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vanquished in this Time of Trial and Temptation. * To this End, O Lord, make me fe

riously to consider the great Folly and - Danger of Sin; that all its Pleasures are

short and momentary, but its Punishment endless and intolerable; that no Satisfactions can compare with the Joys of a good Conscience, nor any Trouble like that of a wounded Spirit : Convince me powerfully, O my God, how terrible a Thing

it is to fall under thy Displeasure; that w what I am now tempted to is hateful in

thy Sight, a direct Contradiction to thy el Will, a Breach of my Baptismal Engage;ments; and how pleasant soever it may now

appear, yet that there will come a Time,

when this and all other the Allurements engin of this world will appear vain and con.

Le temptible; a Time when all Workers of er 04 Iniquity shall perish; when they shall call Tes, 26upon the Mountains and Rocks to fall on

them, and to hide them from the Face of -rme: him that fitteth on the Throne, and from

the Wrath of the Lamb; and when a Crown jt; and of Righteousness shall be given to them E of all, who have fought the good Fight, and kept

the Faith. at low O let me be so fully persuaded of the


Truth of these Things, that I may tur away my Ears from the deceitful Tempter, and resolve to have no Fellowship with the unfruitful Works of Darkness; let me re. fist the first Motions of Sin in my Mind, and fly from the Company and Conversa. tion of those that would seduce me to Evil, and betake myself to those Means which Reason and Religion, and the Dictates of thy Holy Spirit, fall inftruet me are proper to subdue the Temptations I am now under: And, Oh! let the mighty Power of thy Grace animate my Courage, and strengthen my Faith, that nothing may stop me in my Christian Warfare; but that fighting manfully under Christ's Banner, against the World, the Flesh and the Devil, I may at last triumph with him in his heavenly Kingdom, where there shall be no more Conflict with Sin, but I shall love and praise thee throughout all Ages. Amen.

A Prayer for a Person under Doubts of the

Lawfulness of any Action. O LORD God, thou art Light, and in V thee is no Darkness at all; thou art the Instructor of the Ignorant, the Light of those that are in Darkness and Error, and


, the Fountain of all Wisdom, and Knowsåedeni

ledge, and Truth! I desire above all Things o Felt

to please thee, and to do thy Will; and it is Paramel a Trouble and Grief to me to consider that DI SE I have so often acted contrary to it; O Dany 2000 that I may never do so again, that I may Duld It never more turn aside to the dark Paths et to the of Sin and Folly! O give me a wise and jon, and understanding Spirit, that I inay know my thale Duty, and a Heart fully bent and deteremptaty mined to practise it.. let the More particularly, O Lord, I address Templi myself to thee at this Time to enlighten et nothing my Understanding, and inform my unseta fare; i tled Judgment, how to determine safely in it's & the Matter, which at present I know not

how to act in. Show thou me the Way in he that I should walk in, and leave me not to Thall k the Weakness of my own Reasoning, which

without thy enlightening Grace will lead me into the Ways of Error and Confufion.

Give me, O Lord, I beseech thee, such an honest and upright Heart, that nothing in the World may be ever able to seduce. me from my Integrity. Let not the Example of a Multitude persuade me to do Evil, nor the most powerful Allurements of Riches, Honour, or any other worldly Advantage, turn me aside from thy Command



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ments; but convince me more and more. how little it will profit me to gain the whole World, and lose my own Soul; that being possessed with an awful Fear of thv Di: pleasure, I may never dare to do any Thing but what thou approvest, and of which I may be able to give a comfortable Account at the great Day of the Lord Jesus.

Direct me, O my God, to those Means which will inform my Understanding, and satisfy my Doubts; and if it should be my Misfortune, after all my Enquiries, to fall into any unwilling Error and Mistake, 0 Lord, lay it not to my Charge, nor let it ever provoke thy Anger against me.

But, O Lord, if it is thy good Pleasure, that I should still remain under Doubts, give me Grace, I beseech thee, to submit to thy Will, and to wait with Patience, till thou seest fit to instruct me better; and whatever Advantages as to this World, I may lose by it, yet let me still retain my Innocence, and have the Comfort and Support of a good Conscience. Suffer me not to be so regardless of my eternal Interest, as for the Sake of any temporal Advantage, to forfeit thy Favour, which is better than all the Enjoyments of this World.

O Lord, I leave myself in thy Hands;


and I most humbly beseech thee to carry me through this and all other Difficulties, and bring me to that blessed Place of Rest and Peace, where I shall be out of all Temptation, and Danger of offending thee, and

where I shall love and praise thee throughe out all Ages..

Grant this, O merciful Father, for the Sake, and through the Merits of my dear Redeemer Jesus Christ. Amen.

A Thanksgiving for Deliverance from any

Trouble or Affliction either in Body or

My God, infinite in Goodness: I thy

unworthy Servant, who have so deep3 ly tasted of thy Fatherly Love, desire with a i grateful Heart to speak of thy Bounty and

Loving kindness towards me. I adore, and

bless, and praise thy Holy Name, for all si thy Mercies both fpiritual and temporal,

from Time to Time bestowed upồn me; -18 particularly, O Lord, I admire thy Good

ness for delivering me from This is to be at 3 [thofe bodily Afličtions, Trou- tered according to

bles of Mind, or State of Po- the particular Cafe. i verty, &c.] wherewith I have lately been

exercised. Thou, O Lord, hast perfected

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