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Example of Jesus Christ, who went about doing Good, for whose Sake I befeech thee to hear me. Amen. ..

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A Prayer for a Perfon engaged in a Law.

Suit, or like to be fo.

Thou Sovereign Lord and Governor

of the World, to thee all Judgment belongs, and to thee. I submit myself, in the Caufe wherein I am slikely to be] engaged. I have endeavoured, according to the best of my Power and Skill, faithfully. to examine and consider the Justice of my Cause, before I durst lay it at thy Tribunal: Convince me, O Lord, if I am under any Mistake; direct and assist me under all the Difficulties and Incumbrances, which I am like to meet with; and in thy good Time, put a happy and peaceable End to the Bufiness which I am about to undertake, or] have undertaken. '. : To which End, give me that Wisdom from above, which is peaceable, gentle, and casy to be entreated; that nothing may be wanting, on my Part, to bring this Matter to a speedy and friendly Conclufion; and dispose the Heart of my contending Brother. to the like peaceable Inclination : Teach


us to lay aside all Fondness and Partiality, and enable us continually to practise that Christian and equitable Law, of doing as we would be done by.

But if this Matter be too hard for us, and if it be thy good Pleasure that I shall be engaged in a Law-Suit; [or, since it is thy good Pleasure, that I am engaged in Law] grant me the Help of thy Grace, that I may contend for Right more than Victory; that nothing may be done through Malice, Strife, Pride, or Vain-Glory; that no Profit or Advantage whatsoever may prevail, upon me to tranfgress the Laws of Justice and Charity ; nor any illegal Practice or hard Usage which I may meet with from my Adversary, ever provoke me to the like Injustice, or to any unchristian Behaviour towards him; but that during the whole Course of Law, I may preserve a friendly, peaceable, and equitable Temper of Spirit; submitting the Event to thy Fa. therly Wisdom and Disposition, who knowest what is most necessary and convenient for me.

And, I beseech thee to keep me constantly under such a Sense of thy All-feeing Providence, and such a Dread of thy Justice, that I may never offer, the least Wrong or

thy Cone willing ani but, on the Part III.


A Prayer for, &c. Part III. Injury to any Man; but, on the contrary, make me willing and ready, (according to thy Command) to suffer fome Injuries, rather than expose myself and Neighbour to those Evils and Temptations which we may be liable to in procuring a legal Satisfaction; especially, let me never dare to commit any Fraud or Oppression, under the Colour or Pretence of Law; nor venture to support myself in the most just Cause, by any unlawful Means. Make me prudently to consider, that whatever Injuries may happen to me, by the Fraud or Injustice of Man, are by 'thy Permission; as a Trial of my Patience, or a Correction of my Offences, or for some other wise and good End of thy Providence; and that thou, who art the Sovereign Disposer of all Things, canst, and I hope wilt, make up whatever Loss shall befal me, when it hath effected the Ends for which thou wast pleased to inflict it; that so in the mean Time I may be patient and submissive to thy Will, considering that thou hast an absolute Right to all that I possess. - I befeech thee, also, let the Remembrance of thy Mercies and Forgiveness towards me fill my Heart with such a Christian Love, 7d Compassion, that I may never contend

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with my Neighbour, to gratify my own corrupt Nature, nor take Delight in his Sufferings : But let the Sense of what thou haft done and suffered for me, banish all covetous Desires from my Soul, and excite in me a Compassion towards thy distressed Members; for thy Sake, forgiving my Fele low-Servants, as I hope myself to be fora given, when thou shalt come to judge the Quick and the Dead. Grant this, o merciful Father, for Jesus Christ's Sake, our only Saviour and Redeemer. Amen.

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A Prayer for one that deliberates about

i Marriage.

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2010 God, the Creator and Preserver of

V Mankind, who hast instituted the chat to holy State of Matrimony, as the only Way

to continue the World, and for the Comfort of Man's Life under the various Evils,

Cares, and Labours of it, by the mutual Soplezo ciety and Help that married Persons ought

to have one for the other, both in Prosperity

and Adversity, and for the Good of human eztem Society, by preventing many Confusions,

and promoting Concord therein: Grant . that now I have Thoughts of entering into this State, I may fo feriously consider the


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chief End of its Institution, as not to en: terprife the fame unadvisedly, lightly, or wantonly, to satisfy my carnal Lust or Appetites ; but reverently, discreetly, adri. fedly, soberly, and in the Fear of God. * Let me serioufly weigh, and consider be. forehand, the folemn Vow and Promise I shall then make, so as never to entertain any Thoughts of it, without a sincere Pur. pose of Heart, and a firm Refolution of Mind to perform the fame..

Let me consider, that if I marry, my fu. ture Happiness or Misery in Life will very much depend on the Choice I make; that with whomsoever I marry, I venture' the being happy or unhappy all my Days; and that I shall be obliged, by thy holy Laws, to love my Partner, and no other, till Death.

Let not a wild and sensual, a heedless This is to be and inconsiderate Spirit, rule ufed by a person me in this moinentous Change under the Care of. Parents or Guar- of my Life. : |And fince I am dians."' young and under the Care and Direction of others, as I expect thy Bleffing, let me listen to their Advice and better Judgment in this Matter.] :'.'

Let Reason and Religion, Prudence and Confideration, and above all, thy good Pro. Tidence, direct my Choice; and let my

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