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Act of Kindness or Charity towards me. Help me, O my God,so to walk before thee, that my Soul may enjoy a true Liberty; that my Life may be full of Comfort, my Death of Peace; and that Imay obtain eternal Glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Bless this whole Family to which I belong; sow in all our Hearts the Seeds of unfeigned Charity, that we may all enjoy the Comforts of a mutual Affection, and of a mutual Assistance and Aid in our several Places.

Possess us with a just Sense of Duty towards thee, and towards Man; that we may be living Members of thy blessed Son; and grant, that being protected1 by thy good Providence, directed by thy Word, and assisted by the Influence of thy holy Spirit, we may meet in the Family of Heaven, where we shall adore and praise thee, love and enjoy thee to all Eternity, thro' Jesus Christ our Lord; in whose most holy Name and Words I continue to pray,

Our Father, &c.


An ILvening Prayer for a Servant.

C\ MY God, my Strength, and the Rock ^.^ of mv Salvation, how does mv Soul praise thee for thy great Goodness, and all the precious Promises of thy Gospel.

But, O my God, I have forgotten thee, though thou hast given me my Being; I have forgotten thee, though thou gavest thine own Son to redeem me; not only to free me from the Punishment due to my Sins, but from the Slavery and Dominion of them, and to procure for me Life eternal.

I have feared the Displeasure of Man, whose Breath is in his Nostrils, more than I have feared thine.

• O thou just and holy Judge of Mankind! I have been more solicitous for the Bread that perishes, than-for thy Favour, which. is better than Life itself. .

I have sinned against my Knowledge, thy Word, and the Motions of thy Holy Spirit. I have been apt to repine and murmur at thy Providence, and to be discontented with my. Condition. [Here mention thy particular Sim.\ '.:;.. .'; . .1

But I repent, O my God, of all my Sins, jfcid humbly beg the Assistance thy. *i A H 6 Grace,

Grace, that I may do Works meet for Repentance, and serve thee in Truth, and with an upright Heart, all the Days of my Life.

Have Mercy upon me, O Lord, have Mercy upon me, and forgive me all my Of&nces; and give me Grace to keep upon my Watch and Guard against them. Enable me sincerely to endeavour to reform and amend my Life, that I may every Day grow and increase in Goodness, and be s> much the sitter for Death, the nearer 1 approach to it: And whenever it comes, let it sind me, O Lord, in a Disposition and Frame of Spirit sit to die; having an unshaken Faith, an humble Resignation and Submission, an holy Contempt of Earth, and a devout Love of Heaven.

Thou hast called me to be a Servant, but thou hast called me to be a Son too, and an Heir of eternal Life ; O Give me Grace to be contented, and faithfully to discharge my Duty.

Do thou who never flumberest nor fleepest, watch over me, and this whole . Family ; let thine Angels pitch their Tents about us this Night; let us lie down securely, and let our Sleep be sweet and refreshing to us, for Jesus Christ his Sake; in whose most holy Name and Words, I


beg all Things needful both for myself, and all Mankind; particularly all that I am in any Way bound to pray for.

Our Father, &c

A Prayer to be used by a Servant at any Time of the Day, or that may be added to any other Devotions.

OLord my God, thou hast made me, and dost dispose of all Things in a wile and excellent Order ; thou hast placed me in the Condition of a Servant; O grant that I may discharge the Duties of it zealoufly and faithfully; enable me to employ and improve the Talents which thou hast entrusted me with, to thy Glory, and the Good of my own Soul; and make me useful and serviceable, honest and diligent in the Station to which it hath pleased thee to call me. O suffer me not to fall into any Breach of Trust with Man, lest I fall under the Vengeance of thee my God.

Keep me, 1 beseech thee, from Pride and Frowardness, from Discontent and Murmuring, and give me a meek and humble Spirit.

O thou Lover os Peace and Concord,


enable me to live in brotherly Affection, Unity and Concord, with my Fellow Servants; and grant that we may be a mutual Comfort, and afford mutual Assistances to each other, as well in our spiritual, as temporal Concerns.

Lord, let not my Soul, by any Connivance or Encouragement, or any other Act of mine, lie under the Guilt of being the Occasion of the Discontent, or Injury, or Ruin of any Family or Person; but make me an Instrument of Peace and Prosperity wherever I am. I know, O Lord, that Humility and Industry are Virtues that are not so pleasing to a carnal Mind; but do thou make me sensible hew great the Recompence of Self-denial, and all other Virtues, will one Day be.

Make me, O Lord, to remember that I am always in thy Sight, and that thou dost ponder all my Paths; that I may be fully convinced, that both my temporal and eternal Interest depends upon the faithful and conscientious Performance of my Duty; that so I may not be seduced or discouraged by any Temptation whatsoever, but still looking up to God, and having regard to the Recompence of Reward, I may run with Patience the Race that is set before


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