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occasions to remind them of God's Judgment, which they

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Chapter ing Sores; they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither I. mollified with Ointment..] The Prophet, by this Similitude *~~ of a Body, full of corrupting Sores and Bruises from head to foot, gives a lively description of the degene-racy of the Jewish State; though others think it may be referr'd to the forlorn Condition they were reduced. to by the frequent Incursions of their Enemies. * Ver, 7. Tour Country is desolate, your Cities are burnt with: Fire; your Land, Strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate as overthrown by Strangers...] This is the first Prophecy of Isaiah, and the words should therefore be render'd futurely, Tour Country shall be desolate, your Cities (4) A Lapide. shall be burnt with Fire (a). Nothing of this Nature occurs in the Sacred History, in Uzziah's Reign; in joo, tham's, God is said to begin, to send against judah, Re(b) 2 o: zin, King of Assyria, and Pekah the Son of Remaliah (b). * }5. 37, &c. In the Reign of Ahaz, the same Confederate Princes penetrated as far as jerusalem, and took several Cities from the Jews; and in the next, a more powerful Enemy ravag'd the whole Country, with a prodigious Army, and wanted very little to put an End to the Jewish State: This Invasion of judea, by Semnacherib, being more terrible than the rest, comes nearest the Defolation here threatned; which he calls Shemama kemahpecath Zarim, because when Strangers over-run a Country, the ravage they make is generally barbarous, be-, cause they are not touch'd by those moving Confiderations with which Natives are usually affected, who in spight of declar'd Hostilities, retain a Love for their Country, and Compassion to their Brethren. Ver. 8. And the Daughter of Zion is left as a Cottage in a Vinyard, as a Lodge in a Garden of Cucumbers, as a befieged City..] Cities, from their Beauty and Ornaments, are spoken of as Virgins and Daughters; but jerusalem in particular, might be called the Daughter of Zion, because it grew up as it were under the Protećtion of the Castle which stood on that Mountain, secure from the sudden Attacks of an Enemy. By this and the following Similitude, the Prophet describes the future Defolation of their Land; jerusalem, which at present was surrounded with multitudes of Towns and V; OUl

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manded you to appear before me every Year, and prescrib'd Sacrifices to be offer'd for the Sims of the People, yet I have no where encourag'd you to think that I shall be pleas'd with your Offerings, as long as ye continue to violate my Laws. Sacrifices 1 appointed to expiate involuntary Slips, such as Humane Nature cannot always

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were punétual in the Observation of those relating to
Sacrifices and Feasts.
Ver. 13. Bring no more vain Oblations, Incense is an Abo-
mination unto me, the New Moons and Sabbaths, the calling
of Assemblies I cannot amay with, it is Iniquity, even the so-
lemn Meeting.] He calls their Oblations vain, because
as long as they continu’d in their Sins, they were alto-
gether insignificant, having nothing in them of real
value, to procure God's Favour, or pacify his Wrath.
And as for their Solemn Feasts, and Assembling of them-
selves together, they were appointed to promote Piety
and Devotion; to keep up a sense of God in the
Minds of Men, but they celebrated their Feasts with so
much negligence, and so little regard to the Divine In-
stitutor, that he could not be pleas'd with them.
Ver. 14, 15. Tour New Moons, and your appointed Feafts,
my Soul hateth ; they are a trouble unto me, I am meary to
bear them. . And when ye spread forth your hands, I will hide
mine Eyes from you; yea, when ye make many Prayers, I will
not bear; your hands are full of Blood.] Here he gives
the reason why God could not take pleasure in those
External Performances, on which the o laid too great
a stress, because their hands were full of Blood; by

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