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form my Will to thine. And grant that with an humble Submission and holy Confidence, I may equally reverence and adore the most different Events which thou shalt accomplish in me.

VI. O God, grant that I' may with a we constant Evennefs of Spirit embrace all thy

Disposals, forasmuch as I know not what to

ask, and cannot desire absolutely one Event - rather than another without Presumption, giand without making myself the Judge of

all that Train of future Things which thy

Wisdom has so justly concealed from my L View. I know, O Lord, my whole Knowje po ledge may be reduced to this one Point; che That it is Good to obey thee, and Evil to com offend thee. After this, I know not what

is beft or worst amongst all Things. I know not what is most profitable for me, Health,

or Sickness, Riches, or Poverty, any CondiPation, any Circumstances of this' World;

such a Judgment surpasseth the Force and Sagacity of Man, and lies hid amongst the

Secrets of thy good Providence ; which I de corde will reverence and adore, and humbly sub

mit to, but will never attempt to trace, or mi penetrate into, or difpute and murmur

against. Finally, O my God, I commit my FM Life, and the deareft Concerns that attend

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it, to thy Disposal, in the Name of Jesus Christ my Saviour, beseeching thee, for his Sake, by such Ways and Means as thou seest fit, to bring me to Life Eternal. Amen.

A Prayer for a holy and happy Death.

Eternal and holy Jesus; who by thy U Death hast overcome Death, and by thy Paffion hast taken out its Sting and made it an Entrance into everlasting Life: Help me fo to order my Conversation in the World, fo to govern my Spirit, and to. lead my Life, that I may die in Comfort and Safety. Let not my Death be in any Sense unprovided, nor untimely

Grant that in the Time of my Sickness, I may not be left without the Assistance of a spiritual Guide, nor be destitute of the Comfort of receiving the blessed Sacrament. : Let me finish my Course with Patience, and Resignation of my own Will and Defires; with a firm Faith, and a well-grounded Hope; with a true and sincere Repentance, and great Degrees of Love towards thee my God, and Charity to all the World: And whenever it fhall please thee to call me out of this vain and wicked World, grant that I may die the Death of the


Righteous; having first discharged all my Obligations of Justice, leaving none miser. able and unprovided at my Departure.

And when the appointed Time of my Change comes, grant, O Lord, that I may receive it not as a Curse, but a Deliverance; as a Rest from all my Labours,

without Trouble and without Sin. O re. E' member not against me my manifold Fol. * lies ; but let them all be done away by thy 5 Mercy, and my blessed Saviour's Merits.

Support me, o good God, in my last Agonies, and as my Strength decays, let my Pains wear off; and when my Strength

fails, let not my Faith fail ; even in Death * enable me to trust in thee. e Deliver me from all violent Disorders of

a troubled Fancy, and defend me against

all Delusions of my Ghostly Enemy:,0 * let him not be able to disturb or terrify mer Os or any Way prevail against me. And when - my Death approaches, give thy holy Angels

Charge to stand about me, to guard and re

ceive my poor Soul at my Departure, and to - conduct and carry it to the blessed Region's pt of Rest and Peace, there to wait for thy Sil Coming, and then to partake of the Glories # of thy Kingdom, 0 Eternal and Holy Jesus. Amen.

A devout

A devout Prayer that may be used at any


1. My God! infinite in Goodness and

u boundless in Mercy to all who love and obey thee; grant me Grace, I beseech thee, to love thee with all my Heart, with all my Soul, and with all my Strength, and for thy Sake to love all Men as myself: Give me a charitable Opinion of them all, whe. ther Friends or Enemies: suffer me not rashly to judge or contemn any person of what State or Condition soever, and if it be my own Lot to be despised and rejected by others, teach me therewith to be content.

Grant that I may never study to please Men in any Thing, whereby I may be in Danger of displeasing thee; and that it may always be my chief and only. Defire, to promote thy Honour, and to fulfil in all Things thy most holy Will. · Give me Grace, Ó heavenly Father, to be entirely submissive and contented under all the Afflictions, Disappointments, and Sufferings, which it is thy Pleasure I should endure, and which thy Wisdom shall judge proper and useful to advance me towards thee. And grant that by every Tribulation


and Adversity which may befal me, whether directly from thy Hand, or from Men, as thy Instruments, I may be weaned from the World; and more closely united to thee. F: O heavenly Father, I beseech thee, by the Merits and Death of thy Son, to give me Grace, to have thee always before my Eyes ; and with an holy Fear serioully to consider the Hour of my Death, which is so uncertain; the Shortness of my Life, of which, alas ! I have so unprofitably; for Trifles, already lost so great a Part; the Day of Judgment, which is so awful to the Good, arid to terrible to the Wicked; and upon the infinite and eternal Punishments which shall then be inflicted upon impenitert Sinners. : · And finally grant, o infinite Bounty, that I may nerer seek or find Peace or Pleasure in any Thing without thyself; and that thy: Will may be the Rule of my Conduct and of all my Actions in this World, and thou thyself my eternal Bliss and Happiness in that which is to come. · II. O most gracious Saviour! keep me from presuming on my own Sufficiency ; from relying on my own Actions, and on my own Conduct.' Grant that I may not

trüft in any Thing, but in thee alone, and In thy all-sufficient Merite, that' al my


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