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A Prayer for Saturday Noon, or any intermediate Time of the Day.

T Adore thee, O thdu insinitely great and A good God, Maker and Lord of Heaven and Earth; worthy art thou to receive all Honour, Glory, and Power, for thou hast created all Things, and for thy Pleasure they are and were created.

Send down thy Holy Spirit, O most merciful Father, upon me thy Servant; and so sill me with thy heavenly Grace and Benediction, that I may become a living Temple, sanctisied, and devoted to thy Honour and Service, and such wherein thou mayest delight to dwell, and make the Place of thy Rest and Abode both now and for ever.

And to this End, OLord, give me Grace seriously to consider, that thou art a God greatly to be feared, for thy Power and Justice; greatly to be beloved, for thine insinite Perfection and Goodness-; and greatly to be praised, for thy liberal Bounty and Loving-kindness: That thou art both the Author and the End of my Being; my true and only Good; the Cause of all my Joy and Happiness; and the great Center and Stay of thy whole Creation.


Give me'Grace also seriously to consider what I myself am; that I am a Creature, a poor, empty, weak, and imperfect Being; that I have nothing but what I receive from thee; that I can do nothing but what I do by thee; nor know any thing but hi thee, and thy Light; that in thee I have my Life, my Motion, my Being, my Happiness, and my AU.

Grant, O Lord, that I may also seriously consider, that I am not only a Creature, but a sinful one ; A Creature acting against the End of his Creation, against the Laws of his Creator, against the Dignity of his Nature, and against his true and best Interest both here and hereafter: That I have not loved thee as 1 ought, with my whole Heart, Soul, and Strength ; nor as I might, according to the Measures of thy Grace, and the Abilities which thou hast given me; nor indeed, as I have loved this World, and the Vanities of it; having been a Lover of Pleasure, more than a Lover of'God.

And lastly, O Lord, give me Grace seriously to consider what I ought to be, both towards thee, my Neighbour, and myself; that I ought tobeholy, just,charitable, and temperate; that I ought not to live carelesly and at Random, as those that have no Sense of thee, nor of their Duty, and


who believe neither Heaven nor Hell; but as one who now lives in thy Presence, and must hereafter give thee an Account,andbe either eternally happy, or eternally miserable, according as I demean myself in this short Time of Trial; and that therefore denying all Ungodliness and worldly Lusts, I ought to live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present World; looking for that blessed Hope, and the glorious Appearing of the great God, and of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Fix, O Lord, these Considerations in my Mind, and let them sink so deep into my Heart, that they may bring forth in me the Fruits of good Living; that so my Spirit may be pure and right within me, my Life may be holy, my Death comfortable, my Resurrection joyful, and my eternal State happy and glorious with thee, my God, for ever and ever. Amen.

A Prayer for Saturday Evening..

s\ Eternal Being! Father, Son, and Holy ^^ Ghost, one God blessed for evermore; I thy unworthy Servant adore thy glorious Majesty, acknowledging my Dependence '• ., - upon upon thee, and that all I have, proceeds from thine insinite Bounty and Goodness.

Thou hast shewn thyself a most kind and indulgent Father: but alas! I have been an undutiful and disobedient Child, and have made very ungrateful Returns for those innumerable Mercies and Favours, which thou hast bestowed upon me.

0 Lord, my Conscience accuses me of having done many Things contrary to thy blessed Will; of having acted foolishly and wickedly, contrary to my best and greatest


1 am sensible, O Lord, that the greatest Concernments of this World are as nothing, when compared with Eternity; and yctr how apt am I to grow careless and remiss, in the great and important Work of my Salvation, and to suffer my Affections to be carried away after the Things of this Life.

O Lord, the Wages, and Desert, and Punishment of Sin, is Death; but thou art insinite in Mercy, and wiliest not the Death of a Sinner; remember then, I beseech thee, thy tender Mercies ; and for the Sake and Merits of my dear Redeemer, have Mercy upon me, and be not angry with me for ever. Accept of that full, perfect, and fficienr Sacrisice, which thy beloved Son red upon the Cross; and through the

Merit of his bitter Death and Passion,

pardon all my Sins; particularly those

which I have this Day committed. O Lord, give me an Interest in the Blood of thatammaculate Lamb Jesus Christ; and grant that I may never render those Sufferings which he underwent for Sinners, ineffectual to the Salvation of my Soul.

Give me Grace seriously to consider that it is my indispensible Duty to forsake every evil Way. Possess my Soul with just and lively Apprehensions of the infinite Dis/iroportwn there is between this World and the next; that I may make a right Use and Im-' provement of all those gracious Opportunities which thou art pleased to give me, of working out my Salvation, and securing an Inheritance in that Kingdom, which is to last for ever.

Let no Temptations or Allurements divert me from securing the Interest of my precious Soul; whatever else I leave undone, let that be my great Care and Concern, the sirst and last of all my Thoughts, and the chief Business and Employment of my whole Life.

O Lord! suffer not the Affairs and Business which I am engaged in, to draw my Affections from Heaven and heavenly Things; but grant, that I may so pass , through

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