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At first sight the work will be observed to possess some novelties in the form of illustrative marks and figures, and the acquiring of a knowledge of these may be supposed to be attended with some degree of difficulty. But it will be found, in the course of the definitions, that explanations of every apparent difficulty are so amply given, that no Teacher or Pupil of ordinary intelligence can fail to acquire a complete knowledge of the subject.

In using the book, the Teacher may proceed at onee, first, to the Inflexion of the Vowels, page 24; and afterwards to the table of Inflected Words, page 25. Along with the inflexion in this table, is exemplified the variety of Vowel Sounds and their quantities—and the Teacher, in the Inflexion Exercise, may unite it with Articulation and Pronunciation, guiding his Pupil on the principles laid down in the first part. In practising the long sounds, the voice may be made to vanish—in doing which, the voice will be perceived in a and o to die away, as it were, into another sound—thus a in fame dies away in e, o in note dies away in oo. These sounds are often given coarsely—the vanish and the approximation to another sound give a more delicate pronunciation. The short sounds in the table are to be given with that explosive effect which is described in page 60. After acquiring the slide, the vanish, and the explosive power, the Pupil may go on through the rules of Inflexion as laid down, concluding with the Intervals of Inflexion, which is a nice and refining exercise. Modulation follows. The word is used here with reference to the assumption of various keys. This exercise should be much insisted on, and there are a good many rules and examples on this subject. The examples on the Rhythmus of Speech should be much practised, as securing the timing of sounds, and providing for the ease and health of the speaker.

The Extracts may be read at various stages of the Pupil's progress. They may be introduced at an early period of the course, beginning with those which require vehemence and slowness of articulation.

Edinburgh, September ], 1837.

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Hymn of the Hebrew Maid . . Scott . . 141

The Resolve . . . Scott. . 142

Darkness - ... Byron. . . 143

An Indian at the Burying-place of his Fathers Bryant . 145

Spring .... Willis. . 147

To the Ice Mountain . . Rockwell. . 148

Progress of Poesy . . . Gray. . . 141)

The Passions .. . . Collins. 152

The Isles of Greece . . Byron. . 155

To Winter .... CampbeU. . 157


The Passing Crowd . . R. Chambers. . 159

The Broken Heart . . . Washington Irving. 161

The Idiot . . . Blackwood's Magaz. 165

The Strangers'Nook . . . R. Chambers. . 167

Dignity of Manners . . Chesterfield. . 170

The Enjoyments of the Poor in Spring Duncan. . 172

Too great Regularity and Nicety . Johnson. . 175

Character of Lord Falkland . . Lord Clarendon. 176

Experience of an Ephemeral Insect . The Cabinet. . 181

The Practice of Patience . - Jeremy Taylor. . 185

Character of Napoleon Bonaparte . Channing. . 186

A Literary Dinner . . . Irving. . 189

The Study of Natural Philosophy . . Herschd. . 192

The Laws of Nature - . Arnott . 196

The Uses of Animals to Man . . Bowring. . 197

An Adventure among the Mountains of Quito Edin. Lit. Journal. 200

Scenery around Jerusalem- . . Carne. 206

Punishment of a Spy whose Employers had be- -

trayed Rob Roy MacGregor . Scott. . 210


The Heavenly Bodies

The Condition of the Wicked

On Charity

On Autumn . . •

The Christian Mother and Wife .

Religious Retirement

The Death of the Wicked . . •

A General Thanksgiving

Passage from Scripture


Oration of jEschines against Demosthenes

Oration of Demosthenes

Cicero's Oration against Verres

Speech of Scipio to the Roman Army

Speech of Hannibal to his Soldiers


Speech of Pym on the Trial of Lord Strafford for High Treason

Speech of Lord Carteret on the Removal of Sir Robert Walpole from

his Majesty's Councils ...

Speech of the Duke of Newcastle, on the same subject

Lord Thurlow'b Reply to the Duke of Grafton

Speech of Patrick Henry .

Mr Pulteney's Speech on the Motion for reducing the Army

Speech of Lord Chatham, in the House of Peers, against the Ameri-

can War, and against employing the Indiana in it

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