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Another Morning Pray er for a Family.

ALMIGHTY and everlasting God, in whom we live, and move, and have our Being, and whose Mercy is over all -thy Works; we thy needy Creatures, in -a thankful Sense or thy good Providence over us, do render thee our humblest Praises for thy Preservation of us from the Beginning of our Lives to this Time. Blessed be thy holy Name for the continual Protection of thy Hand, by which we have been defended amidst the Changes and Miseries of this mortal Life, and .delivered from innumerable Dangers, and particularly from any evil Accident of the Night past. To thy watch* Wkm Dis- fu] Providence we wholly owe 'ES'le/sZ ic> * that no Disturbance hath family, instead come nigh us, or our Dwell

^TThsrnot- *no ' Duttnat we have enjoy withstanding ed quiet and refreshing Sleep,

*ur Fears and aU(] are brought in Safety to Dangers, we" . ,-, . ~ r , . J\

are brought in the beginning or this Day. Safety to the por these and all other thy th«lDay3 ° Mercies,ourSouls do bless and magnify thy glorious Name, - . ~ .V. humbly humbly beseeching Thee to accept this our MorningSacrisice of Praise and Thanksgiving,for the Sake of JesusChrist our Saviour.

And since it is of thy Mercy, O gracious Father, that another Day is adding to our Lives; let us dedicate both our Souls and Bodies to Thee and thy Service, to promote thy Glory and our own Salvation, in a sober, righteous, and godly Life.

But, Lord, thou knowest the Weakness' and Corruption of our Nature, and the manifold Temptations that we daily meet with, we therefore humbly beseech thee to have Compassion upon our Insirmities, and to give us the constant Assistance of thy Grace and Holy Spirit, that we may be effectually restrained from Sin, and excited to our Duty. Suffer us not to be tempted above what we are able; and when thou seest us giving Way to any Temptation, stretch forth thy helping Hand to save and deliver us. Imprint in our Hearts such a Dread of thy Judgments, and such a Love of thy Goodness towards us, as may make us both afraid, and ashamed to offend thee. And above all, keep in our Minds a lively Remembrance of that great Day in which we must give a strict Account of our Thoughts, Words, and Actions, and according cording to the Works done in the.Body, be either eternally rewarded or punished by him whom Thou hast appointed Judge of Quick and Dead, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Wherefore, we beseech Thee, give us Grace to have Thee and thy Law always before our Eyes, that we may walk therein according to thy Will, with Watchfulness and Circumspection. Keep us sober and temperate, and the several States and Conditions which thy Providence hath appointed for us. Grant us Patience under any Affliction thou shalt see sit to lay upon us, and Minds always contented, with our present Condition. Give us Grace to be j.ust and upright in all our Dealings, quiet and peaceable, full of Compassion towards the Needy and Afflicted, and ever do good to all Men, according to the Abilities and Opportunities which Thou shalt give us; that so walking faithfully before Thee all our Days, and being found watching whenever our appointed Time shall come, we may from a Life of Righteousness, be translated to Life and Bliss eternal. And we humbly beg thy Blessing this pay upon our honest Designs and Undertakings. Direct us. in all our Ways, and prosper the Work of our Hjinds. Let thy • .... good

good Providence watch over us, and pre* serve us in our Going out and Coming in. Desend us from all Dangers andAdversities, and be thou graciously pleased to take us, and all Things belonging to us, into thy Fatherly Care and Protection. These Things, O Lord, and whatever else Thou leest needful and convenient both for our_ Souls and Bodies, we humbly beg of Thee for the Sake of thy Son Jesus Christ; ia whose most holy Name and Words we pray unto thee for ourselves and all Mankind. ;,.': !..; , Our Father, &c.

Another Evening Prayer/or a Family.

MOST Gracious and Merciful God, who art of purer Eyes than to beheld Iniquity, and haft promised Mercy and Forgiveness to all them who confess and forsake their Sins ; we come besore Thee; in ,au .humble,; Sense,; of,, pur own Unworthiness, acknowledging .our» manifold Transgressions; of. thy righteous, Laws, in-Thought, Word, and. Deed; we. have done thole Things which Thou hastj forbidden,, aind , lejfjt .uncjpne ;the.; '.' ;ii q which'


which Thou hast commanded; so that when we look back upon our past Lives, and remember that Thou art privy to our most secret Sins, we are afraid of Thy Judgments, and ashamed to lift up our Eyes unto Thee. But, O gracious Father, who desirest not the Death of a Sinner, Jook upon us, we beseech Thee, in thy Sou Jesus Christ; for the Merits of his Sufferings, be Thou merciful to us, in the Pardon of our Sins; make us deeply sensible of the great Evil and Danger of them, and work in us a hearty Contrition: And grant that the Remembrance of them may be more grievous and afflicting to us, than of any other Evil whatsoever; that we worthily lamenting our Transgressions, and being brought to a hearty Repentance and Amendment of Life,may obtain Forgiveness at thy Hands, who art ever ready to receive humble and penitent Sinners, for the Sake of thy Son Jesus Christ, our only Saviour and Redeemer.

And lest, through our own Frailty, or the Temptations that encompass us, we be drawn again to our former Sins, vouchsafe us, we beseech Thee, the Direction and Assistance of thy Holy Spirit, that as thou hast put into our Hearts good Desires, so by the "9 - Help

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