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Ver. 176.

5 My foul hath gone too far aftray;
My feet too often flip;

Yet fince I've not forgot thy way,
Reftore thy wandering fheep.
Ver. 35.

6 Make me to walk in thy commands; 'Tis a delightful road;

Nor let my head, or heart, or hands,
Offend against my God.

PSALM CXIX. 12th Part. Com. Metre. [0]
Breathing after comfort and deliverance.
Ver. 153.
Y God, confider my diftrefs,
Let mercy plead my cause ;
Though I have finn'd againft thy grace,
I can't forget thy laws.
Ver. 39, 116.
2 Forbid, forbid the fharp reproach
Which I fo justly fear;
Uphold my life, uphold my hopes,
Nor let my fhame appear.
Ver. 122, 135-
3 Be thou a furety, Lord, for me;
Nor let the proud opprefs;
But make thy waiting fervant fee
The fhinings of thy face.
Ver. 82.
4 Mine eyes with expectation fail;
My heart within me cries,
"When will the Lord his truth fulfil,
"And make my comforts rife ?"
Ver. 132.


5 Look down upon my forrows, Lord,
And fhew thy grace the fame,
As thou art ever wont t' afford.
To thofe that love thy name.

PSALM CXIX. 13th Part. Com. Metre. [b]
Holy fear, and tenderness of confcience.
Ver. 10.

WITH my whole heart I've fought thy face,

me never ftray

From thy commands, O God of grace,
Nor tread the finner's way!

Ver. 11.

2 Thy word I've hid within my heart,
To keep my confcience clean,
And be an everlasting guard
From every rifing fin.
Ver. 63, 53, 158.
3 I'm a companion of the faints,
Who fear and love the Lord:
My forrows rife, my nature faints,
When men tranfgrefs thy word.
Ver. 161, 163.


While finners do thy gofpe! wrong,
My fpirit ftands in awe;
My foul abhors a lying tongue,
But loves thy righteous law.
Ver. 161, 120.

5 My heart with facred reverence hears
The threatenings of thy word;
My flesh with holy trembling fears
The judgments of the Lord.
Ver. 166, 174.

6 My God, I long, I hope, I wait
For thy falvation ftill;

While thy whole law is my delight,
And I obey thy will.

PSALM CXIX. 14th Part. Com. Metre. [b]
Benefit of afflictions, and Support under them.
Ver. 153, 81, 82.


ONSIDER all my forrows, Lord,
And thy deliverance fend;
My foul for thy falvation faints;
When will my troubles end?
Ver. 71.
2 Yet I have found 'tis good for me
To bear my Father's rod;
Afflictions make me learn thy law,
And live upon my God.


Ver. 50.

3 This is the comfort I enjoy
When new diftrefs begins,

I read thy word, I run thy way,
And hate my former fins.
Ver. 92.
4 Had not thy word been my delight,
When earthly joys were fled,


Ver. 176.

5 My foul hath gone too far aftray;
My feet too often flip;

Yet fince I've not forgot thy way,
Reftore thy wandering fheep.
Ver. 35.

6 Make me to walk in thy commands;
'Tis a delightful road;

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My foul, oppreft with forrows weight,
Had funk amongst the dead.

Ver. 75.

5 I know thy judgments, Lord, are right,
Though they may feem fevere:
The fharpeft fufferings I endure
Flow from thy faithful care.
Ver. 67.

6 Before I knew thy chaftening rod,
My feet were apt to ftray;

But now I learn to keep thy word,
Nor wander from thy way.

PSALM CXIX. 15th Part. Com. Metre. [*]
Holy refolutions.
Ver. 93.


THAT thy ftatutes, every hour,
Might dwell upon my


derive a quickening power,
And daily peace I find.

Ver. 15, 16.
2 To meditate thy precepts, Lord,
Shall be my fweet employ;
My foul fhall ne'er forget thy word,
Thy word is all my joy.
Ver. 32.
3 How would I run in thy commands,
If thou my heart discharge,
From fin and Satan's hateful chains,
And fet my feet at large!
Ver. 13, 46.
4 My lips, with courage fhall declare
Thy ftatutes and thy name;

I'll fpeak thy word, though kings fhould hear,
Nor yield to finful fhame.
Ver. 61, 69, 70.


Let bands of perfecutors rife
To rob me of my right;
Let pride and malice forge their lies,
Thy law is my delight.

Ver. 115.
6 Depart from me, ye wicked race,
Whofe hands and hearts are ill;
I love my God, I love his ways,
And must obey his will.

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