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Ver. 105.

3 'Tis like the fun, a heavenly light,
That guides us all the day;
And through the dangers of the night,
A lamp to lead our way.
Ver. 99, 100.

4 The men that keep thy law with care,
And meditate thy word,
Grow wifer than their teachers are,
And better know the Lord.
Ver. 104, 113.

5 Thy precepts make me truly wife; I hate the finner's road :

I hate my own vain thoughts that rife,
But love thy law, my God.
Ver. 89, 90, 91.

6 [The ftarry heavens thy rule obey,
The earth maintains her place:
And these thy fervants, night and day,
Thy skill and power express.

But ftill thy law and gofpel, Lord,
Have leffons more divine;
Not earth ftands firmer than thy word,
Nor ftars fo nobly fhine.]
Ver. 160, 140, 9, 116.
8 Thy word is everlafting truth,
How pure is every page!

That holy book fhall guide our youth,
And well fupport our age.

PSALM CXIX. 5th Part. Com. Met. [*] Delight in fcripture; or, the word of God dwelling in


Ver. 97.


HOW I love thy holy law! 'Tis daily my delight: And thence my meditations draw Divine advice by night. Ver. 148. 2 My waking eyes prevent the day, To meditate thy word:

My foul with longing melts away
To hear thy gofpel, Lord.
Ver. 3, 13, 54.


3 How doth thy word my heart engage How well employ my tongue!

And in my tiresome pilgrimage,
Yields me a heavenly fong.
Ver. 19, 103.
4 Am I a ftranger, or at home,
'Tis my perpetual feaft;

Not honey dropping from the comb
So much allures the tafte.
Ver. 72, 127.

5 No treasures fo enrich the mind;
Nor fhall thy word be fold
For loads of filver well refin'd,
Nor heaps of choiceft gold.
Ver. 28, 49, 175.
6 When nature finks, and fpirits droop,
Thy promifes of grace

Are pillars to fupport my hope,
And there I write thy praife.

PSALM CXIX. 6th Part. Com. Metre. [
Holiness and comfort from the word.
Ver. 128.

1 ORD, I efteemn thy judgments right,
And all thy ftatutes juft;
Thence I maintain a conftant fight
With every flattering luft.
Ver. 97, 9.
2 Thy precepts often I furvey:
I keep thy law in fight,
Through all the bufinefs of the day,
To form my actions right.
Ver. 62.


3 My heart in midnight filence cries,
How fweet thy comforts be!"
My thoughts in holy wonder rife,
And bring their thanks to thee.
Ver. 162.


4 And when my fpirit drinks her fill,
At fome good word of thine,

Not mighty men that fhare the spoil
Have joys compar'd to mine.

PSALM CXIX. 7th Part. Com. Metre. [x] Imperfection of nature, and perfection of fcripture. Ver. 96 paraphrafed.

1 ET all the heathen writers join

Great God, if once compar'd with thine,
How mean their writings look!
2 Not the moft perfect rules they gave
Could fhew one fin forgiven,
Nor lead a ftep beyond the grave;
But thine conduct to heaven.

3 I've feen an end of what we call Perfection here below;

How fhort the powers of nature fall,
And can no farther go!


Yet men would fain be juft with God,
By works their hands have wrought;
But thy commands, exceeding broad,
Extend to every thought.

5 In vain we boaft perfection here,
While fin defiles our frame;
And finks our virtues down fo far,
They scarce deserve the name.

6 Our faith and love, and every grace,
Fall far below thy word;

But perfect truth and righteousness
Dwell only with the Lord.

PSALM CXIX. 8th Part. Common Metre. [*] The word of God is the faint's portion; or, the excellency and variety of fcripture.

Ver. 111 paraphrafed.

LORD, I have made thy word my choice,

My lafting heritage;

There hall my nobleft powers rejoice,
My warmeft thoughts engage.

2 I'll read the hiftories of thy love,
And keep thy laws in fight,
While through the promifes 1 rove
With ever fresh delight.

3 'Tis a broad land of wealth unknown,
Where fprings of life arife;
Seeds of immortal blifs are fown,
And hidden glory lies.

4 The beft relief that mourners have,
It makes our forrows bleft;
Our faireft hope beyond the grave,
And our eternal reft.

PSALM CXIX. 9th Part. Com. Metre. [*]
Defire of knowledge; er, the teachings of the Spirit
with the word.
Ver. 64, 68, 18.

HY mercies fill the earth, O Lord,
How good thy works appear!
Open mine eyes to read thy word,
And fee thy wonders there.


Vere 73, 125, 103, 1
2 My heart was fashion'd by thy hand,
My fervice is thya due; od vm son VI
O make thy fervante underftand yd my baA
The duties he muft do.'

Het Vervig, wat tot een
3 Since I'm a ftranger here below,
Let not thy path be hid;caill
But mark the road my feet fhould
And be my conftant guide.

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Mud O Ver. 26 hay JOT
4 When I confefs'd my wandering ways, 19
Thou heard my foul complain
Grant me the teachings of thy grace,
Or I fhall ray again.
Ver. 33, 34.


5 If God to me his ftatutes fhew, d
And heavenly truth impart,
His work forever I'll purfue, i

His law fhall rule my heart.
Ver. 50, 71.

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6 This was my comfort when I bore
Variety of grief;

It made me learn thy word the more,,
And fly to that relief va

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Ver. 51.

7 [In vain the proud deride me now;
I'll ne'er forget thy law;
Nor let that bleffed gofpel go,"
Whence all my hopes I draw.

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Ver. 27, 171.

8 When I have learn'd my Father's will,
I'll teach the world his ways:
My thankful lips, infpir'd with zeal,
Shall loud pronounce his praife.]

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PSALM CXIX. 10th Part. Com. Metre. [b]
Pleading the promises.
Ver. 38, 49.

Bevoted to thy fear;
EHOLD thy waiting fervant, Lord,

Remember and confirm thy word,
For all my hopes are there.
Ver. 41, 58, 107.1
Haft thou not fent falvation down,
And promis.'d quickening grace?
Doth not my heart addrels thy throne?
And yet thy love delays.
Ver. 123, 42.
3 Mine eyes for thy falvation fail;
O bear thy fervant up!

Nor let the fcoffing lips prevail,
Which dare reproach my hope.

Ver. 49, 74:

4 Didit thou not raife my faith, O Lord? Then let thy truth appear:



Saints fhall rejoice in my reward,

And truft as well as fear.

PSALM CXIX. 11th Part. Com. Metre. [b]
Breathing after holiness.
Ver 5, 83

THAT the Lord, would guide my ways
To keep his


O that my God would grant me grace
To know and do his will!

Ver. 29.
O fend thy Spirit down, to write
Thy law upon my heart!

Nor let my tongue indulge deceit,
Nor act the liar's part.
Ver. 37, 36.
3 From vanity turn off mine eyes
Let no corrupt defign,
Nor covetous defires, arife
Within this foul of mine.
Ver, 133
4 Order my footsteps by thy word,
And make my heart fincere,
Let fin have no dominion, Lord,
But keep my confcience clear.

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