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Ver. Ji, But the cormorant and the bittern fhall poffefs it, Chapter the owl also and the raven shall dwell in it, and he shall Aretch XXXIV. out upon it the line of confusion, and the Stones of emptiness.] Such Creatures only as live in desolate places shall inhabit the Country of Idumea, that is, it shall be brought to defolation; it shall, as it were, by Line and Level be laiu out for destruction. The Metaphor seems to be taken from Masons and Workmen, who when they are to take down part of a Building, 'mark out how far it must be pulled down. The words which we render Confusion and Emptiness, are the fame us’d by Moses to set forth the State of the World, before the several parts of it were reduced into that beautiful order they are now in, but lay jumbled together in confusion; such should Idumea be, a place where nothing but Confusion reigns.

Ver. 12. They fall call the nobles, shereof so the kingdom, but-none shall be there, and will ber princes shall be nothing.) That is, there shall none of their Nobles or Princes be left to take the Government upon them if it were offer'd them: The few that survive this destruction, shall offer Sanctius, , the Government to any pus, hur skey Body ball refufe Garater. a Crown which must be attended with a great many Difficulties, before a Nation fo horribly wasted could be rais'd to any degree of Strength. Grotius thinks the words will admit

this sense, They shall call ta their-remem' Familyfhall be left right for your de zielon la cabey si berbeda

15, Andu her palaces, nettles and brambles in the fortree for omis. The wild

and it shall be an habitation of dragons, and a court for beafts of the desert Malt alle meet with the wild beasts of the inand, and the car lily Ery to His Felding og beypadkobolallohall Fest chere, anzi Rayopithe yelf we prace oy porn more Mall the great oprimsakė Sen mest and bay andmation organelongather ünder keri jadord: thikte fialkyle vultures alfa be gathered Everyone

mily-ber mare." Select the gut of the book of the Lord, miy madaniyat ix BauBs comindamych, abysch 1 [parents of con! Stered them! To Whetstha's Dhomlionewall bedrong her on the Land of mind imestan read over this Proptreeriand fed if Stol ... :) sot i tes Volind som

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Chapter it be not fulfill'd in the minutest Circumstances, Every XXXIV. Beast I have mention'd Mäll be there, with his Female to

propagate their Species in the Country, which for a great while Tall have no other Inhabitants. For my mouth it bath commanded; that is, I the Lord who made all Things, and whom therefore all Things must obey, will give Order to those Beasts to flock thither, and my spirit it shall gather them. I forbear troubling the Reader (fays San&tius) with an Explication of the Names of these Birds and Beasts, Quia res est omnino incerta, neque aliquid exo ploratum haberit aut conftitutum Interpretes tam Noftri quam Hebræor in Magiftri.

Ver: 17: And he hath cast the lot for them, his band hath divided it unto them by line : they shall possess it for ever, from generation to generation Mall they dwell therein.] The Verbs in the beginning of the Verse should be render'd futurely, as they are in the other part of it. The

Prophet alludes to the division of Canaan among the ChilFofo 18. 8. dren of Israel by Lot, with the fame Exactness shall the

Land of Idumea be parcell'd - into equal Divisions to be poffefs'd by the several Animals here mention'd, each of which was to have its proper Diftria.

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The ARGUMENT of Chapter XXXV.
The Jews understand this Chapter, of their future Restoration,

and amuse themselves with the imaginary Conveniencies their Mesiah will prepare to make their Return to their Country pleasant and commodious; and Mr. Whiston still keeps them in company, cho' the words of the Prophet are so far from being

yet wfulfilled that many Years ago they have receive double Completion The mords are general, and may be uma derstood of the happy Condition they enjoy'd after the over

throw of the Allyrian Army, or after their deliverance (a) Thomas, out of Captivitys to the latter of whicha, with (a) some Hugo. Cammentators, I hould be inclind to refer them, were, it

not for the først word, Jefhaspmx lætabuntur in, eis mhicle plainly provesy in my opinion, these two things, First, Tlaat the Prophet, in the latter part of the former Chapter, foretells the destruction of Idumea, not Judea, as Forerius thinks, because this could be no occasion of Fay'to the Wilderness and solitary Place, by which the Prophet certainly means Judea ; and, Secondly, That this Chapter cannot be understood of their destruction by Nebuchadnezzar, because if he invaded their Land, and conquer'd them before he attack'd the Jews, there could be little reason for them to rejoyce at it, since their turn was next, and the same Misforo tune in a short time was to fall upon them by the very same Forces: If Nebuchadnezzar laid waste Idumea, after the destruction of Jerusalem, what would it fignify to them who were Captives, and could expect no advantage by the Suffer. ings of the Idumeans? For these


. Reasons, I suppose, the Prophet is to be understood of the flourishing Condition of the Jews, after the overthrow of Sennacherib's Army, and some signal Defeat of the Idumeans, their antient inveterate Enemies, by the Arms of Hezekiah, or fome other. Prince about the same time, whereof we have no footfteops in HiStory: For I cannot think that the Prophet had any Thoughts at the writing of this, of the Calling of the Gentiles, or The Golden Age of the Gospel, which (a) Interpreters (a) Hieron.“ mauld never have dream'd of, had they consulted only the Cyril,

Prophet's words for his meaning.



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Verse i. HE Wilderness, and the folitary place shall be blossom as the role. This Chapter is plainly connected with the former by Jefhashum, letabuntur in eis, which our Translators render something obscurely, They fall rejoyce for them. He was foretelling the overthrow of the Afyrian Army, andi the defolations of the Land of Idumea ; these are things which the Wildernefs and folitary Place were to rejoice at, to these the Suffix Mem must be referr'd. Judea, which was like a Wilderness and solitary Place before, Mall rejoyce at these Judgments pour'd on their Enemies ; the defart Mall rejoyce, and bloffom as n rose: By which the Prophet means that after the destruction of two such Enemies as the Assyrians and Idumeans were to them, they thould enjoy an uninterrupted course of Happiness, and


Chapter bei restor’d to the fame flourishing Condition which they XXXV. were in before the Asyrian Invalion.

Ver. 2. It shall blossom abundantly, and rejoyce even with joy and singing, the glory of Lebanon shall be given unto it, the excellency of Carmel and Sharon : they shall see the glory of the Lord, and the excellency of our God.] Jerusalem Áhall be like a pleasant Garden adorn’d with Odorous Blossoms, and beautiful Flowers, her Inhabitants shall be full of joy and exultation, upon the Account of their unexpected deliverance, her Land shall no' more lie uncultivated, nor the Fruit thereof be destroy'd by barbafous Enemies, but their Hills flourish like Lebanon, and their Plains like fertile Carmel, her Inhabitants fháp fee the Glory of the Lord, display'd conspicuously in 'the astonishing slaughter of their Enemies, and the excellency of our Gud, how far his Power excells all the Gods of the Nations Ver. 3, 4. Strengthen ye the weak, hands, and confirm the feeble knees. Say to them that are of a fearful heart, Be strong, fear not : behold, your God will come with vengeance, even God with a recompence, he will come and save you.]

He calls to the Prophets and other good Men among c! them, to raise up the Spirits of their Brethren dejected

and oppress’d with heaviness; and disipate those Fears
which the greatness.of their danger had rais'd in their
Minds; by alluring them that God would certainly come
to their. Allistance, and revenge them on their Ene-
mies; ?10 se
5 Verr si Than the eyes of reke blind shall be opened, and Wheel
ears of the deaf fall be unstopped.] When God shall take
vengeance on the Asyrians, and save the City, the In-
credulous jews who would not believe 'me, shall be con.
vinc'd of my Veracity and see their Ertor, and the
meapest of the People, those ofridullest apprehensions,
feel by 'Sensible Experience the great kindness of the

Ver, 6,..7Then malt the lame man leap as an bart, and zbe tongue of the dumb fing: for in the wilderness ihall WAters break guty, and streams in the defert. And the parched ground Mall become a pool, and the thirsty land (prings of water: in the habitation of dragons, wkere each layi Jiall



be grass with reeds and rushes.] The old Men shall leap for Chapter Joy, and the very Infants break forth into Thanksgiv- XXXV. ing: For they shall see their Condition chang’d on a sudden for the better; their Country which was a mere Desart, shall become as firtile as a well-water'd Meadow; and abound with every thing necessary or convenient for Human Life: Dry places are generally Barren, therefore the Prophet, to set forth the great fertility which should succeed the Asyrian Devastation, describes Judea as abounding in every corner with Streams of Water : The neceflary consequence of which is fertility, or plenty of every thing which the Earth produces.

Ver. 8, 9. And an high-way shall be there, and a way, and st shall be called the way of holiness, the unclean shall not pass over it, but it shall be for those the wayfaring-men, though fools shall not err therein, No lion shall be there, nor any ravenous beast fhall go up thereon, it shall not be found there : but the redeemed shall waik, there.] Having foretold the flourishing Condition to which their Country should be restor'd, he adds another Advantage which would immediately follow upon the Destruction of the Assyrian Army, It should no longer be unsafe for them to Travel about their Country, for fear of falling into the Hands of some Party or other of the Assyrians : There shall be a highway and a way; so there was before, but the Prophet means it should be restor'd again to its former ufe, be frequented by Natives which it had not been for some time, and it shall be calld. the way of Holiness ; which is the same he expresses with some variety in the following Words, No unclean Perfon shall pass over it. A ppay of Holiness, according to the Idiom of the Hebrew Language, is a way feparated on fer apart for such and juch People to walk in it, Exclusive of all others, at least with out their leave and consent. The meaning of the Prophet I take to be this, the Roads of Judea shall for the future be safe to Travel in, no Strangers Thall molest them as they go along; it Mall be for these only, the Natives shall go to and fro without fear of plundering Foreigners: And the Ways fhall be not only safe, but dire& without any turnings or windings, so that the sim



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