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Safety and Defence against all the Attacks of my spiritual Enemies;

Vigour and Strength to all my holy Purposes and Resolutions ;

Comfort and Support under all the AfAictions and Calamities of Life ;

Assistance and Direction under all Difficulties and Doubts ;

Courage and Constancy under all Dangers and Persecutions, especially in Times of Sickness, and at the Hour of Death ;

Finally, let it procure for me Pardon and Forgiveness in this Life, Mercy and Favour at the Day of Judgment, and a never-fading Crown of Glory in thy Heavenly Kingdom, where with thy Son Jesus Christ, and the blessed Spirit, thou livest and reignest one God, World without End Amen.

- Here, or before we receive, if there is 6 Time, and the devout Communicant is • disposed fo to employ himself, may be used • the Petitions for the Virtues of a Christian · Life, or the Prayer for the Whole State of Mankind, or the Thanksgiving for • God's Mercies, spiritual and temporal, ' in the Second Part. 6 When all have communicated, and the • Priest returns to the remaining Part of " the Communion Office, we must leave • our private Devotions, and accompany • him with our devouteft Affections.'

i Priest

A Mort Prayer when the Communion Service

is ended.

Pardon, O God, all those Imperfections

that have accompanied me at this Time, in my Attendance at thy Altar; forgive the Deadness and Dulness of my Affections, the Wanderings of my Thoughts, and the Distractions of my Mind

Let the Sincerity of my holy Purposes and Resolutions be accepted, notwithstanding my Weakness and Frailty.

Oh! let this Commemoration of my crucified Saviour, influence all my Thoughts, Words, and Actions, that my Conversation may be as becometh the Gospel of Christ.

Reward me not according to my Deserts, but according to my great Necessities, and thy own rich Mercy in Jesus Christ; to whom with thee, O God the Father, and God the Holy Ghost, be all Honour and Glory, World without End. Amen.

• Where Communions are large, we may

I want fome Exercises for the employing

our devout Affections; and the Office for ( the Administration of the Holy Communion "o contains such a Variety of excellent. • Mater for Meditation, that it may not be 6 improper to entertain our Minds, while • others are receiving, with the Considera• tion of some particluar Parts of it. This • may possibly be fometimes more useful • than either these or any other Prayers ; « more especially to fuch as complain of • Coldness and Dulness in their Devotions ;

for Meditation naturally tends to warm

our Affections, and raise in our Minds a • Spirit of Devotion.

- For Example : Suppose I had detero mined to meditate on some part or Parts 6 of the Confession, which begins thus :

Almighty God, Father of our Lord Jesus Chrift, Maker of all Things, Judge of all Men: Here I would stop, and consider «well the Import of these Words: They

contain four of God's most comprehenfive « Titles. First, he is here faid to be Almighty: Secondly, The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ: Thirdly, The Maker and Creator of all Things : Fourthly, The Judge of all Men. The Confideration of the first and last will provoke us to godly

• Sorrow,

• Sorrow, and the second and third will ex6 cite our Hope in his Mercy. So that from • hence we may take Occasion to exercise • Acts of Sorrow and Humiliation, of • Hope and Love, &c. thus : I consider, O my God, that I have offended thee, who art Almighty, and therefore able to punifh; but I confider too, that thou art the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and therefore I cannot doubt of thy Love to me, and of thy Readiness to forgive me, who repent 6 and turn to thee. Such Ejaculations • might be formed from each of these Par6 ticulars, or from any other parts of the 6. Communion-Office ; or we may medi• tate on such of the following Texts of - Scripture, or others, as may most excite o our Devotion, or further us in the Way 6. of Piety. ... - If ye therefore be rifen with Chrift, "feek thofe Things which are above, where • Christ sitteth at the Right Hand of God. • Set your Affections on Things above, not 6 on Things on the Earth, Col. iii. 1, 2.

• Love not the World, nor the Things o that are in the World. If any Man love " the World, the Love of the Father is not « in him. For all that is in the World, the

• Lust Luft of the Flesh, and the Lust of the · Eyes, and the Pride of Life, is not of the • Father, but is of the World, 1 John ii. '15, 16.

• Mortify therefore your Members, 6 which are on the Earth; Fornication, • Uncleanness, inordinate Affection, evil • Concupiscence, and Covetousness, which

is Idolatry. For which things Sake, the • Wrath of God cometh on the Children of Disobedience, Col. iii. 5, 6.

• He that committeth Sin is of the De• vil; for the Devil finneth from the Begin

ning. For this Purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy "the Works of the Devil, 1 John iii. 8.

If ye live after the Flesh, ye shall die; - but if ye, through the Spirit, do mortify . the Deeds of the Body, ye shall, live, Rom. i. 12.

• They that are Christ's, have crucified • the Flesh, with its Affections and Lusts, · Gal. v. 24.

. Knowing this, that our old Man is. • crucified with him, that the Body of Sin • might be destroyed, that henceforth we • should not serve Sin, Rom. vi. 6..

Take Heed and beware of Covetous. "nefs; for a Man's Life confifteth not in

o the

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