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the mproper sounds from infancy ; hence arises the difficulty in remedying the defect, for ine habit of indistinct utterance is thus early acquired and firmly established.

In pronouncing words containing unaccented syllables, care should be taken to avoid a formal and fastidious prominence of sound. The two extremes which ought to be equally avoided, are, carelessness on the one hand, and extreme pre cision on the other, as if the sounds of the letters were constantly uppermost in the mind. a, obscure, as in mental. - Musical,' comical, criticale numerical, fatal, principal, original, criminal.

Special, beneficial, artificial, commercial, initial credential, reverential, essential, impartial.

Ascendant, defendant, defiance, reliance, vari ance, countenance, performance.

Peaceable, agreeable, sociable, amiable, detestable, abominable, respectable, tolerable, valuable. a, obscure long, as in sulphạte. — Abandon,'. abed,

ability, about, abolish, afloat, again, alarm, amaze, apart, arise, away, canal, caress, catarrh, cathedral,

separate, carbonate, apostasy. e, obscure, as in travel.-— Travel, chapel, gravel, coun

sel, moment, confidence, dependent, impudent, silence, anthem, eminent, settlement.

Goodness, boundless, sameness, plainness, laziness, baslıfulness, bitterness, manliness, steadiness. e, obscure long, as in emerge. — Belief, believe, be

nevolent, before, behold, delight, delineate, deliver,

deny, denounce, prepare, precede. i, obscure, as in ruin. - Invincible, forcible, audible,

illegible, feasible, sentinel, possibly. 0, obscure, as in idol. - Collect," command, commence,

commission, committee, compose, comply, concern,

convert, consult, convulse. o, obscure long, as in obey. — Domain," colossal, cor

roborate," history, rhetoric, memorable, memory, composition, compromise, melody, advocate.

Potato, tobacco, motto, fellow, window, meadow, willow, billow, follow, to-morrow, sorrow. u, obscure, as in sulphur. — Awful, fearful, playful,

dutiful, graceful, fearfully, beautifully. u, obscure long, as in educate. – Articulate,'accurate, masculine, regular, particular, emulate.

Pleasure, exposure, erasure, nature, feature, press sure, leisure, imposture. y, obscure, as in truly. Envy, lady, safety, marry

ing, carrying

1 Not music'l.
2 Not ascendunt.
3 Not peacũble, or peac’ble.
4 Not ŭbandon, nor ā'bandon.
5 Not trav'l.
6 Not momúnt.
7 Not goodnis.
8 Not b'lief.

9 Not invincūble,
10 Not cŭllect.
11 Not dūmain.
12 Not corrob'rate,
13 Not compěrsition
14 Not potatúr.
15 Not awfle.
16 Not artic'late.

EXERCISES ON THE CONSONANT SOUNDS. In pronouncing the words in the following exercises, force and clearness of sourd should be given to the consonant elements. The letters to which atten. tion is more particularly directed are printed in Italics. b, as in babe. Bad, bag, bat, beet, bear, bought, beast,

stab, ebb, tube, globe, inhabit, babble, babbler, bound,

beastly, bind, binder, begin, began, beggar. ch, as in church. - Chair, chat, charm, check, churn,

chirp, hatch, march, switch, scorch, satchel, touching. d, as in did. - Deed, debt, mad, modest, would, should,

deduce, added, wedded, dated, side, sided, deduced. f, as in fife. Fame, feud, fanciful, proffer, crafty,

enough, rough, cough, trough, laugh, laughter, fatal, fireman, ferry, futile, physic, phantom. g, as in gag. – Game, gag, plague, vague, ghostę guard, gone, jug, egg, guilt, gewgaw, guinea, give.

h, as in nold. Hay, hate, high, huge, hot-house, human,

who, behest, hap-hazard,' upholder, offhand, child. hood, nuthook, withhold, ink-horn, gig-horse, race

horse, perhaps, unhinge, unhappy. j, as in joy. - Jam, jar, jilt, gesture, genius, gentle,

giant, gibbet, gypsy, edge, ledge, judge, judgment,

justice, jury, June, July. k, as in kirk. - Car, coil, seek, music, talk, vaccinate,

flaccid, chasm, echo, choir, chorus, coquette, etiquette,

epoch, architect, cucumber, conquest. 1, as in lull. Bell, lurk, isle, pale, lark, loll, lively,

lovely, hail, tall, sweetly, holy, awfully. m, as in maim. Man, morn, mound, mammon, mo

ment, blame, hymn, dome, memory, memento. n, as in nun.-Nine, linen, nay, gnat, can, keen, noun,

condign, gnaw, kneel, banner, kitchen, hyphen. ng, as in song: -King, ring, flinging, singing, anger,

congress, nothing, prolong, drink, plank, monk, lynx,

tinker, distinct, rankle, monkey, conquer, anchor. p, as in pipe. Peer, pin, pool, happy, pippin, puppet,

rapid, tropic, pupil, piper, creep, grope, stop, steep. r,’ (trilled,) initial, or before a vowel, as in rap.

Ray, rough, raw, rend, rebel, Roman, rot, rest,

room, ride, rise, rural, around, enrich. r, (untrilled,) final, or before a consonant, as in nor.

Far, our, ear, eternal, murmur, former, torpor, ser

vant, border, adore, appear, murmuring, forbear. B, as in seal. — Sin, sign, suit, dose, sinless, science,

transcend, psalm, scene, schism, beside, poesy, heresy. sh, as in shine. - Shade, shine, gash, rash, sash, asso

ciate, mansion, enunciation, expansion, ocean, action, caution, nation, notion, station, promotion, chevalier, champaign.

t, as in tent. - Tell, time, tune, matter, critic, debt, ,

Thames, Thomas, receipt, indict, titter, better, chat

ter, tutor, taught, total. th, as in thin. - Thank, thick, theory, theatre, bath,

path, mouth, month, breath, ether, thankful, thought.

ful, thinking, atheist, thorn. th, as in thine. This, thus, there, those, beneath,

tilhe, with, brethren, farthing, father, breathe, wreathe,

heathen, weather, blithe, clothe, therefore. v, as in valve. Veer, vine, vivid, weave, seven, votive,

revive, survive, twelve, revolve, preserve, reserve. W, as in wine. — Waft, wall, wonder, one, once, woo,

wane, wormwood, weather, beware, weal, wayward,

worth, worthless, wondrous, welcome. wh, as in whit. - Whale, where, when, what, why,

whether, white, whiten, whipping, whisper, whist. X, like ks, as in tax. — Box, siz, next, text, except, sex

ton, execute, ex'ile, exhume, complexion. &, like gz, as in exalt. Exact, example, exempt, exert,

exaltation, exile'. y, as in yes.— Year, young, yawn, you, use, utility,

yonder, yawl, million, poniard, rebellion, spaniel,

filial, yawning, useful. Z, as in zeal. — As, was, zephyr, maze, prize, flies,

daisies, praises, arise, breezes, xanthine, Xerxes. 2, like zh, as in azure. — Glazier, razure, leisure, seiz

ure, collision, occasion, persuasion, osier, vision, explosion, treasure, pleasure, roseate.

| Avoid omitting or slurring the h in compound words; as, hap'azard, for kap-hazard, of and for offhand.

2 The letter r, used as an initial, or before a vowel, is articulated by a forci. ble taill of the tongue against the upper gum. This sound should never bo prolonged. It is sometimes miapronounced thus: urray for ray; urrough for rough.


Pronounce the following words distinctly and forcibly. The initial and final combinations are printed in Italics, and may also be pronounced separately.

Words without connection of sense afford a better exercise in articulation than sentences.

1. Blue, block; brave, breath ; draw, drift ; dwell, dwarf; fly, flounce; free, fret; glen, glide; grain, growl; cleave, cleft, close; crave, crime, crust.

2. Play, plume; proud, prove; queen, quell; shriek, shrink; skill, sketch ; screen, scrawl; slate, slug ; smite, small; snow, snag ; speak, space; spliere.

3. Splice, splash ; spring, spread ; squib, square ; stain, still ; stream, straw; threw, thrift ; thwack, thwart; truce, trash ; tweed, twine; wheat, when.

4. Curb, bulb; wolf, scarf, triumph, laugh ; dirge ; lunch, lurch ; marsh, walsh ; ink, jerk; desk, earl, trample ; film, storm, prism, rhythm ; earn, black’n, open; lisp, vamp, usurp, scalp; delve, carve.

5. Act, sift, felt, sent, learnt, sort, most, first, apt, canst, lisp'd, pump'd, work'd, thank'd, risk'd, rock'd, froth’d, heap'd, fenc'd, pitch’d, repuls’d, scath’d.

6. Wants, wilts, facts, starts, precepts, roasts; dense, once, science, else ; necks, silks, inks, basks ; proofs, cuffs, sylphs ; tenths, truths, depths, twelfths.

7. Want'st, will'st, left'st, attempt'st, help'st, hop'st, dup'st, usurp'st, coff'st, laugl'st, ask'st, lurk'st, sweet'n'st, licens'd.

8. Ebb'd, fobb'd, comb'd, long'd, oblig'd, urg'd, breath'd, world, snarld, arm’d, whelm'd, end, open'd, heard, spar'd, liv’d, starv’d, bronz’d, buzz'd.

9. Liv'dst, prov'dst, fill'dst, learn'dst, charm'dst, long'dst, digg'dst, lov’dst, blabb’dst, dazzi'dst.

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