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i A Prayer for Fair Weather."

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Acknowledge, O Lord, the Justice of

thy Providence in the immoderate Rain thou hast been pleased to send upon the Earth. We have been unmindful of thee, who hast so bountifully provided for us. We have abused thy Blessings; so that thou

may'st justly turn our Plenty into Scarceness. 3 But I humbly besecch thee to put a Stop to

those Rains, which have fallen in such Abundance, and to send us such Weather,

that we may receive the Fruits of the RM Earth in due Seafon. Preserve our Cattle Corye! from being destroyed by exceffive Floods. contro Grant that the Ground may yield its InE Series crease, to the Joy and Comfort of thy hum

and ti ble Servants. Keep us from abusing thy Boune Blessings by Riot and Intemperance, and er Bleu grant that we may use them with Sobriety 05 Gru and Thankfulness, being bountiful and chan Forma ritable to those that are in Want. Awaken und repo in us, O God, a diligent Concern, not only et alt for the Meat which perisheth, but for thy

Grace, which may nourish our Souls to in the Eternal Life, through Jesus Christ our only Jelist Mediator and Advocate. Amen.

U 4 . A Prayer A Prayer for a Prisoner for Debt.

ALMIGHTY God, just and holy in all

the Dispensations of thy Providence to the Children of Men; the Difficulties and Sorrows I labour-under in this close Confinement, are perfe&tly known to thee, who doft fuccour the Miserable, and help the Friendless. O Lord, I most forrowfully con fefs, that I have deserved to suffer much greater Punishments, and to feel the Severities of thy Wrath and Displeasure. For I have abused my Liberty, and neglected my Duty. I have gone contrary to thy holy Will, and refused to obey thy wise and righteous Laws. I do therefore moit humbly desire to submit to thy all-wise Disposal, and patiently to wait for that Time, which thou Ihalt think best for my Enlargement. Let me receive this melancholy Restraint, as a juft Punishment for my Sins, and grant that others may be warned by my Example.

Let me in these disconfolate Circumftances, have the Comfort and Direction of thy holy Spirit. Aslift me, O God, in calling my Ways to Remembrance; in examining into the State of my Soul; in repenting and humbling myself before thee;


and in reconciling myself to thee my of i fended God.

Let me highly prize the Holy Scriptures, and follow the Divine Instructions to be

learnt from thence. Grant that the Proi mises and Threatenings therein contained, į may powerfully work in my Soul a firm į and vigorous Resolution of obeying thee. į . Wean my Mind from all carnal and vain í Delights; and be thou pleased to suit my

Desires to the Straitness and Difficulty of į my Circumstances, and give me a perfect

Resignation to thy holy Will.
.. Thou, O God, lovest Righteousness, and
hatest Iniquity; and thy holy Word makes
ir a part of the Character of the Wicked,
to borrow and not to pay again; let it be
therefore my Study and Care to content
and satisfy my Creditors to the utmost of
my Power. O keep me from all Thoughts
of using a Prison to cancel my Debts, and
thereby defraud my Creditors of their just
Due : for I know that by so doing, I shall
entail a Curse on myself and Family; for
how can I hope for a Blessing from thee,
- when I make use of finful Methods to pro-

vide for myself and them?
· Touch the Hearts of my Creditors with
a Sense of my Misery and Trouble, and
dispose them to accept of such Satisfaction

as I am able to make, that I may be difcharged out of this miserable Confinement, if it be thy good Pleasure..

And after my Discharge, let thy good Providence direct me to such honest Ways of getting, and so bless me in my lawful Endeavours and Undertakings, that I may be in a Condition to pay them what shall be behind, and fully satisfy their just Demands, knowing that notwithstanding my Discharge, and though I am out of the Reach of human Laws in this Respect, yet my Duty and Obligation in Equity are still the same. But if thou shalt think fit to deny me this Request, do thou, O God, make up their Loss in such Way and Manner as thou pleafest. Hear me, O Lord, for the Sake of thy Son Jesus Christ, our only Mediator and Advocate. Amen.

• Some of the Confiderations proposed for Crimes, may be of Use

to Prisoners for Debt, and indeed to all . Christians, in order to the making their

Peace with God. Prisoners for Debt 'may likewise be aflisted in the Examination of their Conscience, by, the Office

for Self-Examination in the Second Part
of this Book.
I judge it needless to observe, that

• though

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thoưgh the foregoing Prayer be peculiarly adapted to the Case of Prisoners for Debt, yet it is not intended that they should use that only; no, the rest of the Prayers in this Book, or such other as they find more agreeable to the Temper of their Minds, or expressive of their Wants, are recommended to their Use, "for which they will not want Leisure,

and Opportunity.' si sistemi

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Some Considerations proper for Prisoners for ! Crimes, in order to their making their Į "Peace with GOD, as well before, as after ! their Condemnation. į Fren lift up your Heart to God, and i beg of Him, for Christ's Sake, that í He will be pleased in Mercy to enlighten

your Mind, and foften your Heart, and « give you a deep Sense of your miserable Condition, till you find yourself more

concerned for the Salvation of your pre. cious and immortal Soul, than for your temporal Life,

Consider that our first Parents having fallen from God, and corrupted them selves, all who descend from them must be corrupt, it being impossible to bring a clean Thing out of an unclean.. i

U 6.. “Consider

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