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Make you forget
His power fupreme.

9 Virgins, and youths, engage
To found his praife divine,
While infancy and age
Their feebler voices join.
Wide as he reigns
His name be fung
By every tongue
In endless ftrains.

10 Let all the nations fear
The God that rules above;

He brings his people near,
And makes them tafte his love.
While earth and sky
Attempt his praife,
His faints fhall raife
His honours high.

PSALM CXLVIII. Long Metre. [*]
Paraphrafed. Univerfal praife to God.

LOUD hallelujahs to the Lord

From diftant worlds where creatures dwell; Let heaven begin the folemn word, And found it dreadful down to hell.

Note. This Pfalm may be fung to a different metre, by adding the two following lines to every ftanza,

VIZ. Each of his works his name displays,

But they can ne'er fulfil his praife.
2 The Lord! how abfolute he reigns!
Let every angel bend the knee!
Sing of his love in heavenly ftrains,
And speak how fierce his terrors be.
3 High on a throne his glories dwell,
An awful throne of fhining blifs:
Fly through the world, O fun, and tell
How dark thy beams compar'd to his.
4 Awake, ye tempefts, and his fame

In founds of dreadful praife declare;
And the fweet whifper of his name
Fill every gentler breeze of air.

5 Let clouds, and winds, and waves agree To join their praife with blazing fire:

Let the firm earth and rolling fea
In this eternal fong confpire.
6 Ye flowery plains, proclaim his skill;
Vallies, lie low before his eye;
And let his praife from every hill
Rife tuneful to the neighbouring, sky.
7 Ye ftubborn oaks, and stately pines,

Bend your high branches, and adore;
Praife him, ye beafts, in different ftrains :
The lamb muft bleat, the lion roar.

8 Birds, ye must make his praise your theme;
Nature demands a fong from you:
While the dumb fish that cut the ftream
Leap up and mean his praises too.
9 Mortals, can you refrain your tongue,
When nature all around you fings?
O for a fhout from old and young,
From humble fwains, and lofty kings!
10 Wide as his vaft dominion lies,

Make the Creator's name be known;
Loud as his thunder fhout his praise,
And found it lofty as his throne.
11 JEHOVAH! 'tis a glorious word!
O may it dwell on every tongue!
But faints, who beft have known the Lord,
Are bound to raise the nobleft fong.

12 Speak of the wonders of that love
Which Gabriel plays on every chord :
From all below, and all above,
Loud hallelujahs to the




Short Metre.
Short Metre. [*]

Univerfal praife.
ET every creature join

God; Ye heavenly hofts, the fong begin," And found his name abroad.

2 Thou fun with golden beams,
And moon with paler rays,
Ye ftarry lights, ye twinkling flames,
Shine to your Maker's praife.

He built thofe worlds above,
And fix'd their wondrous frame;

By his command they ftand or move,
And ever speak his name.

4 Ye vapours, when ye rife,
Or fall in fhowers of fnow,
Ye thunders, murmuring round the fkies,
His power and glory show.
5 Wind, hail, and flashing fire,
Agree to praise the Lord,
When ye in dreadful ftorms conspire
To execute his word.

6 By all his works above
His honours be expreft;
But faints that tafte his faving love
Should fing his praises beft.


7 Let earth and ocean know
They owe their Maker praise;
Praise him, ye watery worlds below,
And monfters of the feas.

8 From mountains near the fky
Let his high_praise resound,
From humble fhrubs and cedars high,
And vales and fields around.
9 Ye lions of the wood,

And tamer beafts that graze,
Ye live upon his daily food,

And he expects your praise. 10 Ye birds of lofty wing,

On high his praises bear,
Or fit on flowery boughs, and fing
Your Maker's glory there.

11 Ye creeping ants and worms,
His various wisdom fhow;
And flies, in all your fhining fwarms,
Praife him that dreft you fo.

12 By all the earth-born race,
His honours be expreft;

But faints, that know his heavenly grace,
Should learn to praise him beft.


13 Monarchs of wide command, Praise ye th' eternal King;

Judges, adore that fovereign hand,
Whence all your honours fpring.
14 Let vigorous youth engage
To found his praifes high;
While growing babes and withering age
Their feebler voices try

15 United zeal be shown

His wondrous fame to raise;
God is the Lord; his name alone
Deferves our endless praise.

16 Let nature join with art,
And all pronounce him bleft;
But faints, that dwell fo near his heart,
Should fing his praises beft.

PSALM CXLIX. Common Metre. [*] Praife God, all his faints; or, the faints judging the world.


LL ye that love the Lord, rejoice,
And let your fongs be new;
Amidst the church with cheerful voice
His later wonders fhew.


2 The Jews, the people of his grace,
Shall their Redeemer fing;
And Gentile nations join the praifo,
While Zion owns her King.

3 The Lord takes pleasure in the juft,
Whom finners treat with fcorn;
The meek, that lie defpis'd in duft,
Salvation fhall adorn."

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4 Saints fhould be joyful in their King,
E'en on a dying bed;

And like the fouls in glory fing

For God fhall raife the dead.

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5 Then his high praife fhall fill their tongues,
Their hand fhall wield the fword:

And vengeance fhall attend their fongs,
The vengeance of the Lord.

6 When Chrift his judgment-feat afcends,
And bids the world appear,
Thrones are prepar'd for all his friends
Who humbly lov'd him here.

7 Then fhall they rule with iron rod
Nations that dar'd rebel;

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