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Chapter is, we saw his Sufferings, and without considering his In

nocence, concluded he was punish'd by God for some heinous Sins of his own; Heaven we thought was juftly incens'd against him, and his Affiliations we esteem'd the just reward of his Crimes: We thought (fays Grotius) the Prophet was justly cast into Prison, that God punish'd him as a vile Malefactor, a lying Prophet, and an Enemy to his Country, against which he was always denouncing some Judgment, or other.

Ver. $. But he was, wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him, and with his stripes we are healed.] But we were greatly mistaken in our rash Judgment of his sufferings, for he was wounded for our Transgressions ; so the LXX and the Vulgar render Mecholel, from the Root Chalal confodere, from whence Chalal, a dead Carcase, and Chalil, a Pipe, because of the Perforation thereof; and in this Sense of the Word there is no Pretence of applying it to the Prophet; there

is another Signification of the Word, as it is render'd by Aquila.

an ancient Interpreter of the Circumcision, he was polluted, Bebinwués o, as Christ really was, gégover umég nião ratées, hanging on the cursed Tree, and thus the Chaldee Paraphrast also renders the Word, tho' he refers it to the Temple, Ipfe autem adificabit Templum propter defectiones no. ftras pollutum ; from whence we may remark by the by, that this place in the Paraphraft has been interpolated by the Jews, by the Addition of these Two Words, ædificabit Templum; or if that be the genuine reading, it's plain the Author of the Paraphrase did not live before the Time of our Saviour, but after the Destruction of the second Temple, for there is not the least Probability that he should speak of the first Temple, which was rebuilt long before the suppos'd Age of Jonathan. Others derive the Word from Choul, to be in pain, or tormented, and Grotius renders it by male tractatus, in which Sense it may be referr'd to the Prophet Jeremiah, whose Sufferings in Captivity were entirely owing to the National Sins of the Jews; but supposing this and most of the other Expressions were really applicable to the Case of that Prophet, if there were but one which could not be apply'd to him, I think that one. alone would be sufficient to explode such an Interpretation,



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undert in which word; ane he was n Mott of Eternal Ger

upon, and was under restraint all Night, they kept him Chapter in hold till they brought him to judgment, which was LÚI. the next Day ; on which they Try'd, Condemn'd, and un d Executed the Lord of Life : So that by Not zer must be understood the Confinement he was under during that Night in which he was taken, which is the natural signi. fication of the Word; and by Mißhpat the Tryal of him before Pilate, from whence he was hurry'd to Execution.

And who Ahali declare his generation ? Most of the Fathers understand this of the Temporal as well as Eternal Generation of the Son of God; but neither Dor in the Heo

* Capell. breto, nor neved in the Greek are ever found to fignify Geo neratio feu A&tus oignendi vel nascendi, which if the Prophet had design'd to express, he wou'd have us'd Moleleth, which properly denotes it : But Dor constantly signifies an Age or long Space of time, so that the Prophet means, who can declare how long he mall live, after he has suffer'd a violenc Death, and rais d up himself again to Life, as he shall certainly do ? Others refer it to the qumber of his Spi. Lyranus. ritual Off-spring who should imbrace his Gospel, which should be so numerous, that no calculation could reach it ; but Gataker prefers to all these the Interpretation of Groo tius; How wicked must that Generation be, who put to Death the most innocent Person in the World ? Jeremiah was cast into Prison, and therefore Grotius under. * stands this of him, he was deliver'd from Prison, to which he had been Sentenc'd by the King of Babylon : Who can declare how Wicked and Malicious the Men of that Generation were ? .

Ver. 9. And he made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death, because he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth.] This can never in a literal Sense be understood of our Saviour, and if ever a tran- v sposition may be allow'd of, I think it is in this Place, He Forerius. made him die with the wicked, but his grave was with the rich; Pagninus. and thus several Interpreters who have render'd, dedit cum Impiis sepulchrum ejus eo cum divite in mortibus ejus, explain'd themselves, as if dedit Tepulchrum fignify'd no more than he dy'd. Chrift Mall die on Mount Calvary, where only Malefactors us'd to suffer, and shall be buried in the Grave of the rich Counsellor of Arimathea. Bat as


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