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PSALM CXXXI. Common Metre. [b]

Humility and fubmiffion.

1 S there ambition in my heart?

Or do I act a haughty part ?
Lord, I appeal to thee.

2 I charge my thoughts, be humble ftill,
And all my carriage mild,

Content, my Father, with thy will,
And quiet as a child.

3 The patient foul, the lowly mind
Shall have a large reward:
Let faints in forrow lie refign'd,
And truft a faithful Lord.



cr. 5, 13-18. At the fettlement of a church or, the ordination of a minifter.

1 WHERE fhall we go to feek and find

An habitation for our God,

A dwelling for th' Eternal Mind,
Amongst the fons of flesh and blood?

The God of Jacob chofe the hill
Of Zion, for his ancient reft;
And Zion is his dwelling ftill,
His church is with his prefence bleft.
3 "Here will I fix my gracious throne,
"And reign forever," faith the Lord;
"Here fhall my power and love be known,
"And bleffings fhall attend my word.
4 "Here will I meet the hungry poor,
"And fill their fouls with living bread:
"Sinners, that wait before my door,
"With sweet provifion fhall be fed.
"Girded with truth, and cloth'd with grace,
"My priefts, my minifters fhall fhine;
"Not Aaron, in his cofly drefs,
"Made an appearance fo divine.

6 "The faints, unable to contain

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"Their inward joys, fhall fhout and fing; "The Son of David here fhall reign,

̈“And Zion_triumph in her King.

7" Jefus fhall fee a numerous feed
"Born here, uphold his glorious name;
"His crown fhall flourish on his head,


"While all his foes are cloth'd with fhame."]

PSALM CXXXII. Common Metre. [*] Ver. 4, 5, 7, 8, 15-17. A church established. O fleep nor flumber to his eyes


Good David would afford,

Till he had found below the skies
A dwelling for the Lord.

2 The Lord in Zion plac'd his name,
His ark was fettled there :
To Zion the whole nation came
To worship thrice a year.

3 But we have no fuch lengths to ga,
Nor wander far abroad;
Where'er thy faints affemble now,
There is a houfe for God.]


4 Arife, O King of grace, arife,
And enter to thy reft!

Lo! thy church waits, with longing eyes,
Thus to be own'd and bleft.

5 Enter, with all thy glorious train,
Thy Spirit and thy word;

All that the ark did once contain
Could no fuch grace afford.

6 Here, mighty God! accept our vows,
Here let thy praife be fpread;
Blefs the provifions of thy houfe,
And fill thy poor with bread.
7 Here let the Son of David reign;
Let God's Anointed fhine;
Juftice and truth his court maintain,
With love and power divine.

3. Here let him hold a lafting throne,
And, as his kingdom grows,

Fresh honours fhall adorn his crown,
And fhame confound his foes.



PSALM CXXXIII. Common Metre. [*]


Brotherly love.

O, what an entertaining fight
Are brethren that agree!

Brethren, whofe cheerful hearts unite

In bands of piety!

2 When ftreams of love, from Chrift the fpring, Defcend to every fou!,

And heavenly peace, with balmy wing,
Shades and bedews the whole :
3 'Tis like the oil, divinely fweet,
On Aaron's reverend head,

The trickling drops perfum'd his feet,
And o'er his garments spread.

4 'Tis pleafant as the morning dews
That fall on Zion's hill,

Where God his mildeft glory fhews,
And makes his grace difil.

PSALM CXXXIII. Short Metre. [*]
Communion of faints; or, love and worship in a family.
LEST are the fons of peace,
Bwhole hearts and hopes are one,


Whofe kind defigns to ferve and please,
Through all their actions run.

2 Bleft is the pious houfe,


Where zeal and friendfhip meet;

Their fongs of praife, their mingled vovs,
Make their communion fweet.

Thus, when on Aaron's head

They pour'd the rich perfume,

The oil through all his raiment fpread,

And pleafure fill'd the room.

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The faints are bleft above,

Where joy, like morning dew, diftils,,

And all the air is love.

PSALM CXXXIII: Particular Metre.. [*


The bleffings of friendship.
OW pleasant 'tis to fee
Kindred and friends agree,


Each in their proper ftation move,
And each fulfil their part,

With fympathifing heart,

In all the cares of life and love! 2 "Tis like the ointment fhed On Aaron's facred head,


Divinely rich, divinely fweet :
The oil through all the room
Diffus'd a choice perfume,

Ran through his robes, and bleft his feet.
Like fruitful fhowers of rain,

That water all the plain,

Defcending from the neighbouring hills;
Such freams of pleasure roll
Through every fiiendly foul,
Where love like heavenly dew diftils.
[Repeat the first stanza, if necessary.]

PSALM CXXXIV. Common Metre.
Daily and nightly devotion.



E that obey th' immortal King,
Attend his holy place;

Bow to the glories of his power,

And blefs his wondrous grace.

Lift up your hands by morning light,
And fend your fouls on high:
Raife your admiring thoughts by night
Above the ftarry sky.

3 The God of Zion cheers our hearts
With rays of quickening grace;

The God that spreads the heavens abroad,
And rules the fwelling feas.

PSALM CXXXV. 1ft Part. Long Metre. [*]


Ver, 1-4, 14, 19-21.

The church is God's house and care.

PRAISE ye the Lord; exalt his name,
While in his holy courts ye wait,
Ye faints that to his houfe belong,

Or ftand attending at his gate.

2 Praife ye the Lord; the Lord is good:
To praife his name is fweet employ;
Ifrael he chofe of old, and ftill
His church is his peculiar joy.

The Lord himfelf will judge his faints:
He treats his fervants as his friends:

And when he hears their fore complaints,
Repents the forrows that he fends."
4 Through every age the Lord declares
His name, and breaks th' oppreffor's rod;
He gives his fuffering fervants reft,
And will be known Th' Almighty God.
5 Blefs ye the Lord, who tafte his love,
People and priefts, exalt his name :
Amongst his faints he ever dwells:
His church is his Jerufalem.



PSALM CXXXV. 2d Part. Long Metre. [*]
Ver. 5-12. The works of creation, providence, re-
demption of Ifrael, and deftruction of enemies.
REAT is the Lord, exalted high
Above all
powers, and every
throne :
Whate'er he pleafe, in earth or fea,
Or heaven or hell, his hand hath done.
2 At his command the vapours rife,
The lightnings flafh, the thunders roar;
He pours the rain, he brings the wind
And tempeft from his airy ftore.
3 'Twas he thofe dreadful tokens fent,
O Egypt, through thy ftubborn land;
When all thy first-born, beafts and men,
Fell dead by his avenging hand.
4 What mighty nations, mighty kings,
He flew, and their whole country gave
To Ifrael, whom his hand redeem'd,
No more to be proud Pharaoh's flave!
5 His power the fame, the fame his grace,
That faves us from the hofts of hell;
And heaven he gives us to poffefs,
Whence those apoftate angels fell.

PSALM CXXXV. Common Metre. [*]


Praife due to God, not to idols.

AWAKE, ye faints, to praise your King,

Your fweeteft paffions raife,

Your pious pleafure, while you fing,

Increafing with the praife.

2 Great is the Lord; and works unknown Are his divine employ:

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