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eft) in a profane or unworthy Manner; while others have been offering up their Prayers and Praises to thy Divine Majesty, or listening to thy holy Word, my Eyes have been frequently wandering after Va. nity, and my Mind full of idle and impertinent, and many Times (alas! with Shame I confess it) 'of wanton and lascivious Thoughts. ' nie.

O Lord! I dare not say, that I have spent any one Day of my Life to thy Honour and Glory; but how many Days, nay Years, have I spent in the Service of Sin, in Luft and Intemperance; Brutishness and Sensuality; in profaning thy Sabbaths, abusing thy sacred Name, ridiculing thy holy Word, despising thy Ministers, and making a Jest of all that is serious ?

I have been proud and envious, lustful and intemperate, passionate and angry, full of Malice, Hatred, and Revenge; I have been guilty of slandering and abusing, injuring and defrauding of my Neighbour; or of lewd Actions, and obsčene Discourses; of profane and filthy Jests; and of frequent Curling, Swearing, and Lying. And more particularly, O Lord, I do most sorrowfully confess, and lament before thee, to whom all Things are naked and open, that I have

most been

most grievously offended thee by—[Here name Particulars. 1

And besides the Guilt of these my Sins, I have greatly increased it by the Sins of others. How many have been tempted and persuaded to sin against thee, either by my Advice, Encouragement, or ill Example! Alas! I have not only been wicked, very wicked myself, but, with Shame and Sorrow I confess it, I have been instrumental in making others fo too; particularly-Here again may be named any par. ticular Sin of this Nature.] Lord, what Scandal have I brought to Religion, what Dishonour to thy Name; what Reproach to the Christian Profession by these my wicked and sinful Practices !

And what shall I now say unto thee, O God, whose Goodness I have thus abused; whose Mercies I have flighted; whose Promises and Threatenings, declared in the Gospel, I have rejected ; and whose Judgments I have despised? What Hope can I entertain of the Merits of a Saviour, whose Blood I have as it were trampled under Foot! or what Comfort can I expect from the kind Influences of the ever blessed Spirit, whose Motions I have so often rejected; whose Calls and Invitations I have so long

been deaf to, and whom I have so often grieved by my wicked and finful Practices!

Oh! whither shall I fly then for Succour! Who shall deliver me from the Wrath of that God, whom I have thus offended ? Shall I call upon the Mountains to cover me, or the Deep to swallow me up? Alas, there is nothing can hide me from his all-searching Eye: O blessed Saviour of the World! Thou alone art my Refuge; in thee is all my Hope, all my Şupport; and if thou rejectest me, I am loft and undone for ever: Oh! turn not away thy Face from me, nor calt thy Servant away in Displeasure: Be thou my Ad. vocate with the Father, and let thy Blood be the Propitiation for my Sins. · And, O most merciful Father, thou infinite and compassionate Lover of Souls ! who delightest not in the Death of the Wicked, nor despisest the Tears of a returning Sinner, for the Sake of thy dear Son, I most earnestly beseech thee to hear the Groans of me, a miserable Sinner, who am ready to sink under the heavy Weight and Burden of Sin. Look with Pity upon me, I humbly intreat thee, who am not worthy, I confess, to lift up my polluted Eyes to Heaven; my Sins have made me


the just Object of thy Wrath! and shouldelt thou now be deaf to all my Supplications, it would be but a just Return for my having so long refused to hearken to thy gracious Calls and Invitations to Repentance. O miserable Wretch that I am ; that I should ever thus offend so good, fo merciful a Fa. ther; that ever I should make him my Enemy, who is the kindest, and the best of Friends! Lord, I condemn myself, and abhor the Follies of my past Life; my Flesh trembleth for Fear of thee, and I am horribly afraid of thy Judgments; for who can stand in thy Sight when thou art angry? or who is able to abide the Fury of thy Wrath?

O my God! I have no hope but in that Mercy of thine, which thou hast manifested in the Redemption of the World, by thy Son Christ Jesús; that alone is the Support of my Soul under all its Sorrow and Anguilh ; in him I know and am assured, that thou art a merciful God, full of Compassion, Long-suffering, and of great Pity; thou fparest when we deserve Punishment, and in thy Wrath thinkest upon Mercy: Spare me, therefore, O good Lord, spare me, and be not angry with me for ever: Wash away all my Sins in the Blood of thy dear Son, who came into the World to fave

Sinners ;

Sinners; and for the Sake of his meritorious Death and Passion, and for all the Sufferings which he underwent for the Sins of 1 the whole World ; pardon and forgive, I most earnestly, and most unfeignedly beseech thee, all the Sins and Transgressions of my past Life, more particularly — Cleanse thou me, O my God, from all my secret and unknown Sins; and O! be thou reconciled unto me, and receive me to thy Favour, which, though I have hitherto fo foolishly slighted, yet I now value and prefer above all the Pleasures of this world. Alas! my Lusts and Passions have for a long Time had the Dominion over me; they have blinded and seduced me, and my whole Life has been one continued Error and Mistake; but, Lord, thou haft been pleased to open my Eyes, when I was just at the very Brink of Destruction, and Thewn me the Precipice I was falling into; and now I see and condemn the Folly of my past Life, and am sensible that unless thy Pity had interposed, I must have perished for ever. O let that infinite Love which moved thee to fo astonishing a Mercy, be still continued to me, a poor, wretched, helpleis Creature; shew thou me the Path that leads to everlasting Life, and give me such a Sense


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