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Blessed be thy Name, O God, for the Continuance of thy. Mercies to us this Day; for providing for our Bodies, and taking Care of our Souls; and for delivering us from those many Evils that we have justly deserved; but above all, we bless and praise thy holy Name, for thine inestimable Love in the Redemption of the World by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; humbly beseeching Thee of thy great Goodness, O Lord, to pass by our Unworthiness of these thy Mercies, and to continue to us thy gracious Favour and Protection ; keep us, we beseech Thee, this Night, under the Shadow of thy Wings, that no evil Accident may come near to hurt us. Give us quiet and refreshing Sleep, such as may fit us for the Duties of the Day following; and if Thou art pleased to add another Day to our Lives, grant that we may improve it to thy Glory, and the Benefit of our precious Souls ;: through Jesus Christ, our blessed' Lord and only Saviour. Amen.

Our Father, &c

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A Preparatory Prayer. RLESSED Lord ! who haft commanded, D and invited us to pray unto thee, O let thy Spirit help my Infirmities; and do thou so dispose my Mind, and prepare my Heart, that my Prayers and Praises may be acceptable in thy Sight, through the Mediation, and for the sake of Jesus Christ. Amen.

A Prayer for Sunday Morning. O GOD, who art the Giver of all good

Gifts, and the Father of Mercies, I thine unworthy Servant adore thy glorious Majesty, for those marvellous Instances of thy Love, which Thou hast in all Ages


shewn to the Sons of Men : In all thy Dealings and Dispensations towards us Thou hast manifested thyself to be a most kind and compassionate Father ; thou hast provided for the Comfort and Support of our Bodies, and shewn å most tender Care and Concern for the Welfare and Happiness of our immortal Souls: In great Mercy to them, thou didst appoint one Day in seven for thy more peculiar Worship and Service : that so by a frequent and religious Observance of the Christian Sabbath here on Earth, we might be better fitted and prepared to celebrate that eternal Sabbath of everlasting Rest, which thou hast reserved for us hereafter.

For this, O Lord, and all the other Teftimonies of thy Love, which thou hast shewn to me, and all Mankind, I desire with an humble and thankful Heart to bless and praise thy holy Name; and more efpecially for that inexpressible Instance of thy Lové, the sending thy Son Christ Jesus into the World, to be the Propitiation for our Sins.

I bless thee, O Lord, for thy great Goodness in preserving me the Night past from all Perils and Dangers, and bringing me in Health and Safety to the Beginning of this holy Day...


O my God, give me Grace to make a right Use and Improvement of this, and all other Opportunities thou art pleased to put into my Hand; pardon, I most humbly beseech thee, my Unprofitableness un. der the Means of Grace; and, O merciful Father, let not my Sins provoke thee so far, as to deprive me of the Helps and Advantages of thy divine Institutions ; but grant, O Lord, that I may spend this and all other Times set apart for thy more immediate Service, in such a holy and religious Man. ner, as may promote thyHonour and Glory, and set forward the Salvation of my Soul: And that I may be enabled so to do, o let thy Grace and Holy Spirit be always prefent with me, for of myself I am not able to please thee.

Give me awful Thoughts of thy divine Majesty, and such an humble, ferious, and devout Frame of Mind, that when I attend upon the publick Service of thy Church no vain or tumultuous Thoughts may distract my Devotions, nor any Dulness or Wearihefs feize upon my Spirits; but from a true Sense of my own Unworthiness, and of my entire Dependence upon thee for the Supply of all my Wants, I may pray unto thee, and praise thee with most devout and hearty Afe


fections, and may offer unto thee a lively Sacrifice, holy and acceptable in thy Sight.

Suffer me not, O merciful Father, to rest in a mere outward Form of Godlinefs : but grant, that I may endeavour more and more to have my Heart animated and enlivened with the Spirit and Power of Religion, and to become a true Difciple of the blessed Jesus ; by imitating his Example; observé ing his Precepts; and making it the constant and principal Care and Concern of my Life, to promote thy Honour, and my own and others Salvation.

Let thy good Spirit, O Lord, be powerfully assisting to the Labours and Endeavours of those, to whom thou hast committed the Care of Souls, particularly of hiin, under whose Ministry thy Providence has placed me.

Give thy Blessing to thy holy Word preached, and remove from me, and all that attend thy holy Ordinances, all Prejudices and Indifpofitions of Mind, that nothing may hinder its due and saving Efficacy upon our Souls. Give us that humble and teachable Spirit, which becomes them that would learn of thee; and O let every good Instruction that shall this Day be given us, fiuk deep into our Hearts, and bring forth


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