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foon as it is mine ; lent to me for my Comfort, but created and reserved by thee, for thy Service and Glory....

O Lord, I humbly commit both myself and this Babe which is conceived in me to thy Mercy and Goodnefs: Strengthen and enable me, I beseech thee, to go thro? all the Pains and Uneafiness, of Childbearing, with Patience and Submission to thy Will; confidering, that they are the just Punishment of Sin : Give me an hum; ble Trust and Dependance on thy Fatherly Care and Good Providence, and make me, in thy good Time, a joyful Mother of a hopeful Child, which may live to be an Instrument of thy Glory, and by ferving thee faithfully, and doing Good in its Generation, may be received into thy everlasting Kingdom, through Jesus Christ our Lord and only Saviour. Amen. . .

A Prayer when the Time of Travail dr aweth


'n GOD, the Help of all that put their

✓ Trust in thee; the Support of the · Weak, and the Relief of the Needy ; look with Pity upon me thy Servaut, who, in my best Estate, am but a weak and helpless


Creature, Creature, and much more in the Condition I am now in, which is attended with many Pains and Uneafineffes ; under which nothing but thy Power is able to support me.

O Lord, in thee is my Trust, who I know art able and willing to help me; I repose myself, therefore, under the Care and Protection of thy Fatherly Goodness, desiring to rest upon thee alone for my Support, who art the Rock of Ages, and the Strength of all that put their Trust in thee. Oh! let me not be disquieted with the Fear of any Evil, fince none can happen unto me without thy Leave, nor be frighted with the Approach of any Pains; but give me Grace patiently to refign mytelf to thy bleffed Will in all Things, who knoweft what is best for me, and who, I trust, will not lay upon me more than thou wilt enable me to bear.

O Lord, be thou gracioufly pleafed to proportion thy Strength to my Weakness; and when Pains and Sorrows have taken hold on me, leave me not under them, I beseech thee, but fave and deliver me for thy Mercy's Sake: And as I have hitherto experienced thy Fatherly Goodnefs in every State and Condition of my Life; so let me ftill find the Continuance of it, to carry me


through all the Troubles and Uneasinesses of this Life, and more particularly, to enable me to go through the Time of my Travail, which is now drawing near at hand.

O Lord, pardon thofe Sins, that have made me unworthy of thy Care, and deal not with me as I have deserved, but accord ing to thy Mercy, and the Merits of thy dear Son Jefus Chrift the Righteous ; to whom with thee, O Father, and the blessed Spirit, be all Honour, Glory, Power, Thanksgiving, and Praise, both now and for evermore. Amer.

Ejaculations to be ufed by a Woman during

the Time of her Labour. SAVE, Lord, and hear me, O King of D Heaven, now I call upon thee in this Time of my Trouble.

Be not thou far from me, O Lord; thou art my Succour, hafte thee to help me.

Oh! remember not my Sins and Offences; but according to thy Mercy think thou upon me, O Lord, for thy Goodness. · The Sorrows of my Heart are enlarged; Oh! bring thou me out of my Troubles.


i Look upon my Adversity and Misery, and forgive me all my Sins; that I may thew the Voice of Thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous Works.

O hide not thou thy Face from me: nor caft thy Servant away in Displeasure. Thou haft been my Succour; leave me not, neither forsake me, O God of my Salvation.

Hear me, O Lord, for thy Lovingkindness is comfortable : turn thee unto me, according to the Multitude of thy Mercies. .

Thou art my Helper and Redeemer, make no long tarrying, O my God, nor fuffer me to sink under the Burden of iny Pains.

Omy Soul, wait thou still upon God; for my Hope is in him. - In God is my Health and my Glory,

the Rock of my Might; and in God is my Trust.

Oh! be thou my Help in this Time of my Trouble; for without thee vain is the · Help of Man. . .. Oh! look upon me, and be merciful

unto me, as thou usest to be unto those that I love thy Name.

O Lord,

O Lord, let it be thy Pleasure to deliver me; make haste, O Lord, to help me.

A Prayer to be used by a Husband, or other

Friend in private, for a Wojnun in Labour; and which by changing I for we, may be used by the Friends of the Woman in her Prefence.

O God, our Refuge and Strength, I fly

' unto thee for Succour, in behalf of thy Servant, now labouring under the Pains and Anguish of Child-birth. Shorten her Sorrows, increase her Patience, and lay not upon her more than thou wilt enable her to bear. . . ... ... .

hear her:Prayers, and let her Crying ., come unto thee: Forsake. her..not, I be

feech thee, when her Strength faileth : Give her an humble Trust and Confidence in thy Goodness; and Oh! let her find, that the Supports and Comforts of thy Holy Spirit far exceed the Pains that the is now to go through. : ilo ' .

Give her quiet Submission to thy blesfed Will, and in thy good I ime tend her . Ease and Deliverance. Preserve that In: fant which now ftruggles for its Birth;


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