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Hopes and my Desires, upon those Joys that will never fade ; upon those Pleasures, which are at thy right Hand for evermore. · And grant, o merciful Father, that every one of those who are Sharers with me in this Affliction, may be Partakers likewise of thy Support and Comfort ; teach us all fo to number our Days, that we may apply our Hearts unto true Wifdomn; and fo to fit and prepare ourselves for that great Account which we must one Day give, that when the Time of our appointed Change shall come, we may look up to thee with Joy and Comfort, and may at last be received into that Place of Rest and Peace, where all Tears fhall be wiped from our Eyes, and all our Troubles and Sorrows shall have an End; through the Merits and for the Sake of our blefled Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ. Amen,

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A Prayer for a Woman who has lost her

Blessed Lord, whose Providence or-

dereth all Things both in Heaven and Earth ; thou givest, and thou takest away; thou liftest up and thou castest down; whatever befals us is by thy wise


· Appointment; even the smallest as well as the greatest Accidents of our Live; are directed by thy Hand: Thou hast taken from me my dear Husband, a Blessing I was no longer worthy of; 0, be thou merciful unto me, and for the Sake of my dear Redeemer, pardon the unworthy Returns I have made for the Blessings thou hast been pleased to follow me with all my Life long; and give me Grace, I beseech thee, patiently to submit to the Afflictions which thou hast now brought upon me, and not murmur or repine under the Stroke of thy chastising Hand. • Suffer me not, O holy Father, to grieve like those that have no Hope, nor to entertain any hard Thoughts of thy Providence, because thou haft taken from me the great Comfort of my Life: I know thou canst abundantly make up this Loss 'to me, by giving me Blessings far greater, -and much more valuable, such as no Happiness in this World can compare with. * I desire therefore, O Lord, to submit to thy Will, and to repose myself under the Care of thy good Providence, assuredly believing that I can never be destitute whilst I have thee for my Friend, nor miferable so long as thou art my Portion. . . 04.


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O be thou then to me, whatever I may want of outward Helps : And though thou haft been pleased to take from me lo great a Temporal Bleffing, yet O let me never be deprived of thy spiritual Mercies: Whatever Comforts thou deniest me, deny me not, I befeech thee, the Comfort of thy Love : but let that be my Portion and Inheritance, the Support of my Life, and the Relief of my Soul, under all the Troubles and Afflictions of this World.

Raife me up Friends, O Lord, that may allift me in all my Exigences; but efpecially do thou teach and inftruet me, that I may manage thofe Affairs which are now devolved upon me, with Prudence, Justice, and Integrity..

Let not my Carriage and Behaviour, O Lord, be vain and fantastic, light and foolish, but decent and modeft, fuitable to the Condition thou haft been pleased to bring me to, and such as becomes a Woman profeffing Godliness.

i Grant that I may educate This is to be amitted where the my Children in å holy and Woman has no religious Manner, and bring Children. them up in the Fear and Admonition of thee the Lord: And Oh! let thy Blessing be always upon their Heads :

Give them Grace to hearken to wife Instruction, and defend them from the Evils and Temptations of this World. O Lord, they are now cast upon thy Care, O be thou their Father; and never leave them nor forfake them; but let thy Providence be their Support, and thy Spirit their Guide and Counsellor.

And grant, O merciful Father, that both they and I may learn, from the Instability of human Comforts, to delight more in thya felf, and less in earthly Things. Let us never think ourselves unhappy while we can enjoy thee, nor murmur or repine at any Loffes, fo long as we are the Objects of thy Love, and the Care of thy good. Providence: And Oh! give us Grace so to live, that we may comfortably look up to thee, at all Times, as our constant Friend, and most tender Father ;: as our Life and

our Health ; our Rest and our Joy ;, thro · Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

An Office for Women with Child. A Prayer to be frequently used by a Woman

zeith Child. : God, who art the Author of our Bev ing, the Fountain of Life, and of all

Blessings Spiritual and Temporal; Thou ·art great and dost wondrous Things, thou art God alone; I adore thy glorious Majesty, which has begun an excellent Work in me, which no Exe but thine fees, and no Hand but thy Almighty Power can finish.

Be pleased, I beseech thee, in thy great Goodness, to perfect and complete that · which thou hast now begun in me; give it its due Shape and full Growth, and preferve me from all Frights, or evil Accidents, which may cause me to miscarry.

And bless it, o God, in Mind, as well as in Body; endue it with an Understanding capable to know thee, with a Heart Itrongly bent to fear thee, and with all those holy and good Dispositions, that may make it always amiable in thy Sigbt. Oh! fanctify it, I beseech thee, from the Womh, and receive and reckon it for thy Child, as


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