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the End and Aim of all my Actions; and which directs to all those Means which thou hast graciously established for the working out my Salvation. . .

That my precious Time may not be employed in hunting after Trifles; that my natural Talents may not be buried and drowned in brutish Sensuality; that my Study may not be Vanity, nor my Labour Folly; but that framing a right Judgment in all Things, I may fix my Mind upon ..those Pleasures which are at thy Right Hand, which are permanent and durable.

And that the great Care and Business of my Life may be to obtain thy Favour, who art the Sovereign Good of my Soul, and who only canst satisfy all my Desires. ; : To this End, inure me to fpiritual Objeets by constant and fervent Prayer, by entertaining my Thoughts with pious Meditations, by reading and hearing thy holy Word with Reverence and Attention, and by frequently approaching thy Altar with Humility and Devotion.. im

And above all, let a constant Fear of offending thee, my God, pụt me upon my Guard, and make me watchful amidst those imminent Dangers and Temptations that furround me in this my Pilgrimage on Earth,

M 5: Thou

Thou, O Lord, who resisteth the Proud, and givest Grace to the Lowly, endue me with true Humility, the Model of which thy only Son traced out for the Practice of the Faithful.

That I may have a juft Sense of all my Weaknesses and Follies, and may readily submit to the meanest Offices for the Wel. fare and Benefit of iny Fellow-Christians.

That I may restrain all immoderate Desires of Honour, by doing nothing through Strife or Vain-Glory; and that I may never exalt myself upon the Account of any - Advantage I enjoy of Body or Mind above

others, by remembring that it is not the · Effect of my Merit, but of thy infinite Goodness and distinguishing Mercy.

Oh! deliver me from the Slavery and Dominion of Pride, which threw. Angels from Heaven, and drove Man out of Paradise, which produces so much Evil and Torment wherever it resides, and which, above all, is so hateful in thy Sight.

III. Grant, O Lord, that I may love, thee above all Things, who art infinitely perfect in thy Nature. .

That I may desire thee above all Things, who art full of Mercy and Compassion towards the Children of Men.


Who is there in Heaven but thee? And who upon Earth that I can desire in Comparison of thee? As the Hart thirsteth after the Water-Brooks, so let my Soul long after thee, O God. · Let the Allurements of the World, and the Enjoyments of Sense, appear as trifling Entertainments, in Comparison of the Pleasure and Happiness of serving thee, and doing Good.

Let the Difficulties and Dangers which I meet with in the Way of my Duty, be to far from discouraging me, that they may excite my Zeal, increase my Resolution, and ferve only to make the Pleasure of loving thee more intense and perfect.

Let the Divine Flame of thy Love burn fo bright in my Soul, that it may free my Mind from all vile Affections, and may

influence all my Actions; so that I may . carefully observe all thy holy Laws, and

farther evidence its Certainty, by diligently consulting the temporal and spiritual Happiness of my Neighbour.

O! let it fuppress all the bitter Effects of Envy, that I may.compassionate the Miffortunes of others, and rejoice in all good Things thou art pleased to bestow upon


[blocks in formation]

That I may be tender of my Neighbour's Reputation, and never expofe it to rash Cenfures, nor diminish it by the Relation of his real Infirmities.

That I may guard my Heart from secretly repining at his Prosperity, or triúmphing in his Calamity.

That I may fet a IVatch upon the Door of my Lips; that I may speak no Evil concerning him, nor utter any Words of Detraction. .

That it may quiet and appeafe the furious Boiling of Anger in my Mind, by making me patient and meek under all Provocations, by disposing me to forgive Offences, and never to return any injurious Treatment. . · That it may conquer worldly Sorrow, which worketh Death, by a comfortable Expectation of future Happinefs.

That it may expel Malice, by doing Good; that it may strengthen my Weakness, by Fortitude'; cure my Despair, by Hope ; my Listlessness, by spiritual Exercises; and restrain the Wanderings of my Mind towards unlawful Things, by making me steadfast and unmoveable in the Work of the Lord. IV. Give me, O Lord, a sober Abstie


nence, that I may know how to abound, and how to want.'. .

That my Appetites may be kept under strict Government, since the indulging of them by our first Parents brought Death into the World.

That they may always observe their due Bounds, by administering to the Necessities of Life, and never support and encourage Luxury, which is boundless and infinite, which brings forth Scurrility, and Immodesty, which depresses the Soul, and renders it unapt for spiritual Enjoyments.

Make me fo mindful of that strict Account I must give of all my Actions, at the dreadful Tribunal Seat, that it may mortify all Inclinations and Temptations to finful Pleasures.

And stir me up to Zeal and Diligence in performing all those Things which are acceptable in thy Sight, through Jesus Chrift our Lord. Amen. - .

This may be added, with regard to the Rem .:. cerving the Holy Sacrament. :

In order to attain these blessed Ends, O Lord, I approach thy holy Table, that I


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