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But cheats the foul of heavenly things,
And chains it down to fenfe.

4 So, on a tree divinely fair,
Grew the forbidden food;
Our mother took the poifon there,
And tainted all her blood.


HYMN CLI. Long Metre.
Prophecy and infpiration.

1 'TWAS by an order from the Lord,
The ancient prophets fpoke his word;
His Spirit did their tongues infpire,
And warm'd their hearts with heavenly fire.
2 The works and wonders which they wrought,
Confirm'd the meffages they brought;
The prophet's pen fucceeds his breath,
To fave the holy words from death.
3 Great God! mine eyes with pleasure look
On the dear volume of thy book;
There my Redeemer's face I fee,
And read his name who dy'd for me.
4 Let the falle raptures of the mind
Be loft, and vanish in the wind;
Here I can fix my hope fecure;
This is thy word, and muft endure.


Common Metre.

Sinai and Sion. Heb. xii. 18, &c.
OT to the terrors of the Lord,
The tempeft, fire and smoke
Not to the thunder of that word
Which God on Sinai poke


2 But we are come to Sion's hill,
The city of our God,

Where milder words declare his will,
And fpread his love abroad.
8 Behold th' innumerable hoft
Of angels cloth'd in light!
Behold the fpirits of the juft,

Whofe faith is turn'd to fight!
Behold the bleft affembly there,


Whose names are writ in heaven;
And God, the judge of all, declares
Their vileft fins forgiven.
The faints on earth, and all the dead,
But one communion make;

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All join in Chrift, their living Head,
And of his grace partake.
6 In fuch fociety as this
My weary foul would reft:
The man that dwells where Jefus is,
Muft be forever bleft.



Common Metre.

The distemper, folly, and madness of fin.
a venomous disease,
Infects our vital blood;

SIN, like


The only balm is fovereign grace,
And the phyfician, God.

2 Our beauty and our ftrength are fled,
And we draw near to death;

Byt Chrift the Lord recals the dead
With his almighty breath.

8 Madnefs by nature reigns within ;
The paffions burn and rage;
Till God's own Son with skill divine
The inward fire affuage.

4 [We lick the duft, we grafp the wind,
And folid good defpife:

Such is the folly of the mind,
Till Jefus makes us wife.]


We give our fouls the wounds they feel,
We drink the poisonous gall,
And rufh with fury down to hell;
But Heaven prevents the fall.

6 [The man poffefs'd among the tombs,
Cuts his own flesh, and cries:
He foams and raves, till Jefus comes,
And the foul fpirit flies.]


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Long Metre.


Self-righteousness infufficient.



HERE are the mourners, faith the Lord, "That wait and tremble at my word? "That walk in darkness all the day? "Come, make my name your truft and flay. 2 [No works nor duties of your own "Can for the fmalleft fin atone : "The robes that nature may provide, "Will not your leaft pollution hide. 3 "The fofteft couch that nature knows "Can give the conscience no repose:


'Look_o_my_righteousness, and live; "Comfort and peace are mine to give.] "Ye fons of pride, that kindle coals "With your own hands, to warm your fouls, "Walk in the light of your own fire, "Enjoy the fparks that ye defire; "This is your portion at my hands; "Hell waits you with her iron bands; "Ye fhall lie down with forrow there, "In death, and darkness, and despair.”



HYMN CLV. Common Metre. [b] Chrift our Paflover. 6 O, the deftroying angel flies

The pride and flower of Egypt dies
By his vindictive hand.

2 He pafs'd the tents of Jacob o'er,
Nor pour'd the wrath divine!
He faw the blood on every door,
And blefs'd the peaceful fign.
3 Thus the appointed Lamb muft bleed,
To break th' Egyptian ycke:
Thus Ifrael is from bondage freed,
And 'fcapes the angel's ftroke.
4 Lord, if my heart were fprinkled too
With blood fo rich as thine,
Juftice no longer would purfue
This guilty foul of mine.
5 Jefus our Paflover was flain,
And has at once procur'd
Freedom from Satan's heavy chain,
And God's avenging fword.

HYMN CLVI. Common Metre.


Prefumption and defpair; or, Satan's various tempta



HATE the tempter and his charms;

The ferpent takes a thoufand forms
To cheat our fouls to death.

2 He feeds our hopes with airy dreams,
Or kills with flavish fear;

And holds us ftill in wide extremes,
Prefumption, or despair.

3 Now he perfuades, "How eafy 'tis
"To walk the road to heaven ;"
Anon he fwells our fins, and cries,
"They cannot be forgiven."
4 [He bids young finners yet forbear
"To think of God, or death;
"For prayer and devotion are
"But melancholy breath."



He tells the aged, they must die,
"And 'tis too late to pray;
"In vain for mercy now they cry,
"For they have loft their day."]
6 Thus he fupports his cruel throne
By mifchief and deceit,

And drags the fons of Adam down
To darkness and the pit.

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7 Almighty God, cut fhort his power; Let him in darkness dwell;

And, that he vex the earth no more,
Confine him down to hell.



1 NOW Satan comes with dreadful roar,

And threatens to destroy;

He worries whom he can't devour
With a malicious joy.

2 Ye fons of God, oppole his rage,
Refift, and he'll be gone;
Thus did our dearest Lord engage,
And vanquish him alone.

8 Now he appears almoft divine,
Like innocence and love;
But the old ferpent lurks within,
When be aflumes the dove.

4 Fly from the falfe deceiver's tongue,
Ye fons of Adam, fly;

Our parents found the fnare too strong,
Nor fhould the children try.


Common Metre. [b] The fame.

HYMN CLVIII. Long Metre.


Few faved; or, the almost chriftian, the hypocrite and



ROAD is the road thar leads to death,

And thoufands walk together there;
But wifdom fhews a narrow path
With here and there a traveller,

2 "Deny thy felf, and take thy cross,"
Is the Redeemer's great command;
Nature muft count her gold but drofs,
If fhe would gain this heavenly land.
3 The fearful foul, that tires and faints,
And walks the ways of God no more,
Is but efteem'd almost a faint,

And makes his own deftruction fure. 4 Lord, let not all my hopes be vain; Create my heart entirely new; Which hypocrites could ne'er attain, Which falfe apoftates never knew.

HYMN CLIX. Common Metre. [*] An unconverted fate; or, converting grace. REAT King of glory, and of grace,

How vile is our degenerate race,
And our firft father's name !

2 From Adam flows our tainted blood,
The poifon reigns within,
Makes us averfe to all that's good,
And willing flaves to fin.

3 [Daily we break thy holy laws,
And then reject thy grace;
Engag'd in the old ferpent's cause,
Against our Maker's face.]

4 We live eftrang'd afar from God,
And love the diftance well;
With hafte we run the dangerous road,
That leads to death and hell.

5 And can fuch rebels be reftor'd ? Such natures made divine ?


Let finners fee thy glory, Lord,
And feel this power of thine.

6 We raise our Father's name on high,
Who his own Spirit fends

To bring rebellious ftrangers nigh,
And turn his foes to friends.

HYMN CLX. Long Metre. [b]
Cuftom in fin.

LET the wild leopards of the wood
Put off the fpots that nature gives;
Then may the wicked turn to God,
And change their tempers, and their lives.

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