all your ways,
Pour out your hearts before his face;
When helpers fail, and foes invade,
God is our all-fufficient aid.


Falfe are the men of high degree,
The bafer fort are vanity;
Laid in the balance, both appear
Light as a puff of empty air.

4 Make not increafing gold your truft, Nor fet your hearts on glittering duft; Why will you grafp the fleeting fmoke, And not believe what God has spoke ? 5 Once has his awful voice declar'd,

Once and again my ears have heard, "All power is his eternal due ; "He must be fear'd and trusted too." 6 For fovereign power reigns not alone, Grace is a partner of the throne; Thy grace and juftice, mighty Lord, Shall well divide our laft reward.

PSALM LXIII. 1ft Part. Com. Metre. [*] Ver. 1, 2, 5, 3, 4. The morning of a Lord's-day. 1 EARLY, my God, without delay,

My thirty fpirit faints away,
Without thy cheering grace.

2 So pilgrims on the fcorching fand,
Beneath a burning fky,

Long for a cooling itream at hand,
And they muft drink or die.

3 I've feen thy glory and thy power
Through all thy temple fhine;
My God, repeat that heavenly hour,
That vifion fo divine!

4 Not all the bleflings of a feast
Can please my foul fo well,
As when thy richer grace I tafte,
And in thy presence dwell.

5 Not life itfelf, with all its joys,
Can my beft paffions move,
Or raife fo high my cheerful voice,
As thy forgiving love.

6 Thus, till my laft expiring day,
I'll blefs my God and King;
Thus will I lift my hands to pray,
And tune my lips to fing.

PSALM LXIII. 2d Part. Com. Metre. [*] Ver. 6-10 Midnight thoughts recollected.


WAS in the watches of the night


I thought upon thy power;

I kept thy lovely face in fight
Amidft the darkeft hour.

2 My flesh lay refting on my bed;
My foul arofe on high;
"My God, my life, my hope," I said,
"Bring thy falvation nigh."

3 My fpirit labours up thine hill,
And climbs the heavenly road:
But thy right hand upholds me still,
While I purfue my God.

4 Thy mercy fretches o'er my head
The fhadow of thy wings;
My heart rejoices in thine aid;
My tongue awakes and fings.
5 But the deftroyers of my peace
Shall fret and rage in vain,
The tempter fhall forever ceafe
And all my ins be flain.

6 Thy fword fhall give my foes to death, And fend them down to dwell

In the dark caverns of the earth,
Or to the depths of hell.


PSALM LXIII. Long Metre. [*] Longing after God; or, the love of God better than life. GREAT God, indulge my humble claim; Thou art my my joy, my The glories that compofe thy name Stand all engag'd to make me bleft.

2 Thou great and good, thou just and wife,
Thou art my Father and my God!
And I am thine by facred ties;

Thy fon, thy fervant, bought with blood.

3 With heart, and eyes, and lifted hands,
For thee I long, to thee I look;
As travellers, in thirty lands,
Pant for the cooling water-brook.
4 With early feet I love to appear
Among thy faints, and feek thy face;
Oft have 1 feen thy glory there,
And felt the power of fovereign grace.
5 Not fruits, nor wines that tempt our taste,
Nor all the joys our fenfes know,

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