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Jesu, thou compassionate Lover of Souls; I come unto thee, for thy Merits are insinite, arid far surpass not only mine, but the whole World's Offences; I will therefore hope in thy Name, in thy Merits, and in thy Intercession; thou art Almighty, and art able to relieve me; thou art all Goodness, and therefore willing to assist me. I confess with Grief of Heart, that my Sins are many and very great; but greater is thy Mercy to penitent Sinners. Great is the Malice of the Powers of Darkness, and great is my own Weakness: but much greater is thy Power andGoodness: Therefore when my Fears press hard upon me, I will hope in thy Mercy, and put my Trust aud Considence in thee. The holyScriptures assure me, that thou art able to :save unto the utmost all that come unto God by thee; and thou hast promised, that those who come unto thee, thou wilt by no Means cast out: hear me, I beseech thee, O merciful Saviour, in this my distressed Condition; speak Peace to my .troubled Conscience; comfort and support *»e under all Dejections of Mind; give .me Patience and Submission under thine afflicting Hand; and, if it be thy Will, a speedy and happy Deliverance from .my


present Misery; and say unto my Soul, I am thy Salvation.

V. Have Mercy upon me, O blessed Spirit, God of Love, thou powerful Advocate and sweetest Comforter: Infuse thy Grace into my Heart, and scatter there thy chearful Beams. Purify my Soul, and strike me through with the Darts of thy Love: Kindle such a holy Flame in my Breast, as may burn up all the Dross of sensual Affections, and may possess, and purify and strengthen my drooping Soul. Come, Holy Spirit, in much Mercy come, and make me sit to receive thee into my Heart: Dispel those black irregular Thoughts and Apprehensions, which terrify and discompose my Mind: And be thou to me a kind Comforter, and mighty Defence in all my Wants and Distresses, and my ready Helper in this Time of Need.

To him, therefore, who is able to keep us from falling, and to present us faultless before the Presence of his Glory, with exceeding Joy, to the only wife God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, be Glory and Majesty, Dominion and Power; and mayest thou receive from me, from Men, and Angels, continual Praise and Thanksgiving, S 6 ObeObedience, Love, and Adoration, for ever and ever. Amen.

A Prayer for a Person under Scruples of Conscience, or under Fears and Doubts of his spiritual Condition.

I. sf\ Most blessed and gracious God, who ^^ alone canst heal a wounded Spirit* and quiet a troubled Mind; look with Pit/ on thy Servant, oppressed with a Load of Misery: Unto thee do I cry for Help: 0 thou great Physician of "Soul and Body, uphold and comfort my weak and dejected Spirit, strengthen it against all inordinate vain Fears and Terrors, and deliver roe from all unprositable Troubles of Mind, and causeless Scruples of Conscience.

Thou alone canst relieve me; grant therefore, merciful Lord, to me thy Servant, Pardon, and Peace; and that I may be cleansed from all my Sins, and serve thee with a quiet Mind, and glorify thy Goodness with a thankful and chearful Heart all my Days.

II. I take little Delight in any Thing I

do, no not in my spiritual Exercises, which

©nee were, and still should be, most de

8 'lightful ljo-htful to me. Easy Things, are become difficult, aud difficult Things seem almost impossible to me; and I am full of Fears, Jealousies, and Suspicions j but most of all am I apt. to fear in this fad Condition, that I have lost thy Favour. I am greatly indisposed for my own Business, Joth to do any Thing, and sind a great Backwardness even in praying unto thee, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.

Direct me to proper Means for the Removal of my Doubts and Scruples, and let me hearken to the wife Counsels and Advice of a prudent spiritual Guide, and such other Persons as I shall consult with; and make me always willing and ready to follow wife Instructions ; and suffer me not to be led away by the Delusions of the Devil, ox my own foolish and perverse Will.

O Lord, hear this Prayer, which, in Anguish, of Spirit I make unto thee, for Jesus Christ his Sake. Amen.

III. O thou blessed Jesus, who wast made Man, and in our Nature tookest our Insirmities., Si®, only excepted, and wast a Man of Sorrows, and acquainted with Grief, and once in Anguish of Spirit upon the Cross, criedst out to thy Father and our Father, My God9 my God, why hast thou


forsaken me? O thou most merciful, faithful, and unchangeable High-Priest, I beseech thee by thy insinite Compassion, to look down from Heaven with an Eye cf Pity upon me, who am a miserable Object «f thy Pity, being sore let and hindred in the Course of my Christian Duties, by unaccountable Sadness and Dejection cf Spirit. Thou knowest, O Lord, how often, and how exceedingly my Soul is troubled, and cast down; thou seest how much it is disquieted within me, and how grievous it is tome to be thus oppressed; and how uneasy my present State is.

I beseech thee, O blessed Saviour, hear my Complaint, and take away this Plague from me. It is with this most earnest Petition, that I now come before the Throne of thy Mercy. Remove this Distemper, I beseech thee, whether it be in my Body, or in my Soul, or in both: O speak the Word, and I (hall be whole. I ask this in Submission to thy Will and Pleasure. If it is sent to me to punish me for my past Sins, or restrain me from Sins to come, or to make me humble, or exercise my Patience and my Trust in thee; not my Will, but thine be done. Make me content to bear it, though it be a

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