Six Months in the West Indies, in 1825

J. Murray, 1832 - 311 páginas

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Página 283 - The parliament of Great Britain sits at the head of her extensive empire in two capacities, one as the local legislature of this island, providing for all things at home, immediately and by no other instrument than the executive power. The other, and I think her nobler capacity, is what I call her imperial character; in which, as from the throne of heaven, she superintends all the several inferior legislatures, and guides and controls them all without annihilating any.
Página 293 - Pink and Pin, Tick and Quick and Jill and Jin, Tit and Nit and Wap and Win, The train that wait upon her.
Página 283 - It is necessary to coerce the negligent, to restrain the violent, and to aid the weak and deficient, by the overruling plenitude of her power.
Página 308 - Westward the course of empire takes its way; The four first acts already past, A fifth shall close the drama with the day : Time's noblest offspring is the last.
Página 40 - The island is divided into three sorts of men, viz. masters, servants, and slaves. The slaves and their posterity, being subject to their masters for ever, are kept and preserved with greater care than the servants, who are theirs but for five years, according to the law of the island.
Página 269 - Gods' pure sceptres, and the darts of Love, That with their touch might make a tiger meek, Or might great Atlas from his seat remove; So white, so soft, so delicate, so sleek, As she had worn a lily for a glove, As might beget life, where was never none And put a spirit into the hardest stone.
Página 6 - Eugenia, for ever prevails in its real and natural beauty. The Atlantic was gushing in through my port, in a very refreshing manner, and ebbing and flowing under and around my bed with every roll of the ship. My clothes were floating on the face of the waters. I turned to sleep again, but the sea came with that awful dead sledge-hammer beat, which makes a landsman's heart tremble, and the impertinent quotation of some poor scholar in the next cabin, about quatuor aut septem digitos, brushed every...
Página 288 - And all the gates of His house are open. Where dwell you, man, woman ? in Scotland or England ? in the east or in the west ? in the north or in the south ? O come in, come in ; for the gates are open to you, Isa.
Página 41 - I have seen an overseer beat a servant with a cane about the head till the blood has followed, for a fault that is not worth the speaking of ; and yet he must have patience, or worse will follow.
Página 58 - The Sensual and the Dark rebel in vain, Slaves by their own compulsion! In mad game They burst their manacles and wear the name Of Freedom, graven on a heavier chain!

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