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Yet on the nimble air benign
Speed nimbler messages,
That waft the breath of grace divine
To hearts in sloth and ease.
So nigh is grandeur to our dust,
So near is God to man,
When Duty whispers low, Thou must,
The youth replies, I can.


COOD-BYE, proud world! I'm going home;

V Thou 'rt not my friend, and I'm not thine. Long through thy weary crowds I roam, A river-ark on the ocean's brine; Long I've been tossed like the driven foam; But now, proud world! I'm going home.

Good-bye to Flattery's fawning face ;
To Grandeur with his wise grimace;
To upstart Wealth's averted eye;
To supple Office, low and high ;
To crowded halls, to court and street ;
To frozen hearts and hasting feet;
To those who go, and those who come ;
Good-bye, proud world! I'm going home.

I am going to my own hearth-stone
Bosomed in yon green hills alone-
A secret nook in a pleasant land,
Whose groves the frolic fairies planned ;
Where arches green, the livelong day,
Echo the blackbird's roundelay,
And vulgar feet have never trod
A spot that is sacred to thought and God.

Oh, when I'm safe in my sylvan home,
I tread on the pride of Greece and Rome;
And when I am stretched beneath the pines,
Where the evening star so holy shines,
I laugh at the lore and the pride of man,
At the sophist schools, and the learned clan ;
For what are they all in their high conceit,
Where man in the bush with God may meet ?




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Abou Ben Adhem (may his tribe increase!) ...

A casement high and triple-arched there was ...

A cloud lay cradled near the setting sun

A gentle knight was pricking on the plain

A good man ther was of religioun ...

... 4
A grim old king ... ... ...

.. 372
Across the sea, along the shore ...
'Adieu,' Vinoso cries, ere yet he sips ...
Ah, broken is the golden bowl, the spirit flown for ever

Ah! County Guy, the hour is nigh ...

... ... 249
Ah, what can ail thee, wretched wight ...
Alas! they had been friends in youth ...

... ... 224
All eyes were on Enceladus's face

... ... 283
All hail! my own inspired Bard

... ... 171
All thoughts, all passions, all delights

... 225
And is there care in heaven? ... ...
Are you ready for your steeple-chase, Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorree?
Art thou poor, yet hast thou golden slumbers ?
As ships, becalmed at eve, that lay ... ...

A thousand fantasies ... ...
At the close of the day, when the hamlet is still
Avenge, O Lord, thy slaughtered saints

A wet sheet and a flowing sea ... ...

Beside the ungathered rice he lay

Between the dark and the daylight ...
Blest pair of Sirens, pledges of Heaven's joy ...
Bonny Kilmeny gaed up the glen ...
Brightest and best of the sons of the morning ...



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Busk ye, busk ye, my bonnie, bonnie bride
But horrors, portioned to a giant nerve
But, where to find that happiest spot below

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Calm on the bosom of thy God ... ... ...
Can I forget the dismal night, that gave
Chief isle of the embowered Cyclades ... ...
Come back, come back, behold with straining mast
Come home, come home, and where is home for me ...
Come live with me, and be my love ... ...
Come Sleep! O Sleep, that certain knot of peace
Come, O thou Traveller unknown ... ...

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Damsels of Time, the hypocritic Days
Daughter of Jove, relentless power
Dear Harp of my Country! in darkness I found thee ...
Dear Joseph,-five and twenty years ago ...
Deep graved in every British heart
Do ye hear the children weeping, O my brothers

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Earth has not anything to show more fair
E'en such is time; which takes on trust
Eftsoones they heard a most melodious sound

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Fair lady, in my dream ...
Fair pledges of a fruitful tree ...
Fair stood the wind for France ...
Father, I know that all my life ...
Father of all ! in every age
Fear no more the heat o' the sun
Fix me on some bleak precipice ...
Fly, envious Time, till thou run out thy race ...
Fly from the press, and dwell with sothfastness
Fresh clad from heaven in robes of white
From harmony, from heavenly harmony
Full many a glorious morning have I seen

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Give me a golden pen, and let me lean ...
God moves in a mysterious way
Go, lovely Rose ... ...
Good-bye, proud world! I'm going home

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