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A Prayer that may frequently be used the Week -preceding the Sacrament, and which may be added to our Devotions the Morning we receive.

f\ Almighty God and merciful Father, ^^ who hast given thy only Son Jesus . Christ to die for us, who didst institute a Holy Feast in Commemoration of that his most precious Death, thereby to preserve in our Minds a constant Remembrance of his great Love in laying down his Life for our Sakes; I thy unworthy Servant, who am now invited to thy Holy Table, dohumbly adore thy divine Majesty, acknow

knowledging that I am not worthy of my daily Bread, much less of that which came down from Heaven, and which thou hast given to be the Food and Nourishment of our Souls.

I confess, O Lord, my Sins may justly cause me to tremble, when I appear before thee ; but, O most merciful Father, encouraged by thy wonderful Goodness, in giving thy Son to die for all penitent and returning Sinners, I present myself before thee at this Time; beseeching thee in great Humility, to admit me to thy Holy Table, that I may taste and see how gracious thou art, and how wonderful in thy Doings to* wards the Sons of Men. , O make my Longings and Desires after this Divine Food some Way answerable to my great Need of it: that my Soul being sensible of all its Wants, may no longer seek for Relief from the unsatisfying Objects of this World ; but coming to thy Holy Table with a true spiritual Hunger and Thirst, may there sind a full Supply of all those Graces and Blessings- that it stands in ib much Need of. ..'•..

• And to this End, O Lord, sit and prepare, my Heart to partake of ib great-a Mercy, by giving me a just Abhorrence of


my own Unworthiness, and an unfeigned Repentance of all my Sins. Root out of my Heart all sinful and corrupt Affections, all Prejudice, Hatred, and Ill-will; and plant all those devout and piouSj charitable, and humble Dispositions, that become the Worshippers of the Holy Jesus; that when I presume to appear before thee, I may bring with me a Heart raised above the. Corruptions that are in the World, and full of. the strongest Desires and Resolutions of loving and serving thee.

Deliver me, O my God, from all Coldness and Formality, when I attend upon thee in holy and religious Duties; and grant that by going to' this Holy Feast, 1 may have my Pardon sealed, my Weaknesses repaired., all my evil Inclinations subdued, my Faith strengthened, my Hopes enlarged, my Charity increased, and my Soul so entirely and inseparably united unto thee, that nothing may be ever able to dissolve the Union; but that being begun here in Grace, it may hereafter be consummated in Glory, through the Merits of him that died for me, even the Son of thy eternal Love, Jesus Christ the Righteous; to whom with thee, O Father, and the Holy Spirit, be ascribed, as is most due, all Honour, Glory,

Power, Power, Thanksgiving, and Praise, both now and for evermore. Amen.


Some Motives, Diretlions and AJfiJlance for Examination, may be sound in the Office ss Humiliation, in the Second Part; alja a General Consejfion, and other Prayers, 'which may be ujed in our Preparations for the Sacrament.

Prayers in the Church, fbme or all of which may be used as there is Opportunity; that is, as there are more or fewer to receive.

A Prayer to prepare our Minds for the De* void Celebration of the Lord's Sapper; that may be used, if the Time will permit, before Divine Service begins, or otherwise, as soon as the Sermon is ended.

ALmighty God, by whose Bounty and Goodness I have now an Opportunity offered me of approaching fehy Table, and of pleading before thee the prevailing Merits of the Death and Passion of thy Son Jesus Christ: I am sensible, O Lord, of my great Unworthiness ; but the positive Command of my blessed Saviour, when he was


about to lay down his Life for my Sake, has made it absolutely necessary; and the many spiritual Wants I labour under, oblige me to apply to this sovereign Remedy, for the Repair of those Breaches my sinful Follies have made in my Soul.

Assist me, therefore, O Lord, with thy Holy Spirit, in the great Duty and Service I am about to perform; grant that nothing during ail the Time of this holy Action, may make me unmindful of that Reverence and Respect which I owe unto, thy Divine Majesty, or that Attention which becomes the Celebration of these holy Mysteries. Fill my Heart with such an Awe of thy Presence, as may six my wandering Thoughts, compose my disorderly Affections, and stir up my faint and cold Desires, that I may feel the Power, and taste the Sweetness of this Divine Banquet.

Grant that I may have such a Sense o£ my Saviour's Sufferings, as may sill my Soul with Love and Gratitude towards him, for those inestimable Benesits he has purchased for me; that I may have such a Sight of my Sins, which occasioned all his Sorrows, as heartily to bewail and detest them; such a Faith in that full perfect Oblation and

P Satisfaction

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