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chief Ends be those for which Matrimony was ordained. I i;... .. ;! 20 Let me chiefly aim at Religion and Vir tué,: Wisdom land. Discretion, and such other good Qualities and Difpofitions in a Partner, ás are most likely to last and continue, and not such only as please: for a Time, and will bear little satisfactory Reflection afterwards. :* ::

O Lord the Sovereign and wife Difpofer

of all Things ! grant I may duly confider -_ that a Man's Heart deviseth a Way, and 1:27 proposeth a Design to make his Life easy Li and happy: Yet thou, O Lord, directeft

his Steps, and determinest the Event, and

giveft: fuch Issues as it pleases thee, and or when thou feeft fit, many Times quite bolso contrary to what he intended or persuaded , himself of; I know the Way of Manis -7 not in himself, it is not in Man that walks S eth, to direct his own. Steps....?? +266 Let me therefore in all my Ways acknowEm ledge thée, that thou mayest vouchsafe to

direct my Paths : Let me not trust to my 17, own Prudence, Care, Skill, or on any hu- man Aid; but let me seek to engage thy

good Providence on my Behalf, and only * Regard to do my own Duty ; because the D& Events are thine, and thou canst turn the fairest Prospects of Happinefs to my Punishmeut and Misery: And far be it from me, O God, to endeavour to rescue them oat of thy Hand, by Fraud or Falsehood, or by using any dishonest or unworthy Means to bring this or any other Purpose' about; al. ways remembering, that he that walketh uprightly, walketh furely. And let me wait thy Time, and think that always best: for thou only knoweft what Things are joined to, and are the Consequences of other, and what is fittest for me, and for my greateft Happiness ; and hast promised that all Things shall work together for Good to thofe that love thee: In Confidence hereof, let me rest satisfied with that State and Condition (whatever it be) that thou in thy Wisdom and Goodness fhalt order me. O Lord, vouchfafe to hear my Prayers, which I offer through the Mediation of Jesus Chril my Saviour. Amen. A Prayer for a Married Man in Behalf |

fairest who by thy Wisdom and Providence | has appointed the several Places and Sta. tions of Men in this World; thou hall

his Wife.'

Almighty God and merciful Father, called me to the State of Marriage, which is honourable, because instituted by thee; and


which thou hast ordained for the Comfort -* and Happiness of us thy Creatures, and for many other wise and good Ends. Sanctify it to me, I humbly befeech thee, and grant that I may never abuse it to any base or un, worthy Purposes; but so behave myself under this, and all other Conditions of my Life, as becomes the Servant of the ever*blessed Jesus. i To this End, O Lord, give me a meek Hand gentle Spirit, a Spirit of Love, and Kindness, and Charity, that is not easily

provoked, nor apt to entertain angry and Bunkind Resentments; that I may love

my Wife with a hearty, and sincere Af, infection.

Let me never exercise that Authority thou hast given me, in a severe, arbitrary, and tyrannical Manner; but with Kindness and Condescension, Prudence and Discretion, endeavouring, as much as in me lies, to make my Wife easy and happy all her Days; and gran

Davs; and grant that she may never, by any Follies or Extravagance of mine, be made miserable while I live, nor left deftitute and unprovided when I die. Make me faithful and conscientious, O



Lord, in the Discharge of that folemn Vow and Promise which I made upon my entering into this holy State, and of those Duties which it engages me to: O let me never wander after such strange and forbidden Pleasures, nor be inordinate in the Use of those that are lawful; but grant that all my Actions may be governed by the Rules of Purity and Holiness, of Justice and Sobriety, having always before my Eyes that strict Account, which I must one Day give.

O let me never waste and consume my Time and Substance, in Surfeiting and Drunkenness, in Riot and Disorder : but grant that by Diligence and Industry, and by thy Blessing accompanying all my Endeavours, I may be enabled to provide for my Wife and Children in such a Manner, as may conduce to their Happiness, both here and hereafter.

O let thy Blessing rest upon the Head of her, whom thou hast given to be my Wife: Give her Length of Days (if it be thy blessed Will) and increase in her ever more and more the Virtues of Meekness and Humility, of Kindness and Condescension, and all other divine Virtues, that she may be


an Ornament to her Sex, and a real Blessing and Comfort to me.

Let all Strife and Contention, all Heat and Passion, Repinings and Discontent, be far from us; and let true Christian Love and Peace dwell in our Hearts. Make us

eminent Examples to all about us, of a 12. holy and blameless Conversation ; and grant

that we may live together in an inviolable Bond of Love and Friendship, bearing with one another's Infirmities, and studying to promote the Welfare and Happiness, the

Support and Comfort of each other: 0 E 200 make us so faithful to discharge all our Duinties in this Life, that when thou shalt be

pleased to take us hence, we may dwell und wo with thee in Life everlasting, through the Drug Merits of thy dear Son Jesus Christ our ed to Lord. Amen. lappa A Prayer for a Married Woman in Behalf on that

of her Husband. cober Almighty God! Thou art the Sove

V reign Lord of Heaven and Earth, and Theref orderest and disposeft all Things, and all niel Persons, as it seemeth best to thy godly celik Wisdom: Thou hast been pleased to call the' me to the State of Marriage, which is ho



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