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'him.deny himself, and take up his Cross 'daily, and follow me, Luke ix. 23.

* He that taketh not his Cross, andfol'loweth after me, is not worthy of me,

* Matt. x. 38.

. 'If thy right Eye offend thee, [that is, 'any Lust as dear as aright Eye] pluck it

* out, and cast it from thee; for it is prosit

* able for thee, that erne of thy Members 'should perish, and not that thy whole Body 'should be cast into Hell, Matt. v. 29.

. 'And if thy right Hand offend thee

* \that is, any Lwfi-as dear as a right Hand] 'cut it off, and cast it from thee; for it is

* prositable for thee, that onq of thy Mem'bers should perish, and not that thy

* whole Body should be cast into Hell, 4 Matt. v. 30.

« Enter ye in at the strait Gate, for wide '. is the Gate, and broad is the Way that 'leadeth to Destruction, and many there 'be that go in thereat; because strait Is 'the Gate, and narrow w the Way which 'leadeth unto Life, and few there be that c sind it, Matt. vii. 13, 14.

* He that loveth Father or Mother more

* than me, is not worthy of me; and he 'that loveth Son or Daughter more than 'me, is not worthy of me, Matt. x. 37

6 * Who

'Whosoever shall be ashamed of me,

* and of my Words, of him shall the Son

* of Man be ashamed, when he shall come 'in his own Glory, and in his Father's,

* and of the Ploly Angels, Luke ix. 26.

* Peter began to fay unto him, Lo, we

* have left all and followed thee. And Je

* sus answered and said, Verily I say unto

* you, there is no Man that hath left House, 4 or Brethren, or Sisters, or Father, ar Mo'ther, or Wife, or Children, or Lands, for 'my Sake, and the Gospel's; but he shall

* receive an hundred-fold now in this 'Time, Houses, and Brethren, and Sisters, 4 and Mothers, and Children, aud Lands,

* with Persecutions; and in the World to 'come, eternal Life, Mark x. 28, 29, 30.

* Whosoever will save his Life, shall lose

* it, but whosoever shall lose his Life for

* my Sake and the Gospel's, the same shall

* save it, Mark viii. 35.

4 What shall it prosit a Man, if he shall

* gain the whole World, and lose his own 'Soul? Mark viii. 36.

* This is the Will of God, even your

* Sanctisication, 1 TheJT. iv. 3.

* Blessed are they that do his Command

* ments, that they may have Right to the

* Tree of Life, and may enter in through

* the 'the Gates into the City (of the new Jeru

* salem) Rev. xxii. 14.

* Grace and Peace be multiplied unto

* you through the Knowledge of God, and

* of Jesus Christ our Lord, that hath called 'us to Glory and Virtue; whereby are 'given unto us exceeding great and pre'cious Promises; that by these you might

* be Partakers of the Divine Nature, hav

* ing escaped the Corruption that is in the 'World, through Lust,' 2 Pet. i. 2, 3, 4.

A Prayer in our Retirement after we are returned Home from the Lord's 'Table.

s\ Lord, my God! I acknowledge with ^^ all Thankfulness of Heart, thy great Mercy and Goodness, in giving me an Opportunity of approaching thy Holy Table; and in disposing my Mind to commemorate the insinite Lcve of my crucisied Saviour, to render him Thanks and Praise for laying down his Life as a Sacrisice for the Sins of the World, and to present unto thee that Sacrisice, as a full Satisfa6tion for them, whereby thou dost incline me humbly to hope for all the Benesits of his Death and Passion. „. ......


What Thanks, most gracious God, can' I return unto thy Divine Majesty, for impressing a Sense of my Duty upon my Mind, and for that Strength and Power whereby thou hast in some Measure enabled me to perform it r I will praise and magnify thy great and glorious Name, and I will entirely devote myself to thy Service, as long as I have any Being. I .'»'-

Blessed be thy Name for those fresh Sup plies of Grace I have received; grant that they may make me *un the Way of thy Commandments with Delight and Pleasure, that I may never any more faint ot droop, or tire in my Duty)

Blessed be thy Name for those comfortable Assurances thou hast givensim^of^aTdon and Forgiveness. 'Let'tbis thy compassionate Goodness be a perpetuatObliga-J tdon to Love and GratitudeV:-lLet! it pu* me upon my Guardj that? FmaJ'"watch over* all my Ways, and do always *fea* ^hich is? weil-pleasing in thy Sight. - • - . i

Blessed be thy.Nsm<^for-th"a* Pea<*<< ir*<$ Quiet thou hast restored to my Soul, for those Resolutions thou hast wrought in me to persevere in thy Service to the End of my Days: make them sirm, vigorous, and Q constant cqnstant i and never lei apy'sinful Passions any; more, ruffle and discompose my Mind.

Blessed &e thy /Name for that Relish thou hast given me os'spiritual Delights; that Desire of possessing, the eternal Inheritance: Let the Enjoyments of Sense appear mean and contemptible, and let not the Pleasures of the World.any more prevail upoa^me to transgress thy holy Laws, d ,);..-; .:••::

Grant, O Lord,that I.may walk worthy of these thy.distinguishing' Mercies, and live as becomes the Redeemed of the Lord. Without thee, O blessed ,]esijs, I can do nothing ;• without thee,. whovart the Son of Righteousness, I shall walk in • Darkness; without theej • who art 'the Physician of Souls, I shall:languish and die; without thee, who art the Joy of all devout Minds, I shall consume my Days away in Sadness. Remain therefore, Q Lord, and abide with me for ever: I (hall then be enabled to do thy Will in this Life, and thereby be qualisied to partake of thy Glories to all Eter^ nity in the next. ,Amen, Amen. L-l'.-^Wi

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