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thy Strength in my Weakness: Thou haft graciously heard my Prayer; thou haft considered my Trouble, and known mr Soul in Adversity: Therefore will I praite the Lord fo long as I live; fo long as I have any Being, I will give Thanks unto iny God.

And I beseech thee, O my God, let the due Remembrance of thy Mercies so thoroughly affect my Soul, that I may be ashamed as well as afraid to offend thee; that the Remainder of my Life may be des dicated to the Service of my God, who hath dealt so bountifully with me. Make me to place my chiefett Joy and Satisfaction in running the Ways of thy Commandments, now thou bast set my Heart at Liberty..

And, O Lord, I beseech thee to pity and relieve all those who now labour under the like Difficulties, from which thou hast graciously delivered thy Servant, or any other Adversity. Give them Patience and Comfort under their Aflictions, and such a reasonable Trust and Confidence in thee, as may be well-pleasing in thy Sight, that they may not be ashamed of their Hopes; and in thy good Time deliver them from all their Troubles. And let thy Good.


ness excite me to help such as I know in
any Difficulty, according as I am able;
that we may all praise thy holy Name,
and speak of all thy marvellous Lovinga
kindnesses, and glorify thed by walking be-
fore thee in Holiness and Righteousness all
our Days; that at last we may be admitted
to the Glory of thy Kingdom, through the
Merits and Mediation of our Saviour, to
fing Praises and Hallelujahs to thee, and to
the Lamb for ever and ever. Amen.
A Prayer upon any Festival that relates to

our Saviour.

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ly231. Most Gracious God, I acknowledge

with all Joy and Thankfulness, thy my Hi2 great Goodness manifested to the Children

of Men in the wonderful Work of our Redemption. I adore thy infinite Love and Compassion which took Pity upon us, when

we had lost and ruined ourselves, and Er du didst send thy only-begotten Son into the

World, that we might live through him.
This Day, O Lord, gives me a happy
Opportunity of remembering thy special
and extraordinary Kindness to thy unworthy

Creatures, which calls for my highest and e delvei exalted Praises, to be joined with those of

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the blessed Company above, who are never weary of giving Honour, Glory, Blessing, and Thanksgiving to thee, not only in their own Behalf, but even for thy wonderful Goodness to the Children of Men. Praise the Lord, therefore, O my Soul; and all that is within me, praise his holy Name.

Impress, O Lord, upon my Mind, such a Sense of what my dearest Saviour has

done for me, that I may celebrate all the · Mysteries of my Redemption, especially

that which thy Church this Day suggests to my Remembrance, with profound Hu. mility, with exalted Thoughts of thine wineffáble Goodness, and with most thankful Acknowledgements of thy great Love demonstrated to the Sons of Men; that my Heart and Life being truly affected and influenced by the Power of them in this World, I may, through thine infinite Mercy, receive the eternal Benefit of them in the World to come, where thou, O Lord, livest and reignest with the Son, and Holy Ghost, one God, World without End. Amen.

II. Blessed Jesus, I adore with all Humility chine infinite Condescension in being madé Man, in quitting the Mansions of Glory, to take upon thee the Form of a


Servant, and in submitting to the lowest c Condition of human Life, in order to reBelieve our Mifery, and to guide us in the ---Way to everlasting Life; grant that I may

chearfully submit to the meanest Offices for the Good and Benefit of my Fellow-Chrisa

tians, and that I may be content, and re-signed under all the most afflicting Cir

cumstances of Life, which the wife Providence of God shall think fit to lay upon me.

Blessed be thy Goodnefs, O my Saviour, in suffering thy felf to be circumcised, and in being obedient to the Law for Man, whereby, in order to fulfil the Will of God, thou didst take upon thee the Form of a Servant. Grant me the true Circumcision of the Spirit, that my Heart and all my

Members being mortified from all worldly Dher and carnal Lufts, I may in all Things obey ngh 12 thy blessed Will, and after thy Example, Benito be readier to sacrifice my Reputation, than neglect my Duty. . .

Adoreď be thy Mercy, O blessed Jesus, old me in communicating the glad Tidings of

thine Appearance in the World to the Peoin the ole of Israel, by the Ministration of An

gels; and in revealing the joyful News to Me the Gentiles by a bright and únufual Star;



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that the harmonious Sound of the Gospel has reached this Land of my Nativity.' Oh! may I always value such an inestimable Benefit, by walkịpg as a Child of the Light, and by compassionating and relieving, to the utmost of my Power, the Miseries of those that still fit in Darkness. - How can I sufficiently praise thee, O blessed Jesus, for thy glorious Resurrection, whereby thou hast made known the Power of thy Divinity, and proved thyself to be the true Messias ? Grant that thy Victory over the Grave may strengthen me against the Fear of Death, that I may look upon it as a Deliverance from Sin and Sorrow, and as a Passage to a happy Eternity ; and that the infinite Value of thy Sufferings may support me under the Sense of thote many Follies, which I heartily repent of.

; I rejoice, O blessed Jesus, in thy, triuma; phant Ascension, when thou didst open the Kingdom of Heaven to all Believers, and didst fit down at the Right Hand of thy Father, adored by. Angels, and interceding for Sinners. Oh! wean my Mind from the Vanities of this World, and place my Affections entirely on Things above: that I may spend the remaining Part of my Life to secure an eternal Inheritance. Amen. ,

A Prayer

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