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PSALM CXVIII. 2d Part. Com. Met. [x] Ver. 17-21. Public praise for deliverance from death. 1 ORD, thou haft heard thy servant cry,^ from the gravegh

Now fhall he live; (and none can die,
If God refolve to fave,) o

2 Thy praife, more conftant than before, Shall fill his daily breath;


Thy hand, that hath chaftis'd him fore,
Defends him ftill from death.



3 Open the gates of Zion now,
For we fhall worship there,
The house where all the righteous go,
Thy mercy to declaret did edy e

4 Amongst th' affemblies of thy faints
Our thankful voice we raife!
There we have told thee our complaints,
And there we fpeak thy praife,

PSALM CXVIII. 3d Part. Com. Met. [*]
Ver. 22, 23. Chrift the foundation of his church
1 EHOLD the fure foundation-ftone 33
Which God in Zion lays,

To build our heavenly hopes upon,
And his eternal praise. Oray to sign


2 Chofen of God, to finners dear,
And faints adore the name,
They trust their whole falvation here,
Nor fhall they fuffer

3 The foolish builders, fcribe and pricft,
Reject it with difdain;


Yet on this rock the church fhall reft,"
And envy rage in vain.


'Tis thine own worko

And wondrous in our

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What though the gates of hell withflood,

Yet muft this building rife:

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PSALM CXVIII. 4th Part. Com. Met. [*]

Ver. 24-26.


Hofanna; the Lord's-day; or, Chrifi's
refurrection and our falvation..
HIS is the day the Lord hath made,
He calls the hours his own;


Let heaven rejoice, let earth be glad,
And praife Turround the throne.
2 To-day he rofe and left the dead,
And Satan's empire fell;

To-day the faints his triumphs spread,
And all his wonders tell.
3 Holanna to th' anointed King,
To David's holy Sop!

Help us, O Lord; defcend and bring
Salvation from thy throne.


4 Bleft be the Lord, who comes to men
With meffages of grace;
Who comes in God his Father's name,
To fave our finful race..

5 Hofanna in the highest trains
The church on earth can raife;
The highest heavens, in which he reigns,
Shall give him nobler praife..

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PSALM CXVIII. Short Metre. [*]
Ver. 427110 an hofanna for the Lord's-day; or, a
is new fong of falvation by Chrift.
SEE what a living ftone

The builders did retufe;)
Yet God hath built his church thereon,
In fpite of envious Jews. I



2 The fcribe and angry priest bol) *s
Reject thine only Song sob athl
Yet on this rock fhall Zion reft, fun
As the chief corner-ftone,) yarı iledì 14



The work, O Lord, is thine,
And wondrous in our eyes your
This day declares it all divine,
This day did Jefus rife

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6 We blefs thine holy word, Which all this grace displays;

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4 This i

is the glorious day
That our Redeemer made;
Let us rejoice, and fing, and pray,
Let all the church be glad.

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5 Hofanna to the King

Of David's royal blood;
Blefs him, ye faints; he comes to bring
Salvation from your God.

And offer on thine altar, Lord,
Our facrifice of praise.

PSALM CXVIII. Long Metre. [*]

Ver. 22-27. An hofanna for the Lord's-day; or, new fong of falvation by Chrif.

LO! what a glorious corner-flone
The Jewish builders did refufe;
But God hath built his church thereon,
In fpite of envy, and the Jews.
2 Great God! the work is all divine,
The joy and wonder of our eyes;
This is the day that proves it thine,
The day that faw our Saviour rife.
3 Sinners rejoice, and faints be glad:
Hofanna, let his name be bleft;
A thoufand honours on his head,
With peace, and light, and glory reft!
4 In God's own name he comes to bring
Salvation to our dying race;

Let the whole church addrefs their King
With hearts of joy, and fongs of praife.



I have collected and difpofed the most useful verses of this Pfalm under eighteen different heads, and formed a Divine Song upon each of them. But the verfes are much tranfpofed to attain fome degree of connexion.

In fome places, among the words law, commands, judgments, teftimonies, I have ujed gofpel, word, grace, truth, promifes, &c. as more agreeable to the New Tef tament, and the common language of Chriftians, and it equally answers the defign of the Pfalmift, which was to recommend the Holy Scriptures.

PSALM CXIX. 1ft Part. Com. Metre. [*]
The blefedness of faints, and mifery of finners.
Ver. 1, 2, 3.


QLEST are the undefil'd in heart,
Whole ways are right and clean;
Who never from thy law depart,
But fly from every fin.

2 Bleft are the men that keep thy word, And practise thy commands;

With their whole heart they feek the Lord,
And ferve thee with their hands.
Ver. 165.

3 Great is their peace who love thy law;
How firm their fouls abide!
Nor can a bold temptation draw
Their fteady feet aside.

Ver. 6.

4 Then fhall my heart have inward joy,
And keep my face from fhame,
When all thy ftatutes I obey,
And honour all thy name.
Verr 21, 118.
5 But haughty finners God will hate,
The proud fhall die accurft;
The fons of falfehood and deceit
Are trodden to the duft.
Ver. 119, 155.
6 Vile as the drofs the wicked are;
And those that leave thy ways
Shall fee falvation from afar,
But never tafte thy grace.


PSALM CXIX. 2d Part. Com. Metre. [x]
Secret devotion and fpiritual mindedness; or, conftant
converfe with God.
Ver. 147, 55


thee, before the dawning light,
My gracious God, I pray;
I meditate thy name by night,
And keep thy law by day.
Ver. 81.

2 My fpirit faints to fee thy grace;
Thy promife bears me up;
And while falvation long delays,
Thy word fupports my hope.
Ver. 164.
3 Seven times a day I lift my hands,
And pay my thanks to thee;
Thy righteous providence demands
Repeated praife from me.

Ver. 62.

4 When midnight darkness veils the skies,
I call thy works to mind;
My thoughts in warm devotion rife,
And fweet acceptance find.

PSALM CXIX. 3d Part. Com. Metre. [*] Profeffions of fincerity, repentance and obedience. Ver. 57, 60.


HOU art my portion, O my God;

My heart makes haftet obey thy word,
And fuffers no delay.

Ver. 30, 14.

2 I choose the path of heavenly truth,
And glory in my choice;
Not all the riches of the earth
Could make me so rejoice.

3 The teftimonies of thy grace
I fet before mine eyes:
Thence I derive my daily ftrength,
And there my comfort lies.
Ver. 59.


If once
I wander from thy path,
I think upon my ways;
Then turn my feet to thy commands,
And trust thy pardoning grace.
Ver. 94, 114.
5 Now I am thine, forever thine,
O fave thy fervant, Lord!

Thou art my fhield, my hiding place,
My hope is in thy word.

Ver. 112.

6 Thou haft inclin'd this heart of mine
Thy ftatutes to fulfil :

And thus till mortal life fhall end
Would I perform thy will.

PSALM CXIX. 4th Part. Com. Metre. [b] Inftruction from fcripture.

Ver. 9.

1 HOW fhall the young fecure their hearts,
And guard from fin?
Thy word the choiceft rules imparts,
To keep the confcience clean.

Ver. 130.
2 When once it enters to the mind,
It fpreads fuch light abroad,
The meaneft fouls inftruction find,
And raise their thoughts to God.

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