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Now be the God of Ifrael bleft
Now by the bowels of my God
Now for a tune of lofty praife
Now have our hearts embrac'd our God
Now in the galleries of his grace
Now in the heat of youthful blood
Now let a fpacious world arise
Now let our pains be all forgot
Now let the Father and the Son
Now let the Lord my Saviour fmile
Now Satan comes with dreadful roar
Now fhall my inward joys arise
Now to the Lord a noble fong
Now to the Lord that makes us know
Now to the power of God fupreme
FOR an overcoming faith

Oh! if my foul was form'd for wo
Oh! the almighty Lord
Oh the delights, the heavenly joys
Often I feek my Lord by night
. Once more, my foul, the rifing day
Our days, alas! our mortal days
Our God, how firm his promife fiands
Our fins, alas! how ftrong they be
Our fouls fhall magnify the Lord
Our fpirits join t'adore the Lamb
in a of dark
Praife, everlasting praife, be paid
AISE thee, my foul, fly up and run

Shout to the Lord, and let our joys
Sin has a thousand treacherous arts
Sin like a venomous difeafe
Sing to the Lord who built the skies
Sing to the Lord with joyful voice
Sing to the Lord, ye heavenly hofts
Sitting around our Father's board
So did the Hebrew prophet raise
So let our lips and lives exprefs

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Rife, rife, my foul, and leave the ground
SAINTS, at your heavenly Father's word
Salvation! O the joyful found
See where the great incarnate God
Shall the vile race of flesh and blood
Shall we go on to fin
Shall Wisdom cry aloud

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Stand up, my foul, fhake off thy fears
Stoop down, my thoughts, that use to rife
Strait is the way, the door is ftrait

ERRIBLE God, who reign'ft on high


Thee we adore, Eternal Name
The glories of my Maker, God
The God of mercy be ador'd
The King of Glory fends his Son
The lands that long in darkness lay
The law by Mofes came

The law commands and makes us know
The Lord declares his will
The Lord defcending from above
The Lord Jehovah reigns
The Lord on high proclaims
The majefty of Solomon
The memory of cur dying Lord
The promise of my Father's love
The promife was divinely free
The true Meffiah now appears
The voice of my beloved founds
The wondering world inquires to know
There is a boufe not made with hands
There is a land of pure delight

There was an hour when Chrift rejoic'd
Thefe glorious minds how bright they shine
This is the word of truth and love
Thou, whom my foul admires above
Thus did the fons of Abrah'm pafs
Thus far the Lord has led me on
Thus faith the first, the great command
Thus faith the high and lofty One
Thus faith the Ruler of the skies
Thus faith the mercy of the Lord
Thus faith the Wisdom of the Lord
Thy favours, Lord, furprise our souls
Time, what an empty vapour 'tis
'Tis by the faith of joys to come
'Tis from the treasures of his word
'Tis not the law of ten commands
To God the Father, God the Son
To God the only wife
To God the Father's throne

To him who chofe us firft
To our eternal God

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'Twas by an order from the Lord
'Twas on that dark, that doleful night
'Twas the commiffion of our Lord



AIN are the hopes the fons of men
Vain are the hopes that rebels place
Unfhaken as the facred hill
Up to the fields where angels lie
Up to the Lord who reigns on high
E are a garden wall'd around
We blefs the prophet of the Lord
We fing th' amazing deeds
We fing the glories of thy love
Welcome, fweet day of reft
Well, the Redeemer's gone
What different powers of grace and fin
What equal honours fhall we bring
What happy men or angels these
What mighty man, or mighty God
Whence do our mournful thoughts arise
When I can read my title clear
When in the light of faith divine
When I furvey the wondrous cross
When we are rais'd from deep diftrefs
When trangers ftand and hear me tell
When the first parents of our race
When the great Builder arch'd the skies
Where are the mourners, faith the Lord
Who can defcribe the joys that rife
Who has believ'd thy word
Who is this fair one in distress
Who fhall the Lord's elect condemn
Why did the Jews proclaim their rage
Why does your face, ye humble fouls
Why do we mourn departing friends
Why is my heart fo far from thee
Why should the children of a King
Why fhould this earth delight us fo
Why fhould we start and fear to die
With cheerful voice I fing
With holy fear and humble fong
With joy we meditate the grace
YE E angels round the throne

Ye fons of Adam, vain and young
Ye that obey th' immortal King
ZION rejoice and Judah fing

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HYMN I. Common Metre. [*]
A new fong to the Lamb that was flain.
Rev. v. 6, 8, 9-12.

EHOLD the glories of the Lamb,

Prepare new honours for his name,
And fongs before unknown.
2 Let elders worship at his feet,
The church adore around,
With vials full of odours fweet,
And harps of sweeter found.

3 Thofe are the prayers of all the faints,
And thefe the hymns they raife :
Jefus is kind to our complaints,
He loves to hear our praife.

4 [Eternal Father, who fhall look
Into thy fecret will?

Who but the Son fhall take that book,
And open every feal?


He fhall fulfil thy great decrees,
The Son deferves it well;
Lo, in his hand the fovereign keys
Of heaven, and death, and hell!]

6 Now to the Lamb, that once was flain,
Be endless bleffings paid;
Salvation, glory, joy remain
Forever on thy head.

7 Thou haft redeem'd our fouls with blood,
Haft fet the prifoners free;

Haft made us kings and priests to God,
And we fhall reign with thee.
8 The worlds of nature and of grace
Are put beneath thy power;
Then fhorten these delaying days,
And bring the promis'd hour.

HYMN II. Long Metre.


The Deity and Humanity of Chrift. John i. 1, 3, 14. Col. i. 16. and Eph. iii. 9, 10.

RE the blue heavens were ftretch'd abroad,



With God he was; the Word was God,
And muft divinely be ador'd.

2 By his own power were all things made;
By him fupported, all things ftand;
He is the whole creation's head,
And angels fly at his command.
3 Ere fin was born, or Satan fell,
He led the hoft of morning ftars;
(Thy generation who can tell,
Or count the number of thy years
4 But lo, he leaves thofe heavenly forms;
The Word defcends and dwells in clay,
That he may hold converfe with worms,
Drefs'd in fuch feeble flesh as they.
5 Mortals with joy beheld his face,
Th' eternal Father's only Son!
How full of truth! how full of grace!
When through his flefh the Godhead fhone!

6 Archangels leave their high abode,
To learn new myfteries here, and tell
The love of our defcending God,
The glories of Immanuel.


HYMN III. Short Metre. The Nativity of Chrift. Luke i. 30, &c.-ii. 10, &c. 1 EHOLD the grace appears,

Mary the wondrous virgin bears,
And Jefus is the child.

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