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Could make me fo divinely bleft,
Or raise my cheerful paffions fo.
6 My life itself, without thy love, :
No tafte of pleasure could afford;
'Twould but a tiresome burden prove,
If I were banifh'd from the Lord.
7 Amidst the wakeful hours of night,

When bufy cares afflict my head,
One thought of thee gives new delight,
And adds refreshment to my bed.
8 I'll lift my hands, I'll raife my voice,
While I have breath to pray or praise;
This work fhall make my heart rejoice,
And spend the remnant of my days.


MY God, permit my tongue

This joy, to call thee mine;
And let my early cries prevail
To tafte thy love divine.
2 My thirty fainting foul
Thy mercy does implore;
Not travellers, in defart lands,
Can pant for water more..
Within thy churches, Lord,
I long to find my place;
Thy power and glory to behold,
And feel thy quickening grace.
For life without thy love
No relifh can afford;



PSALM LXIII. Short Metre. [*]
Seeking God.


To thee I lift my hands,
And praife thee while I live;
Not the rich dainties of a feaft
Such food or pleasure give.
In wakeful hours of night,
I call my God to mind;
I think how wife thy counfels are,
And all thy dealings kind.


Since thou haft been my help,
To thee my spirit flies,


No joy can be compar'd with this,
To ferve and please the Lord.

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And on thy watchful providence
My cheerful hope relies.
8 The fhadow of thy wings
My foul in fafety keeps :
I follow where my Father leads,
And he fupports my fteps.

PSALM LXV. ft Part. Long Metre. [0]
Ver. 1-5. Public prayer and praife.
HE praise of Zion waits for thee,

My God; and praife becomes thy house :
There fhall thy faints thy glory fee,
And there perform their public vows.
2 O thou, whose mercy bends the skies
To fave, when humble finners pray;
All lands to thee fhall lift their eyes,
And iflands of the northern fea.

3 Against my will my fins prevail,
But grace fhall purge away their stain ;
The blood of Chrift will never fail
To wash my garments white again.

4 Bleft is the man whom thou shalt choose,
And give him kind accefs to thee;
Give him a place within thy house,
To tafte thy love divinely free.


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5 Let Babel fear when Zion prays;
Babel prepare for long diftrefs,

When Zion's God himself arrays
In terror and in righteousness.

6 With dreadful glory, God fulfils
What his afflicted faints requeft;
And with almighty wrath reveals
His love, to give his churches reft.
7 Then fhall the flocking nations run
To Zion's hill, and own their Lord;
The rifing and the fetting fun

Shall fee the Saviour's name ador'd..

PSALM LXV. 2d Part. Long Metre. [*]

Ver. 5-13.

Divine providence in air, earth, and fea; or, the God of nature and grace.



HE God of our falvation hears

The groans of Zion mix'd with sears;

Yet when he comes with kind defigns, Through all the way his terror fhines. 2 On him the race of man depends, Far as the carth's remoteft ends, Where the Creator's name is known By nature's feeble light alone.

3 Sailors, that travel o'er the flood, Addrefs their frighted fouls to God, When tempefis rage, and billows roar, At dreadful diflance from the fhore. 4 He bids the noisy tempefts cease;

He calms the raging crowd to peace, When a tumultuous nation raves, Wild as the winds, and loud as waves. 5 Whole kingdoms, fhaken by the storm, He fettles in a peaceful form; Mountains effablifh'd by his hand, Firm on their old foundations stand. 6 Behold his enfigns fweep the fky,

New comets blaze, and lightnings fly; The heathen lands, with fwift furprile, From the bright horrors turn their eyes. 7 At his command, the morning ray

Smiles in the eaft, and leads the day;
He guides the fun's declining wheels,
Over the tops of weftern hills.

8 Seafons and times obey his voice;
The evening and the morn rejoice
To fee the earth made foft with fhowers,
Laden with fruit, and drest in flowers.

9 'Tis from his watery ftores on high,

He gives the thirfty ground fupply; He walks upon the clouds, and thence Doth his enriching drops difpenfe. 10 The defert grows a fruitful field; Abundant food the vallies yield; The vallies fhout with cheerful voice, And neighbouring hills repeat their joys. 11 The paftures fmile in green array; There lambs and larger cattle play; The larger cattle, and the lamb,

Each in his language fpeaks thy name.

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12 1hy works pronounce thy power divine;
O'er every field thy glories fhine:
Through every month thy gifts appear;
Great God! thy goodnels crowns the year.
PSALM LXV. 1 Part. Com. Metre. [*]
A prayer-hearing God, and the Gentiles called.
I PRAISE waits in Zion, Lord, for thee;

shall our vows paid: Thou haft an ear when finners pray, All flefh fhall feek thine aid.

2 Lord, our iniquities prevail,
But pardoning grace is thine:
And thou wilt grant us power and skill
To conquer every fin.

3 Bleft are the men whom thou wilt choose, To bring them near thy face;

Give them a dwelling in thine house,
To feaft upon thy grace.

4 In anfwering what thy church requests,
Thy truth and terror fhine,
And works of dreadful righteousness
Fulfil thy kind defign.

5 Thus fhall the wondering nations fee
The Lord is good and juft:
And diftant iflands fly to thee,
And make thy name their truft.

6 They dread thy glittering tokens, Lord,
When figns in heaven appear;
But they fhall learn thy holy word,
And love as well as fear.

PSALM LXV. 2d Part. Com. Metre. [x] The providence of God in air, earth, and fea; or, the bleffing of rain.

"TIS by thy ftrength the mountains fland,


The fea grows calm at thy command,
And tempefts cease to roar.

2 The morning light and evening fhade
Succeffive comforts bring;

Thy plenteous fruits make harvest glad,
Thy flowers adorn the spring.

3 Seasons and times, and moons and hours,
Heaven, earth, and air are thine;


When clouds diftil in fruitful showers,
The Author is divine.

4 Those wandering cifterns in the sky,
Borne by the winds around,
With watery treafures well fupply
The furrows of the ground.
5 The thirty ridges drink their fill,
And ranks of corn appear;
Thy ways abound with bleffings ftill,
Thy goodnefs crowns the year.
PSALM LXV. 3d Part. Com. Metre. [*]


The bleffings of the Spring; or, God gives rain.
A Plalm for the Hufbandman.


OOD is the Lord, the heavenly King,
Who makes the earth his care;
Vifits the paftures every spring,
And bids the grafs appear.

2 The clouds, like rivers, rais'd on high,
Pour out, at thy command,
Their watery bleffings from the sky,
To cheer the thirfly land.
3 The foften'd ridges of the field
Permit the corn to fpring;
The vallies rich provifion yield,

And the poor labourers fing.
4 The little hills, on every fide,
Rejoice at falling fhowers;
The meadows, drefs'd in all their pride,
Perfume the air with flowers.

5 The barren clods, refresh'd with rain, Promife a joyful crop;

The parched grounds look green again,
And raise the reaper's hope.

6 The various months thy goodness crowns;
How bounteous are thy ways!

The bleating flocks fpread o'er the downs,
And fhepherds fhout thy praife.

PSALM LXVI. 1ft Part. Com. Metre. [*]
Governing power and goodness; or, our grace tried
by afflictions.
SING, all ye nations, to the Lord,
Sing a joyful noise;


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