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me, through Jesus Christ our Lord; in the fullest Sense of whose Words, I pray to be heard for myself, and all Mankind.

Our Father, &c.

• Though these three Prayers are all o that are particularly provided for the Use • of Servants, yet it is hoped, they will not

look upon themselves excused from using • others; but that when they have Leisure • and Opportunity, they will make Use of • fome of the Morning and Evening Prayers • for private Persons, as well as some of the 6 other Prayers for the intermediate Times • of the Day.'

Ejaculations on several Occasions.

Afts of Adoration and Praise. 1. BLESS the Lord, O my Soul; O Lord,

D my God, thou art become exceeding glorious, thou art cloathed with Honour and Majesty!

2. O Lord, how manifold are thy Works. in Wisdom haft thou made them all; the Earth is full of thy Riches !

3. To the only wife God; our Saviour, be Glory and Majesty, Dominion, and Power, both now and ever. Amer.

4. Be thou exalted, Lord, in thine own: Strength, so will we sing and praise thy Power.

5. Blessing and Honour, Glory and Power, Thanksgiving and Praise, be unto. him that fitteth upon the Throne, and to: the Lamb for ever and ever:.

6. Praise the Lord, O my Soul, and all that is within me praise his holy Name :: Praise the Lord, O my Soul, and forget. not all his Benefits. : 7. O magnify the Lord our God, and fall down before. his Footstool : for he is Holy..

8. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant Mercy, hath begotten us again. unto a livelý Hope of an Inheritaire, incorruptible and undefiled, that fadeth not: away. :. Thy Righteousuefs, O'God, is very high : Great Things, O Lord, are they which thou hast done; O God, who is like unto thee!

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Aets of Contrition, with Petitions for Par.

don and Grace, that we may reform and amend our Lives.

1. Remember not the Sins and Of

fences of my Youth, but according to thy Mercy think thou upon me.

2. For thy Name's Sake, O Lord, be merciful unto my Sin, for it is great.

3. Enter not into Judginent with thy Servant, O Lord, for in thy. Sight shall no Man living be justified.

4. Have Mercy upon me, O God, after thy great Goodness; according to the Multitude of thy Mercies, do away mine Offences. :

5. Who can tell how oft he offendeth? O cleanse thou me from my secret Faults..

6. Order my Steps in thy Word, and let not any Iniquity have Dominion over me.

7. Shew me thy Ways, O Lord, and teach me thy. Paths..

8. Pity, O Lord, the present Frailty of thy Servant, and suffer not my Blindness to lead me into. Ruin.

9. Suffer not my Frailties to become a Custom, left I die impenitent and pecilh without Recovery.

10. O thou great Physician of Souls, eure me' of all my sinful Distempers, and fix me in an even and constant Holiness.

11. Imprint on my Mind this important Truth; that the Pleasures of Sin are short and momentary, but the pain and Torment eternal ; and, that the best that can follow is a bitter Repentance.

12. O Almighty Lord God, mortify and kill all. Vices in me; and fo strengthen me with thy Grace, that by the Innocence of my Life, and the Constancy of my Faith, I may glorify thy great and holy Name.

13. Grant me the true Circumcision of the Spirit, that my Heart and all my Mem. bers being mortified from all worldly and carnal Lusts, I may in all Things obey thy blessed Will. : 14. Gránt that I being regenerate and made thy Child by Adoption and Grace, may renewed by thy Holy Spirit, till I come to the Measure of the Stature of the Fulness of Christ, unto a perfect


15. Enable me to love my Enemies, and to do good to those that hate me, and pray for them that despitefully use me, and perfecute me, in Obedience to the Command,


and in Imitation of the Example of my great Lord and Niaster Christ Jesus.

Occasional Fjaculations for our Advancement and Improvement in a Christian Life.

1. SET a Watch O Lord, before my

Mouth, and keep the Door of my


2. O let not mine Heart be inclined to any evil Thing; let me not be occupied in ungodly Works.

3. Ó hold thou up my Goings in thy Paths, that my Footsteps slip not.

4. Cause me to know the Way wherein I should walk, for I lift up my Soul unto thee.

5. Make thou thy Servant to delight in that which is good.

6. Grant that all carnal Affections may die in me, and that all Things belonging to the Spirit may live and grow in me.

7. Deliver me, O Lord, from the Occafions of Sin, and the Importunities of such as delight in Folly. Deliver me from the Snare of enticing Company, and the dangerous Infection of ill Example.

8. Grant,

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