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second passeder.

NUMBERS. The cloud gardeth the Israelites. washed their clothes; and Aaron offered them 16 so it was always: the cloud covered it by as an offering before the LORD; and Aaron day, and the appearance of fire by night. made an atonement for them to cleanse them. 17 And when the cloud was taken up from the ta

22 And after that went the Levites in to do bernacle,then after that the children of Israeljourtheir service in the tabernacle of the congrega- neyed : and in the place where the cloud abode, tion before Aaron, and before his sons: as the there the children of Israel pitched their tents. LORD had commanded Moses concerning the 18 At the commandment of the Lord the chilLevites, so did they unto them.

dren of Israel journeyed, and at the command23 1 And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, ment of the LORD they pitched: as long as the 24 This is it that belongeth unto the Levites: cloud abode upon the taberncle they rested in From twenty and five years old and upward they their tents. shall go in to wait upon the service of the taber-19 And when the cloud tarried long upon the tabnacle of th : congregation:

ernacle many days, then the children of Israel 25 And the age of fifty years they shall kept the charge of the LORD, and journeyed not. cease waiting upon the service thereof, and shall 20 And so it was, when the cloud was a few serve no more:

days upon the tabernacle; according to the com26 But shall minister with their brethren in the mandment of the LORD they abode in their tents, tabernacle of the congregation, to keep the and according to the commandment of the LORD charge, and shall do no service. Thus shalt they journeyed. Hou do unto the Levites touching their charge. 21 And so it was, when the cloud abode from CHAP. IX.

even unto the morning, and that the cloud was The observance of the passover.

taken up in the morning, then they journeyed : derness of Sinai, in the first month of the was taken up, they journeyed.

night that the cloud second year after they were come out of the land 22 Or whether it were two days, or a month, or of Egypt, saying,

a year, that the cloud tarried upon the taberna2 Let the children of Israel also keep the pass-cle, remaining thereon, the children of Israel over at his appointed season.

abode in their tents, and journeyed not: but when 3 In the fourteenth day of this month, at even, it was taken up, they journeyed. ye shall keep it in his appointed season: accor- 23 At the commandment of the LORD they rest ding to all the rites of it, and according to all the ed in their tents, and at the commandment of ceremonies thereof, shall ye keep it.

the LORD they journeyed: they kept the charge 4 And Moses spake unto the children of Israel, of the LORD, at the commandment of the LORD that they should keep the passover.

by the hand of Moses. 5 And they kept the passover on the fourteenth

CHAP. X. day of the first month at even in the wilderness The Isradites remove from Sinai. of Sinai: according to all that the LORD commanded Moses, so did the children of Israel. 2 Make thee two trumpets of silver; of a 6 11 And there were certain men, who were de- whole piece shalt thou make them : that thou filed by the dead body of a man, that they could mayest use them for the calling of the assembly, not keep the passover on that day: and they and for the journeying of the camps. came before Moses and before Aaron on that day: 3 And when they shall blow with them, all tlie

7 And those men said unto him, We are deriled assembly shall assemble themselves to thee at the hy the dead body of a man: wherefore are we door of the tabernacle of the congregation. kept back, that we may not offer an offering of 4 And if they blow but with one trumpet, then the LORD in his appointed season among the the princes, which are heads of the thousands of children of Israel ?

Israel, shall gather themselves unto thee. 8 And Moses said unto them, Stand still, and I 5 When ye blow an alarm, then the camps that will hear what the LORD will cominand concern- lie on the east parts shall go forward. ing you.

6 When ye blow an alarm the second time, 9 11 And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, then the camps that lie on the south side shall

10 Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, if take their journey: they shall blow an alariu any man of you or of your posterity shall be un- for their journeys. clean by reason of a dead body, or be in a jour- 7 But when the congregation is to be gathered ney afar off, yet he shall keep the passover unto together, ye shall blow, but ye shall not sound the LORD.

an alarm. 11 The fourteenth day of the second month at 8 And the sons of Aaron, the priests, shall blow even they shall keep it, and eat it with unleav- with the trumpets; and they shall be to you foran ened bread and bitter herbs.

ordinance for ever throughout your generations. 12 They shall leave none of it unto the morning, 9 And if ye go to war in your land against the nor break any bone of it: according to all the enemy that oppresseth you, then ye shall blow ordinances of the passover they shall keep it. an alarm with the trumpets; and ye shall be

13 But the man that is clean, and is not in a remembered before the Lord your God, and ye Journey, and forbeareth to keep the passover, shall be saved from your enemies. even the same soul shall be cut off from among 10 Also in the day of your gladness, and in his people: because he brought not the offering your solemn days, and in the beginnings of your of the LORD in his appointed season, that man months, ye shall blow with the trumpets over shall bear his sin.

your burnt-offerings, and over the sacrifices of 11 And if a stranger shall sojourn among you, your peace-offerings; that they may be to you and will keep the passover unto the Lord; ac- for a memorial before your God: I am the Lord cording to the ordinance of the passover, and your God. according to the manner thereof, so shall he do: 11 11 And it came to pass on the twentieth day ye shall have one ordinance both for the stran- of the second month, in the second year, that ger, and for him that was born in the land. the cloud was taken up from off the iabernacle 15 | And on the day that the tabernacle was of the testimony. reared up, the cloud covered the tabernacle, 12 And the children of Israel took their journamely, the tent of the testiniony: and at even neys out of the wilderness of Sinai; and the there was upon the tabernacle as it were the ap- cloud rested in the wilderness of Paran. pearance of fire, until the morning.

13 And they first took

their journey according Order of the Israelites' marck.



Moses complaineth of his charge. 10 the commandment of the Lord lay the hand ses prayed unto the LORD, the fire was quenched of Moses.

3 And he called the name of the place Taberah: 14 In the first place went the standard of the because the fire of the LORD burnt among them. camp of the children of Judah according to their .4 | And the mixed multitude that was among armies: and over his host was Nahshon the son them sell a lusting: and the children of Israel of Amminadab.

also wept again, and said, Who shall give us 15 And over the host of the tribe of the children flesh to eat? of Issachar was Nethaneel the son of Zuar. 5 We remember the fish which we did eat in

16 And over the host of the tribe of the children Egypt freely; the cucumbers, and the melons of Zebulun was Eliab the son of Helon. and the leeks, and the onions, and the garlic.

17 And the tabernacle was taken down; and 6. But now our soul is dried away; there is nothe sons of Gershon and the sons of Merari set thing at all, besides this manna, before our eyes. forward, bearing the tabernacle.

7 And the manna was as coriander-seed, an! 18 1 And the standard of the camp of Reuben the colour thereof as the colour of bdellium set forward according to their armies: and over 8.And the people went about, and gathered it his host was Elizur the son of Shedeur. and ground it in mills, or beat it in a nortar,

19 And over the host of the tribe of the children and baked it in pans, and made cakes of it: and of Simeon nas Shelumiel the son of Zurishaddai the taste of it was as the taste of fresh oil. 20 And over the host of the tribe of the chil. 9 And when the dew fell upon the camp in the dren of Gad was Eliasaph the son of Deuel. night, the manna fell upon it.

21 And the Kohathites set forward, bearing the 10 s1 Then Moses heard the people weepthroughBanctuary: and the other did set up the taber- out their families, every man in the door of his nacle against they came.

tent: and the anger of the LORD was kindled 22 1 And the standard of the camp of the chil- greatly; Moses also was displeased. dren of Ephraim set forward according to their 11 And Moses said unto the LORD, Wherefore armies: and over his host was Elishama the son hast thou afflicted thy servant ? and wherefore of Ammihud.

have I not found favour in thy sight, that thou 23 And over the host of the tribe of the children layest the burden of all this people upon me? of Manasseh was Gamaliel the son of Pedahzur. 12 Have I conceived all this people ? have 1

24 And over the host of the tribe of the children begotten them, that thou shouldest say unto me, of Benjamin was Abidan the son of Gideoni. Carry them in thy bosom, as a nursing-father 25 T And the standard of the camp of the chil-beareth the sucking child, unto the land which dren of Dan set forward, which was the rere-thou swarest unto their fathers ? ward of all the camps throughout their hosts : 13 Whence should I have flesh to give unto all and over his host was Ahiezer the son of Am- this people ? for they weep unto me, saying, mishaddai.

Give us flesh, that we may eat. 26 And over the host of the tribe of the chil- 14 I am not able to bear all this people alone, dren of Asher was Pagiel the son of Ocran. because it is too heavy for me. 27 And over the host of the tribe of the chil- 15 And if thou deal thus with me, kill me, I dren of Naplitali was Ahira the son of Enan. pray thee, out of hand, if I have found favour in

28 Thus were the journeyings of the children thy sight; and let me not see my wretchedness. of Israel according to their armies, when they 16 " And the LORD said unto Moses, Gather set forward.

unto me seventy men of the elders of Isracl, 29 | And Moses said unto Hobab, the son of whom thou knowest to be the elders of the peo Raguel the Midianite, Moses' father-in-law, We ple, and officers over them; and bring them into are journeying unto the place of which the LORD the tabernacle of the congregation, that they may said, I will give it you: come thou with us, and stand there with thee. we will do thee good : for the LORD hath spoken 17 And I will come down and talk with thee good concerning Israel.

there: and I will take of the spirit which is 30 And he said unto him, I will not go; but I upon thee, and will put it upon them; and they will depart to mine own land, and to my kindred. shall bear the burden of the people with thec,

31 And he said, Leave us not, I pray thee: for- that thou bear it not thyself alone. asmuch as thou knowest how we are to encamp 18 And say thou unto the people, Sanctify in the wilderness, and thou mayest be to us in- yourselves against to-morrow, and ye shall eat stead of eyes.

flesh: for ye have wept in the ears of the LORD, 32 And it shall be, if thou go with us, yea, it saying, Who shall give us flesh to eat ? for it shall be, that what goodness the LORD shall do was well with us in Egypt: therefore the LORD unto us, the same will we do unto thee. will give you flesh, and ye shall eat.

33 | And they departed from the mount of the 19 Ye shall not eat one day, nor two days, nor LORD three days' journey: and the ark of the five days, neither ten days, nor twenty days; covenant of the LORD went before them in the 20 But even a whole month, until it come out at three days' journey, to search out a resting-place your nostrils, and it be loathsome unto you: befor them.

cause that ye have despised the LORD which is 34 And the cloud of the LORD was upon them among you, and have wept before him, saying, by day, when they went out of the camp Why came we forth out of Egypt?

35 And it came to pass, when the ark set for- 21 And Moses said, The people among whom ward, that Moses said, 'Rise up, LORD, and let I am, are six hundred thousand footmen; and taine enemies be scattered; and let them that thou hast said, I will give them flesh, that they hate thee flee before thee.

may eat a whole month. 36 And when it rested, he said, Return, o 22 shall the flocks and the herds be slain for LORD, unto the many thousands of Israel. them, to suffice them? or shall all the fish of the CHAP. XI.

sea be gathered together for them, to suffice them? The Israelites loathe manna.

23 And the LORD said unto Moses, Is the LORD's

, ed the LORD: and the LORD heard it: and my word shall come to pass unto thee, or not. his anger was kindled; and the fire of the LORD 14 T And Moses went out, and told the people burnt among them, and consumed them that were the words of the Lord, and gathered the seventy In the uttermost parts of the camp.

men of the elders of the people, and set them 2 And the people cried unto Moses; and when Mo-round about the tabernacle.


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Quails are given in rorath.


Miriam z leprosy healeå. 25 And the LORD came down in a cloud, and 11 And Aaron said unto Moses, Alas, my lord, spake unto him, and took of the spirit that was I beseech thee, lay not the sin upon us, wherein upon him, and gave it unto the seventy elders: we have done foolishly, and wherein we have and it came to pass, that when the spirit rested sinned. upon them, they prophesied, and did not cease. 12 Let her not be as one dead, of whom the 26 But there remained two of the men in the flesh is half consumed when he cometh out of camp, the nime of the one was Eldad, and the his mother's womb. name of the other Medad: and the Spirit rested 13 And Moses cried unto the LORD, saying, upon them; and they were of them that were Heal hier now, O God, I beseech thee. written, but went not out unto the tabernacle: 14 !! And the LORD said unto Moses, If her fa and they prophesied in the camp.

ther had but spit in hier face, should she not be 27 And there ran a young man, and told Moses, ashamed seven days ? let her be shut out from and said, Eldail and Medad do prophesy in the the camp seven days, and after that let her be camp.

received in again. 28 And Joshua the son of Nun, the servant of 15 And Miriam was shut out from the camp Moses, one of his young inen, answered and said, seven days: and the people journeyed not till My 'lord Moses, forbid them.

Miriam was brought in again. 29 And Moses said unto him, Enviest thou for 16 And afterward the people removed from Ilamy sake? would God that all the Lord's people zeroth, and pitched in the wilderness of Paran were prophets, and that the LORD would put his

CHAP. XII. Spirit upon thein.

Spies sent to Canaan. Be And Moses gat. him into the camp, die and AND the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, 31 1 And there went forth a wind from the land of Canaan, which I give unto the children LORD, and brought quails from the sea, and let of Israel: of every tribe of their fathers shall ye them fall by the camp, as it were a day's journey send a man, every one a ruler among them. on this side, and as it were a day's journey on 3 And Moses by the commandment of the LORD the other side, round about the camp, and as it sent them from the wilderness of Paran: all were two cubits high upon the face of the earth. those men were heads of the children of Israel.

32 And the people stood up all that day, and all 4 And these were their names : Of the tribe of thai vight, and all the next day, and they gath- Reuben, Shammua the son of Zaccur. ered the qirails: he that gathered least gathered 50f the tribe of Simeon, Shaphat the son of Hori. ten homers : and they spread them ali abroad 6 Of the tribe of Judah, Caleb the son of Jepliunfor themselves round about the camp.

neh. 37. And while the flesh was yet between their 7 of the tribe of Issachar, Igal the son of Joseph. teeth, ere it was chewed, the wrath of the LORD 8 of the tribe of Ephraim, Oshea the son of Nun. was kindled against the people, and the LORD 9 Ofthe tribe of Benjamin,Palti the son of Raphu synote the people with a very great plague. 10 of the tribe of Zebulun, Gaddiel the son of 34 And he called the name of that place Kibroth- Sodi. hattaavah : because there they buried the people 11 of the tribe of Joseph, namely, of the tribe of chat lusted.

Manasseh, Gaddi the son of Susi. 35 And the people journeyed from Kibroth-hat- 120f the tribe of Dan, Ammiel the son of Gemalli saavah unto Hazeroth : and abode at Hazeroth. 13 Of the tribe of Asher, Sethur the son of Michael CHAP. XII.

14 Of the tribe of Naphtali, Nalbi the son of Miriam and Aaron's sedition.

Voplisi. ND Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses 15 of the tribe of Gad, Geuel the son of Machi. had married : for le had married an Ethiopian ses sent to spy out the land. And Moses called woman.

Oshea the son of Nun, Jehoshua. 2 And they said, Hath the LORD indeed spoken 17 11 And Moses sent them to spy out the land only by Moses? hath he not spoken also by us ? or Canaan, and said unto them, Get you up this And the LORD heard it.

way soutliward, and go up into the mountain: 3 (Now the man Moses was very meek, above all 18 And see the land, what it is ; and the peothe men which were upon the face of the earth.) ple that dwelleth therein, whether they be strong

4 And the LORD spake sudulenly unto Moses, or weak, few or many; and unto Aaron, and unto Miriam, Come out ye 19 And what the land is that they dwell in, three unto the tabernacle of the congregation. whether it be good or bad ; and what cities they And they three came out.

be that they dwell in, whether in tents, or ir: 5 And ihe LORD camc down in the pillar of the strong holds; cloud, and stood in the door of the tabernacle, 20 And what the land is, whether it be fat or and called Aaron and Miriam: and they both lean, whether there be wood therein, or not. And eame forth.

be ye of good courage, and bring of the fruit of o And he said, Hear now my words: If there the land. Now the time was the time of the sc a prophet aniong you, I the LORD will make first ripe grapes. myself known unto him in a vision, and will 21 1 So they went up, and searched the land speak unto him in a dream.

from the wilderness of Zin unto Rehob, as men 7 My servant Moses is not so, who is faithful in come to Hamath. all my house.

22 And they ascended by the south, and came 8 With him will I speak mouth to inouth, unto Hebron ; where Abiman, Sheshai, and Tal. even apparently, and not in dark speeches; and mai, the children of Anak, ucre. (Now Hebron the similitude of the LORD shall he behold: was built seven years before Zoan in Egypt.) wherefore then were ye not afraid to speak 23. And they came unto the brook of Eshcol, against my servant Moses ?

and cut down from thence a branch with one 9 And the anger of the LORD was kindled cluster of grapes, and they bare it between two against them; and he departed.

upon a staff; and they brought of the pomegraTo And the cloud departed from off the taber- nates, and of the figs. nacle; and behold, Miriam became leprous, white 24 The place was called the brook Eshcol, beas snow: and Aaron looked upon Dliriam, and cause of ihe cluster of grapes which the children schold, she was leprous.

lof Israel cut down from thence.


Report of the spies


Moses intercedeth for the people 25 And they returned from searching of the land | 13 And Moses said unto the LORD, Then the after forty days.

Egyptians shall hear it, (for thou broughtest up 20 1 And they went and came to Moses, and to this people in thy might from among them ;) Aaron, and to all the congregation of the chil- 14 And they will tell it to the inhabitants of dren of Israel, unto the wilderness of Paran, to this land : for they have heard that thou LORD Kadesh; and brought back word unto them, and art among this people, that thou LORD art seen unto all the congregation, and shewed them the face to face and that thy cloud standeth over them, fruit of the land.

and that thou goest before them, by day-lime in 27 And they told him, and said, We came unto a pillar of a cloud, and in a pillar of fire by night. the land whither thou sentest us, and surely it 15 Now if thou shalt kill all this people as one floweth with milk and honey; and this is the man, then the nations which have heard the fruit of it.

fame of thee will speak, saying, 28 Nevertheless, the people be strong that dwell 16 Because the LORD was not able to bring this in the land, and the cities are walled, and very people into the land which he sware unto them, great: and moreover, we saw the children of therefore he hath slain them in the wilderness Anak there.

17 And now, I beseech thee, let the power of 29 The Amalekites dwell in the land of the south: my Lord be greac, according as thou hast spoken, and the Hittites, and the Jebusites, and the Am- saying, orites, dwell in the mountains; and the Canaan- 18 The Lord is long-suffering, and of great ites dwell by the sea, and by the coast of Jordan. mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression, and

30 And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the ini and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it ; quity of the fathers upon the children unto the for we are well able to overcome it.

third and fourth generation. 31 But the men that went up with him said, 19 Pardon, I beseech thee, the iniquity of this We be not able to go up against the people ; for people according unto the greatness of thy mercy, they are stronger than we.

and as thou hast forgiven this people, from Egypt 32 And they brought up an evil report of the even until now. land which they had searched unto the children 20 And the LORD said, I have pardoned accordof Israel, saying, The land through which we ing to thy word: have gone to search it, is a land that eateth up 21 But as truly as I live, all the earth shall be the inhabitants thereof; and all the people thut Llled with the glory of the LORD. we saw in it are men of a great stature. 22 Because all those men which have seen my 33 And there we saw the giants, the sons of glory, and my miracles, which I did in Egypt and Anak, which come of the giants : and we vere in the wilderness, and have tempted me now these in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we ten times, and have not hearkened to my voice; were in their sight.

23 Surely they shall not see the land which I CHAP. XIV.

sware unto their fathers, neither shall any of The Israelites murmur.

them that provoked me see it: ND all the congregation lifted up their voice, 24 But my servant Caleb, because he had another 2 And all the children of Israel murmured wild I bring into the land whereinto he went; against Moses and against Aaron: and the whole and his seed shall possess it. congregation said unto them, Would God that 25 (Now thc Amalekites, and the Canaanites we had died in the land of Egypt! or would God dwelt in the valley.) To-morrow turn you, and get we had died in this wilderness !

you into the wilderness by the way of the Red sea. 3 And wherefore hath the LORD brought us unto 26 11 And the LORD spake unto Moses and unto this land, to fall by the sword, that our wives Aaron, saying, and our children should be a prey ? were it not 27 How long shall I bear with this evil congrebetter for us to return into Egypt?

gation, which murmur against me? I have heard 4 And they said one to another, Let us make a the murmurings of the children of Israel, which captain, and let us return into Egypt.

they murmur against me. 5 Then Moses and Aaron fell on their faces be- 28 Say unto them, As truly as I live, saith the fore all the assembly of the congregation of the LORD, as ye have spoken in mine ears, so will children of Israel.

I do to you: 69 And Joshua the son of Nun, and Caleb the 29 Your carcasses shall fall in this wilderness ; son of Jephunneh, which were of them that and all that were numbered of you, according to searched the land, rent their clothes :

your whole number, from twenty years old and ? And they spake unto all the company of the upward, wbich have murmured against me. children of Israel, saying, The land, which we 30 Doubtless ye shall not come into the land passed through to search it, is an exceeding good concerning which I sware to make you dwell land.

therein, save Caleb the son of Jephunneh, and 8 If the LORD delight in us, then he will bring Joshua the son of Nun. us into this land, and give it us ; a land which 31 But your little ones, which ye said slıould be floweth with milk and honey,

a prey, them will I bring in, and they shall know 9 Only rebel not ye against the LORD, neither the land which ye have despised. rear ye the people of the land: for they are bread. 32 But as for you, your carcasses, they shall fall for us : their defence is departed from them, and in this wilderness. the LORD is with us : fear them not.

33 And your children shall wander in the wil 10 But all the congregation bade stone them derness forty years, and bear your whoredoms, with stones. And the glory of the LORD appear- until your carcasses be wasted in the wilderness. ed in the tabernacle of the congregation before 34 After the number of the days in which ye all the children of Israel.

searched the land, even forty days (each day for 11 1 And the LORD said unto Moses, How long a year) shall ye bear your iniquities, even forty will this people provoke me? and how long will years and ye shall know my breach of promise. it be ere they believe me, for all the signs which 35 I the LORD' have said, I will surely do it I have shewed among then ?

Junto all this evil congregation, that are gathered 12 I will smite them with the pestilence, and together against me: in this wilderness they shali disinherit them, and will make of thce a greaten be consumed, and there they shall die. nation and mightier than they.

36 And the men which Moses sent to search the


People smitten by the Amalekites. NUMBERS.

The sabbath-breaker sloneda land, who returned, and made all the congrega- and for the stranger that sojourneth with you. mon to murmur against him, by bringing up a 17 ! And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, slander upon the land,

18 Speak unto the children of Israel, and say 37 Eventhose men that did bring up the evil report unto them, When ye come into the land whither upon the land, died by the plague before the LORD. I bring you,

38 But Joshua the son of Nun, and Caleb the 19 Then it shall be, that when ye eat of the son of Jephunneh, which were of the men that bread of the land, ye shall offer up á heave-offerwent to search the land, lived still.

ing unto the LORD. 39 And Moses told these sayings unto all the chil- 20 Ye shall offer up a cake of the first of your dren of Israel: and the people mourned greatly. dough for a heave-offering: as ye do the heave40 TT And they rose up early in themorning, and offering of the threshing-floor, so shall ye heaveit. gat them up into the top of the mountain, saying, 21 of the first of your dough ye shall give unto Lo, webe here, and will go up unto the place which the Lord a heave-offering in your generations. the Lord hath promised: for we have sinned. 22 | And if ye have erred, and not observed 41 And Moses said, Wherefore now do ye trans- all these commandments which the LORD hath gress the commandment of the LORD? but it shall spoken unto Moses, not prosper.

23 Even all that the Lord hath commanded 42 Go not up, for the Lord is not among you; you by the hand of Moses, from the day that the that ye be not smitten before your enemies. LORD commanded Moses, and henceforward

43 For the Amalekites and the Canaanites are among your generations ; there before you, and ye shall fall by the sword: 24 Then it shall be, if aught be committed by because ye are turned away from the LORD, ignorance without the knowledge of the congre therefore the Lord will not be with you. gation, that all the congregation shall offer one

44 But they presumed to go up unto the hill-top: young bullock for a burnt-offering, for a sweet nevertheless the ark of the covenant of the Lord, savour unto the LORD, with his meat-offering, and Moses, departed not out of the camp. and his drink-offering, according to the manner, 45 Then the Amalekites came down, and the and one kid of the goats for a sin-offering. Canaanites which dwelt in that hill, and smote 25 And the priest shall make an atonement for them, and discomfited them, even unto Hormah. all the congregation of the children of Israel, and CHAP. XV.

it shall be forgiven them ; for it is ignorance: The law of sundry offerings.

and they shall bring their offering, a sacrifice made AND bekuonto spakhunton Moses, saying

by fire unto the LORD, and their sin-offering be2 Speak unto the children of Israel, and say fore the LORD, for their ignorance: unto them, When ye be come into the land of 26 And it shall be forgiven all the congregation your habitations, which I give unto you, of the children of Israel, and the stranger that 3 And will make an offering by fire unto the sojourneth among them; seeing all the people LORD, a burnt-offering, or a sacrifice in perform- were in ignorance. ing a vow, or in a free-will-offering, or in your 27 T And if any soul sin through ignorance, then solemn feasts, to make a sweet savour unto the he shall bring a she-goat of the first year for a LORD, of the herd, or of the flock:

sin-offering. 4 Then shall he that offereth his offering unto 28 And the priest shall make an atonement for the LORD bring a meat-offering of a tenth-deal of the soul that sinneth ignorantly, when he sinneth flour mingled with the fourth part of a hin of oil. by ignorance before the LORD, to make an atone5 And the fourth part of a hin of wine for a ment for him; and it shall be forgiven him. drink-offering shalt thou prepare with the burnt- 29 Ye shall have one law for him that sinneth offering or sacrifice, for one lamb.

through ignorance, both for him that is born 6 Or for a ram, thou shalt prepare for a meat- among the children of Israel, and for the stranoffering two tenth-deals of flour mingled with ger that sojourneth among them. the third part of a hin of oil.

30 1 But the soul that doeth aught presumptu7 And for a drink-offering thou shalt offer the ously, whether he be born in the land, or a stranthird part of a hin of wine, for a sweet savour ger, the same reproacheth the LORD; and that unto the LORD.

soul shall be cut off from among his people 8 And when thou preparest a bullock for a 31 Because he hath despised the word of the burnt-offering, or for a sacrifice in performing a LORD, and hath broken his commandment, that vow, or peace-offerings unto the LORD: soul shall utterly be cut off; his iniquity shall

9 Then shall he bring with a bullock a meat- be upon him. half a hin of oil, enth-deals of flour mingled with 32 T And while the children of Israel were in

the wilderness, they found a man that gathered 10 And thou shalt bring

for a drink-offering half sticks upon the sabbath-day. a hin of wine, for an offering made by fire, of a 33 And they that found him gathering sticks sweet savour unto the LORD:

brought him unto Moses and Aaron, and unto 11 Thus shall it be done for one bullock, or for all the congregation. one ram, or for a lamb, or a kid.

34 And they put him in ward, because it was not 12 According to the number that ye shall pre- declared what should be done to him. pare, so shallye do to every one according to their 35 And the Lord said unto Moses, The man number.

shall be surely put to death: all the congregation 13 All that are born of the country shall do these shall stone him with stones without the camp. things after this manner, in offering an offering 36 And all the congregation brought him without made by fire, of a sweet savour unto the Lord. the camp, and stoned him with stones, and te

14 And if a stranger sojourn with you, or who died; as the LORD commanded Moses. soever be among you in your generations, and 37 11 And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, will offer an offering made by fire, of a sweet 38 Speak unto the children of Israel, and bid savour unto the LORD; as ye do, so he shall do them that they make them fringes in the borders

15 One ordinance shall be both for you of the of their garments throughout their generations, journeth with you, an ordinance for ever in your ariband or income upon the fringe of the borders generations: as ye are, so shall the stranger be 39 And it shall be unto you for a fringe, that before the LORD.

ye may look upon it, and remember all the com26 One law and one manner shall be for you, mandments of the LORD, and do them; and that

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